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DesertBus 2 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Video Link
00:00--MilestoneDesert Bus for Hope 2: Bus Harder begins!--
00:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his shift--
00:0003:04TechnicalNo video avaliable--
03:04--CrashJames crashes the bus (Determined from Twitter)--
03:0403:06TechnicalNo video avaliable--
03:06--CrashJames crashes the bus again (on purpose) to fix the dirver name (Determined from Twitter)--
03:0604:00TechnicalNo video avaliable--
04:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill's first driving shift starts--
04:15--Crash??? Crashes the bus to re-name it?--
04:15--Crash??? Bill crashes? (twitter time feels wrong)--
08:00--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan's first driving shift starts--
09:16--Game EventBugsplat! (frist of the run) (this is mainly a guess)--
12:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer's first driving shift starts--
12:16--CrashJer crashes the bus (determined via math)--
16:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames' second driving shift starts--
17:17--Game EventBugsplat! #2 (1 in a row) (determined via math)--
18:31--PhysicalKathleen Streaches in prep for a dance-a-thon--
18:3118:34DanceKathleen dances to An Itch You Can't Scratch by Junior Senior--
19:13--TechnicalSetting up for Kathleen's next Dance-a-thon--
19:1319:19DanceKathleen dances to - Da Funk by Daft Punk--
20:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill's second driver shift starts--
20:17--Game EventPoint! Bill gets a point --
21:0421:34PhysicalBill has to wear the Pimp Hat for 30 minutes --- Start time determined via Bill saying he wore it for 30 min--
21:2121:31GuestSean Baptiste from Harmonix call-in--
21:2421:25TechnicalCall drops, re-dialing--
21:28--Enter/ExitEnter Graham and Kate's mom with a vegie tray!--
21:30Drive/Giveaway$20 (or multiples) for Xbox360 or PS3 bundle of Rock Band 2 - sent personally from Harmonix--
21:31--Enter/ExitExit Graham and Kate's mom--
21:3121:33PlugMatt explains how the Raffle for the Rock Band 2 bundle is going to work (Entries are retroactive!)--
21:3321:34FoodGraham's mom brought them a vegie tray during the call!--
21:57GuestKristin Lindsay from Child's Play call-in--
21:57--MilestoneDonation update: $13,700--
22:03--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen and Ashley--
23:23--TechnicalThe Sega CD is accidentially powered off (Determined from twitter)--
23:23--CrashAs this Sega CD was powered off, this causes a crash for Bill (Determined from chat logs)--
23:59--MilestoneDay 1 of DB2 ends--