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DesertBus 4 - Day 6

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Video Link
120:00--Shift ChangeKathleen's shift ends, James' second shift begins!--
3253:55136:12SkitCommodore Hustle during Desert Bus (in 5 min or less)
137:19137:36GameRoom plays a mafia game
137:42137:44DiscussionMatt makes an announcement
137:45137:47SkitRoom summons Cthulhu
137:47137:51StoryJer tells a funny story about him and Graham
137:51137:53SkitEveryone is VERY Sorry (it gets SUPER Canadian)
137:54137:57DanceRoom hula dances
137:57138:06SongWes Borg performs a song about Edmonton
138:05138:06OtherWes was a voice in Mass Effect!--
138:06138:11AuctionLive Auction: Penn and Teller's Desert Bus Experience Winner: Tony-T-Tiger: $3456Tony-T-Tiger[✓]
138:11--TechnicalJames spills a drink next to an outlet![✓]--
138:11138:15PhysicalCleanup of James' spill--
138:16138:20OtherTally starts driving for James to help Kroze pack up, Kathleen suggests she drives next year--
138:22138:23ReadingGraham reads Tim's 50-word story
138:32138:34PhysicalKroze does the Nyan Nyan dance
138:34138:45SongKroze sings Free Bird as he leaves with Ian on kazoo
138:45138:47ReadingGraham reads emails from Daniel and Dix
138:49138:49Enter/ExitExit Morgan (to go to work)--
138:51--MilestoneAnother hour, going to hour 140--
138:51138:52GuestKen calls Graham, and gifts a Star Wars print to everyone in the LRR crew--
138:54138:55ReadingGraham reads email from Sebastian
138:57138:58ShoutoutGraham gives a shoutout to Joanna from Donny
139:00139:01DiscussionTalking about how little sleep everyone has had--
139:04139:07SongWes Borg performs The Video Game Song
139:08139:17OtherWes drives the bus while James takes a break--
139:11139:16StoryBrent tells a story about his brother being a child in hospital--
139:16139:18PhysicalSix-person human pyramid
139:27139:33SongWes Borg sings Every OS Sucks
139:34139:34MilestoneAnother hour: Going to hour 141--
139:38139:42PhysicalGraham, Paul, and Jer dance to Party Hard
139:44139:45PhysicalAlex herps a derp
139:47139:49PhysicalKristin Attacks!
139:50139:51DiscussionFavourite thing to build in Minecraft--
139:55140:02SongTally and Dale sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
140:04140:05ReadingGraham reads message for Juliamon
140:04--MilestoneNight Time! (in the game)--
141:02141:07SongThe Final Busdown
141:07--MilestoneStream goes down, we're out till next year!--