DesertBus 11 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 11 - Tech Test

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-106:20--PosterPoster update - v0 -
-18:40--TechnicalWE GET SIGNAL--
-18:39--TechnicalShot of room--
-18:37-18:36DiscussionDiscussion of set and tech for this year--
-18:36-18:36TechnicalEngineering introduces themselves from Studio B --
-18:35--MilestoneThe Game is started up. Jeej is driving.--
-18:34-18:26TechnicalJohnny switches through the cameras
-18:30--TechnicalEngineering turns off the lights--
-18:30-18:28TechnicalBone Zone Introduced--
-18:28-18:26TechnicalTweaking performance cam--
-18:26-18:25TechnicalTesting Performance Mic--
-18:25-18:24TechnicalDiscussion of Audio Setup--
-18:23--TechnicalAir conditioning discussed--
-18:23--TechnicalCabling discussed--
-18:22-18:16TechnicalLighting shown off by Ben
-18:21-18:20DanceYou Only Live Once - Yuri On Ice Ending Theme--
-18:19-18:19DanceNo Money - Galantis--
-18:18-18:17StoryJordan tells us about Desert Bus
-18:16-18:15DiscussionTalking about James' tattoo challenge from DB10--
-18:13-18:12DiscussionThe Crew talk about the size of the new set--
-18:12-18:10AuctionFake Auction - Ashton's shattered body, heavily used.rikukitsunel--
-18:09-18:08AuctionFake Auction - Ashton's shattered body, heavily used.bakubakufreak--
-18:08-18:08SongJordan sings Escape From The City--
-18:07-18:06DiscussionGraham and Jordan discuss Survivor Series 2017--
-18:07-18:05DiscussionLeeLee talks about Italy failing to qualify for the FIFA World Cup
-18:02-18:02DiscussionThe Crew discuss the intimacy of the new set--
-18:02--Enter/ExitAlex enters and immediately leaves--
-18:00-17:59DiscussionIan and Beej discuss Jordan's Stand--
-17:59-17:59TechnicalWe discover why Joe's Skype malfunctioned. Ben is upset
-17:57-17:57StoryIan describes how he brused a rib filming Feed Dump
-17:55-17:55DiscussionBeej reveals he has a job interview on Tuesday.--
17:5417:53PrankIan installs the Skullmic--
-17:53--Enter/ExitAsh enters--
-17:52-17:44GuestSkype call grom Jason and his dog, Marny
-17:46-17:46SongDuel of the Fates (softly in the background)--
-17:46-17:46TechnicalBen attempts a Mac vs. PC cursor duel that does not show up on stream--
-17:44-17:33TechnicalDonation text breaking the overlay latest donation box--
-17:41-17:41TechnicalGame audio goes out--
-17:40-17:40TechnicalTesting overlay animations--
-17:40-17:40DiscussionJohnny discusses the mobile camera, or lack thereof--
-17:41-17:38TechnicalOverlay is frozen--
-17:37--TechnicalOverlay is unfrozen--
-17:36-17:35TechnicalEmote donation breaks the overlay--
17:33Enter/ExitExit Graham--
-17:32--CrashJeej crashes on purpose--
-17:32-17:32SongOnly Time - Enya
-17:32--TechnicalStream goes offline--