DB3 Prize Archive - Sweetener / Merch: LRR 6 Years pins

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Global Notes:
DB3 Sweeteners were limited to 1 per-person, if you won multiple auctions you still only got 1 patch and 2 LRR pins
DB Prize ID 0
Prize Type Sweetener / Merch
Sweetener/Merch Title LRR 6 Years pins
Alt. Sweetener Title LRR 6 Year Aniv. Pins
Sweetener Donator LoadingReadyRun
Sweetener Description 2 Small pins with the words 'LRR 6 Years' on it

Dimensions: Unknown, Backing: Unknown

Given To All Prize Winners
Given For Prizes All
Craft-Along? -
Sweetener Price $1.00
Notes 2 Pins came with winning a prize
Limted to 2 pins per-person, even if you won multiple prizes
Only avaliable as merch post-run
Listed price is for a single pin
Tags pin
Sweetener Images
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Import By Sokar
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