DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Tech Test

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-65:00-65:01MilestoneFirst DB7 video test--
-63:00-62:18MilestoneDB7 tech test!--
-63:07--TechnicalFirst video crash--
-63:05--TechnicalAshton restarts the computers--
-63:38--TechnicalVideo back up--
-62:02-62:08GuestSkype Test w/Molly Lewis--
-62:06-62:07SongMolly Sings "Under the Sea"--
-36:14-35:56MilestoneDB7 tech test #2 - overlay & recording test time--
-36:09--GuestA WILD DIX APPEARS!--
-15:28--MilestonePre-show stream is live, to spash page--
-15:22--MilestoneVideo and audio time, pre-show starts & tech test more!--
-15:20--SkitGraham shows the What is desert bus video--
-15:15--Drive/GiveawayGraham and Tally introduce the pre show give away -- gamer backpack with stuff! $7.77 giveaway ZeroArcana
-15:11--Behind the ScenesTech Setup Rundown
-15:06--SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "MySpace"
-15:02--SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "Animal Crossing"
-14:56-14:53SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "Chop Chop"
-14:53-14:49SongMolly reads from "Mr. T" by Mr. T and performs "I pity the fool"
-14:47-14:45SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "Thanksgiving is Greater than Christmas"?
-14:42-14:39SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "Stephen Fry" with minor audio drop--
-14:38-14:36SongPerformance by Molly Lewis "Beards"
-14:36-14:35GuestSloops for Molly and Musics on splash page--
-14:34-14:26Behind the ScenesGraham tours Upstairs (Photostream, iOS App, Prize Mines, Kathleen cannot Doge and Toilets)
-14:26-13:59GuestDoubleclicks start their performance--
-14:26-14:24SongPerformance by Doubleclicks "Will They or Won't They?"
-14:22-14:20SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "Infinite Desertbus"
-14:18-14:16SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "Falling in Love With a Supervillan" aka "Lasers and Feelings"
-14:14-14:11SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "Dimetrodon"
-14:10-14:08SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "Lullaby to Mr. Bear"
-14:07-14:03SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "The Guy Who Yelled Freebird"
-14:01-13:59SongPerformance by Doubleclicks: "Cats and Netflix"
-13:56--Drive/GiveawayZeroArcana - winner of first DB7 prize: gamer backpack - $862 raisedZeroArcana
-13:54--OtherPre-show Ends--