DesertBus 14 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 14 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-00:12--TechnicalCountdown Timer Appears--
00:00--TechnicalTimer hits 0! Let the run BEGIN (j/k nothing happened yet)--
00:01--Video/ImageDesert Bus Logo--
00:0100:02Video/ImageIntro video
00:02--Enter/ExitGraham & Paul appear on screen--
00:0400:04OtherNametags & Pronouns--
00:0400:05DiscussionDiscussion of the overlay--
00:05--Enter/ExitJohnny, Andrew, Erika, and Ian join Graham and Paul--
00:0600:10PSAWhat is this event? (Discussion of Desert Bus)
00:06--TechnicalGraham Audio DeSync--
00:08--PSA^ What is Child's Play Charity?--
00:10--Technical^ Classic DB backgrounds--
00:1100:12TechnicalIan, the Static Man!--
00:1100:11Enter/ExitJoe appears on screen--
00:13--PSA^ Graham talks about merch found on the LRR store and the Fangamer shirt--
00:1600:18DiscussionThe choice of how Desert Bus works this year--
00:1800:22PSAWhat Desert Bus stands for, even though we may not bring it up often
00:19--MilestoneHour 110 get!--
00:2200:29DiscussionHow the stream (and the bus) works this year
00:22--Technical"Dawn Guard"--
00:22--Enter/Exit^ Enter & Exit Joe in a tiny box--
00:23--Technical^ Dawn Guard will be live from Berlin!--
00:24--Milestone25,000$ total for wingdings--
00:24--Discussion^ Uncapped drinking vessels allowed now--
00:25--Technical^ OBS ninja is being used for this stream and the new custom tech behind DB 2020.--
00:2500:27Enter/Exit^ Enter & Exit Joe in a tiny box (twice)--
00:2900:36Game EventIntroducing the Cloud Bus
00:29--Technical^ Only the driver can hear the game audio--
00:29--Driver ChangeGraham is now the bus driver!--
00:30--Technical^ Steering wheel icon showing who's driving!--
00:32--Discussion^ Each shift has their own bus!--
00:33--TechnicalIan has his own controller, who needs a keyboard!?--
00:33--TechnicalGraham bus shift!--
00:34--Driver ChangeIan is now driving!--
00:34--TechnicalCloudbus bus shift!--
00:3600:40DiscussionTalking about the intro video, animations, and 90's TV shows that featured people in computers
00:4000:42DiscussionThe DB 2020 coin is shown and shipping is discussed
00:4200:48DiscussionWhat is a Random Dance Party?
00:44--Technical^ Ian discusses this year's "The Button"--
00:45--TechnicalJoe comes in, nodding that the RDP will break on day 1 for sure--
00:47--PrankIan's background is now the live Cloud Bus--
00:48--TechnicalIan had technical issues, but they were fixed--
00:49--Enter/ExitKathleen appears--
00:5000:50RDPRDP: Troll: Night Vision Coffee - MDrift314
00:5000:52DiscussionIan shows off the button... and the finger that pushes it[✓]
00:5200:54TechnicalMore button and stream discussions - broadcasters able to shift their own feed windows.--
00:54--Enter/ExitEnter / exit Sarah--
00:54--Enter/ExitGraham leaves as Alpha Flight enters (Matt G., Jacob, Carrie)--
00:5501:03Roll CallIntroducing Alpha Flight team
00:55--Promo^ Talk about call ins and guests--
00:57--Roll Call^ Jacob Introduces Himself--
00:59--Roll Call^ Erika Introduces Herself--
01:00--Roll Call^ Carrie Introduces Herself --
01:01--Enter/Exit^ Kitty! (Carrie's cat, Kaylee who is nawt happee)--
01:0301:05Prize InfoAndrew and Erika talk about the silent auctions: Baby Yoda and Blathers in Fabric[✓]
01:06--Enter/ExitKathleen joins the Alpha Flight--
01:0601:07PSAHow to submit challenges--
01:0701:08DiscussionJacob has his stories prepared--
01:08--Enter/ExitKaylee is shown again--
01:0901:12DiscussionErika is not actually in her kitchen and can't show off the Bobba Fett
01:11--Discussion^ Kathleen gives homework--
01:1201:15DiscussionTalk on the Moonbase, the prop closet, and cold fingers
01:1301:14Discussion^ Hypothermia talk--
01:1301:17Enter/ExitJacob Returns wearing a nice fur coat
01:1601:16DiscussionKathleen gives out more homework to touch things in their house--
01:1701:18DiscussionAdmiring the nice coat[✓]
01:19--Enter/ExitBackground Baxter--
01:1901:20DiscussionScotch vampires--
01:2001:20DiscussionHow Desert Bus this year is so relaxing--
01:2001:22DiscussionJacob asks about controls--
01:22--Enter/ExitKolin joins the stream--
01:2301:25PSATalking about this year's photos -
01:25--Enter/ExitExit Kolin--
01:26--Enter/ExitAndrew is vanished to the phantom zone for testing--
01:2601:28DiscussionIan discusses the Phantom Zone and then Persona talk
01:2801:31DiscussionKathleen talks about Alpha Flight's ambitions and talk on how cars are driven--
01:30--Enter/ExitCarrie's cat appears again! And Baxter!--
01:3101:43DiscussionAlpha Flight is the cat stream, and other pet talk
01:3201:32TechnicalIan messes vith his video--
01:34--Enter/ExitAndrew returns (and promptly leaves again)--
01:3601:39Discussion^ Can we get Baxter to do tricks? And then Ian talks about sparrows
01:37--Enter/ExitAndrew returns--
01:39--Enter/ExitJoe shows off Marnie, the dog of Jason--
01:4001:40TechnicalDedicated dog-cam!--
01:4101:43Discussion^ Baxter didn't want to do tricks, and more animal talk--
01:4301:47DiscussionWhat pasta would you want enlarged so you only need to eat one for a meal?
01:46--MilestoneWingdings! $30k total (eyeglasses document folder mailbox folder folder)--
01:4701:48DiscussionAndrew and the stream read the wingdings
01:48--Game EventBus Stop (first Cloud stop)--
01:48--ShoutoutFangamer drops their shirt sale money--
01:49--Enter/ExitErika returns--
01:4901:50DiscussionPasta convo continues
01:50--Milestone$52k because FanGamer loves trolling us with WingDings before giving the full amount <3--
01:5101:52RDPRDP: Heaven - DJ Sammy ft. Yanou & Do
01:5201:55DiscussionThe room talks about the lights in Studio C and Studio C itself
01:5301:53TechnicalRobot Kathleen & Friends--
01:5501:56ShoutoutGoingOptimal raids to Desert Bus--
01:5601:57DiscussionEveryone is having a wonderful charity event--
01:5702:00ShoutoutShoutout to DBFH game jam (Topic is The Device)
01:57--Discussion^ Jacob talks about game jams--
02:0002:00DiscussionWhat Jacob is doing--
02:01--Driver ChangeKathleen takes the wheel--
02:02--Driver ChangeAnd then over to Carrie--
02:0202:03Shift ChangeAlpha Flight begins! With an Intro Video!
02:03--Game EventCarrie crashes trying to mute the game, during the shift change video. Or did she?
02:04--TechnicalJacob wonders if the overlay can go in reverse... Stay tuned--
02:0502:07DiscussionMyspace (the cat) discussion + cat towers--
02:0702:14Prize InfoUpcoming Silent Auctions and Giveaways (Shift Scarf, Va-11 Hall-A, Modern Horizons Full Set & Booster Box)--
02:1403:24Drive/Giveaway$8.20 Giveaway for: Shift Scarf - Raised $5953.20rosen--
02:1702:17PSAAbout Donor accounts--
02:18--CrashCarrie left the tab, crashed the bus. For real this time. Flashing lights and everything.--
02:182:21Game EventBut then reloaded a "save" and recovered. Unsure as to how, other than Carrie has powers.
02:20--TechnicalCloudbus reset--
02:21--Game EventNew Driver Name: SQUAL--
02:2102:24DiscussionHow would a fight between the Alpha Flight members go?
02:2602:28DiscussionFFXIV Talk, and why the Hero of Light can take months off to decorate their home.
02:2802:30Prize InfoSilent Auctions Update --
02:3002:36DiscussionJacob talks about his Heraldry from The Panalysts, and his general theories on Heraldry
02:3702:40DiscussionWhat feels different now that Bus is virtual + stress dreams about Desert Bus.
02:4102:53DiscussionErika shows off her dress (It has pockets). Everyone else shows off clothing, including the Desert Bus 2020 TShirt[✓]
02:45--Enter/Exit^ Myspace finally shows on camera[✓]--
02:53--Skit^ Kathleen commercial for jeans--
02:54--DiscussionJacob is trying to order food and almost starts another pasta discussion--
02:5402:56Prize InfoThe Shift Scarf is shown off again.--
02:56--Enter/ExitEnter Seamus and Marnie, with their own cameras--
02:5602:59DiscussionDog CAMS!!! (Pet discussion, and differences between dogs and cats)[✓]
02:5903:08SkitEdith Slump talks about the Arts with Hype Man Andrew (with explanation of who those people are)
03:0803:19FoodLunch Tour! Serge has no power here. And other Food Talk
03:11--Enter/Exit^ Erika leaves for lunch--
03:13--PSA^ We Are Desert Bus is out now!--
03:1603:18Discussion^ The jpeg artifacting is aesthetic--
03:1803:19Discussion^ Bread talk. Jacob promises bread-making.--
03:1903:23DiscussionKathleen talks about how to get into King Gizzard. She has a Flow Chart.
03:20--Video/Image^ How to get into King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: the flowchart--
03:2603:28DiscussionPerks of doing Desert Bus virtually (and how we'd trade them all for doing this live)
03:28--Enter/ExitJacob goes to get food--
03:2803:32MemeEMERGENCY MEETING about units of measurement in Canada[✓]
03:3203:33DiscussionAmong Us discussion--
03:3303:48SkitTalking about the cat-centric twitch channels leads to Kathleen making up some fake facts about horses[✓]
03:3303:37Discussion^ Talking about the cat-centric twitch channels leads to a discussion on horses.--
03:38--Enter/Exit^ Enter Erika, with Lunch!--
03:39--Skit^ Andrew changed into a horse[✓]--
03:4203:46Music^ Chill background jazz for horse facts--
03:45--Skit^ Horrible Horse puns--
03:4703:48Discussion^ Andrew talks about his horse costume--
03:48--Enter/ExitGwenny the cat! --
03:4803:56StoryJacob Story Time: Jacob tells a story about doing a Rodeo event as a young child
03:5604:00PhysicalStretch! Also Dance! And talk about physical activity. --
03:57--TechnicalCarrie's camera wishes to be turned off and on again--
03:5703:58RDPRDP: Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
04:0004:04DiscussionJacob talks about his experiences with his trainer; Mr. Windjack, and other self-betterment discussions.
04:04--Driver ChangeJacob takes over driving from Carrie--
04:04--Enter/ExitKitteh! (Gwenny) --
04:0504:06PSAWelcome to Desrt Bus for Hope!--
04:0605:09Drive/Giveaway$7.88 Giveaway for: Modern Horizons Booster Box and Complete Set - Raised $12,749.84KamenCorgi--
04:0604:11DiscussionTalk about Magic and Graham's very silly Bear Force One Commander deck
04:13--PSAMake a donor account! Then you don't have to be watching when they draw a winner to win--
04:1404:15DiscussionHow the crew is looking at donations this year (as in focusing on the impact of this year, not trying to beat last year)--
04:15--DiscussionMagic is Fun!--
04:16--DiscussionMySpace is Loud.--
04:1704:18RDPRDP: Dance Monkey - Tones and I
04:18--Milestone$70k raised--
04:1904:24Prize InfoSilent Auctions Update: I would like to see The Baby. As well as showing off the DBLoon--
04:24--Enter/ExitKathleen returns--
04:2404:29DiscussionDo you carry your DBLoon? And DBLoon challenge discussion
04:27--DiscussionIce Cream Transformers--
04:2904:30PosterPoster Update! (v4)--
04:30--Enter/ExitAndrew is taking a break for a bit!--
04:3104:32DiscussionAre the Michael Bay Transformer movies Canon?--
04:3204:34DiscussionAlpha Flight will be doing trivia later this week. Joe built tools specifically for it, and is rather excited.--
04:3404:36DiscussionBack to the (possible) existence of an Ice Cream Transformer--
04:3604:42GameAmuse cerveau (Trivia Sampler)
04:36--Game^ Tsar Alexander II // Abraham Lincoln // ? // ? (Answer: Assassinated)Carrie (3 points)--
04:39--Game^ Time // Sheep // Mother // Have a Cigar (Answer: Pink Floyd songs)Kathleen (4 points)--
04:4304:51DiscussionKathleen's TV Tropes Context, and what the Friends Logo Acronym stands for
04:45--Video/ImageThe Friends Logo--
04:5104:54Prize InfoGiveaway plug! The Modern Horizon Box is shown off again.--
04:5504:58DiscussionWhen did DBLoons start? And how many folks are involved in DesertBus this year?
04:5604:58MusicMusic: Various BGM from Mario Kart--
04:58--Driver ChangeKathleen gives Jacob a break from driving by taking over--
04:5805:01DiscussionFiguring out how to mute the bus-driving interface without crashing--
04:58--Driver ChangeKathleen tags back to jacob, then back to Kathleen--
04:5805:04DiscussionLooking for challenges to do. Then doing a few of them?--
05:0405:07DiscussionIs a ravioli a burrito?
05:07--Meltdown^ Jacob forgets to breathe because a taco is a hotdog--
05:0705:11MeltdownEngineering has to step in and help with the giveaway, and Jacob is afraid of breaking things.--
05:1105:13DiscussionDriving the bus virtually sucks just as much as it does IRL, and how the studio setup is working and cleaning procedure.
05:1305:14ShoutoutHappy Birthday to Someone --
05:1405:21DiscussionFavorite Desert Bus Intro?
05:15--Discussion^ Jacob: The Ones I'm In!--
05:16--Discussion^ Kathleen: Fake SNL for Andrew --
05:16--Discussion^ Erika: Start of 2019, Untitled Bus Fundraiser --
05:17--Meltdown^ Jacob very much enjoyed the Graham to Beej changeovers from 2019. So much so that he needs a minute.
05:19--Discussion^ Kathleen reminds us of Warboy Ian --
05:19--PSACrusaders of the Lost Idol, and Ian's character, are plugged--
05:21--Discussion^ GET OOOUT (the Beej Gif)
05:2205:27DiscussionWhat have you indulged in or learned over this year?
05:23--Video/Image^ GET OUT (the Beej Gif is shown on screen)
05:23--Discussion^ Audio Program Discussion--
05:25--Discussion^ V-tuber Setups--
05:26--Driver ChangeErika takes the wheel from Kathleen--
05:2705:28DiscussionDo not read ISO, and camera setup chat--
05:2805:37DiscussionJacob has questions about various Props in Studio C - "Why do you have this?"
05:31--Meltdown^ Jacob finds the Tugger Nutts Gets Jiggy puzzle very amusing--
05:33--Enter/Exit^ The Return of Andrew--
05:3305:36Discussion^ Jacob discovers a spear--
05:3705:51Story$5 per story - Cats being hilariously dumb
05:5105:52DiscussionHow the blanket has become obsolete, and the snuggie is the next evolution--
05:5206:04DiscussionHow did you name your cats?
05:57--Enter/ExitMyspace is shown on screen--
06:02--Milestone$77,777.77 is reached--
06:0407:25Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Giveaway for: VA-11 Hall-A Prize Pack #1 - Raised $4775.22FurbyBreath--
06:0506:11DiscussionWhat does Jacob do for Ysbryd Games?
06:0806:09Reading^ Kathleen reads the VA-11 Hall-A Prize Pack #1 description, very literally.--
06:0906:11Discussion^ Jacob talks about VA-11 Hall-A--
06:1406:44GameJacob starts the Tugger Nutts puzzle from Studio C with some "help"[✓]
06:1706:20Technical^ Jacob focuses the camera by not climbing a ladder, with help from Kathleen
06:20--Prank^ Jacob breaks Carrie by being Zordon
06:2106:36Discussion^ What do you appreciate about your co-hosts?
06:31--Driver Change^ Andrew takes over driving for a bit from Erika--
06:36--Enter/Exit^ Carrie's Cat Kaylee says hello--
06:3706:40Discussion^ Everyone picks a color for a chat member to use while making dice
06:4006:41Discussion^ Cat Update! Goose (named last year) is doing great!--
06:42--Shoutout^ Thanks to Dana who made this puzzle--
06:4306:44Prize Info^ The VA-11 Hall-A Prize Pack #1 giveaway is shown off again--
06:4406:45PhysicalJacob lays on the table--
06:4506:46PSAWho is Desert Bus? What is Desert Bus? Why is Desert Bus?
06:46--Driver ChangeErika takes the wheel from Andrew with hesitation--
06:4606:48PSAThe Shirt! Get it! and the Desert bus shop!--
06:4806:51Prize InfoSilent Auctions! Baby Yoda and Blathers in Fabric--
06:48--MusicVA-11 Hall-A OST--
06:51--Enter/ExitKathleen is back!--
06:5206:53DiscussionThe folly of the James Turner Lickability Scale
06:5306:57PSAHow can I help out with Desert Bus other than monetarily?--
06:5706:57ShoutoutHi Pat Rothfuss in chat--
06:5707:21DiscussionKathleen wants to show us some weird stuff. She introduces us to some challenging music, which leads to further music talk.
06:59--Music^ Jandek--
07:06--Music^ VA-11 Hall-A OST is played as background music to help Jacob recover from Jandek--
07:12--CrashErika crashed--
07:14--Game EventNew Driver Name: VIVI--
07:2107:24DiscussionAre horses Pizza? And more cube rule of food discussion
07:26--Enter/Exit^ MySpace makes a further appearance--
07:27--Enter/Exit^ Sonja makes an appearance--
07:3007:32Prize InfoSilent Auction Runthrough! Baby Yoda, Blathers in Fabric--
07:31--CrashViVi Is No More - Erika crashed while reading Silent Auctions--
07:33--Game EventNew driver: Yuna--
07:33--Driver ChangeJacob drives to help Erika out from multitasking Silent Auctions and Driving--
07:3307:38DiscussionCarrie has opinions on FFX-2, as well as other Final Fantasy Sequels
07:3807:40DiscussionIs Jacob a dragon? Maybe. Is he hoarding items from the Moonbase? Yes.
07:4007:41DiscussionDo you ever just need to Aqualung? And other Classic Rock Talk.--
07:4107:54SkitTeen Girls on the STREET!
07:44--Meltdown^ Andrew can't handle the teen girls *very* in depth arguments about Chaucer--
07:46--Meltdown^ Room can't handle the Boba--
07:49--Driver Change^ Teen girl Jacob's mic has no batteries, Andrew takes over driving--
07:53--Meltdown^ Jacob can't handle sulky teens--
07:5507:56Prize Info5 minutes left on silent auctions!--
07:5707:58DiscussionLast words for the inaugural Alpha Flight--
07:5908:00Video/ImageAlpha Flight outro video - Desert Bus Who's Who: Raccoons
08:0008:01TechnicalBlack screen into test pattern into black screen, into Jordan for a second--
08:018:10Shift ChangeEnter Night Watch
08:01--Video/Image^ Night Watch Intro Video - the Night Watch News--
08:01--Enter/Exit^ Jordan appears on screen--
08:01--Skit^ Night Watch delivers the news--
08:02--Enter/Exit^ Graham joins Jordan--
08:04--Enter/Exit^ Sports Reporter Ben Ulmer --
08:07--Enter/Exit^ Ian Horner with STONKS--
08:08--Enter/Exit^ Matt Wiggins, Man on the Street --
08:11--Game EventNightwatch driver name: Tast--
08:1208:13DiscussionThe temperature of the various streamers rooms.--
08:1408:14DiscussionThe wardrobes of the intro or lack thereof.--
08:15--Driver ChangeBen's driving!--
08:1608:19Prize InfoNew Silent Auctions! Desert Bus Shift Mascot Bears, Zelda Inspired Quilt--
08:19--PrankGraham intentionally silences himself to mimic Wiggins--
08:198:30TechnicalStream Freezes ("It has a button that [freezes the stream]")
08:24--TechnicalBrief logo, then back to frozen screen--
08:25--TechnicalLogo again--
08:27--TechnicalTest pattern--
08:3008:34TechnicalNightwatch is back online! "All according to plan"
08:30--Discussion^ Graham's swear button--
08:3408:35PrankSanic appears on Jordan's screen, and then Sora--
08:34--Game EventNew bus driver name: Sora--
08:3408:36DiscussionWhat to name the driver?
08:3708:40DiscussionTalking about controller setup
08:38--MusicFinal Fantasy II (NES) Music - Overworld Theme--
08:4008:45DiscussionCanadian talk and Olive Garden, moving into Pasta Talk
08:44--Prank^ Jordan visits Olive Garden!--
08:4508:47Prize InfoInfo on giveaway for Gorilla Marketing and Brass: Birmingham--
08:47--TechnicalBen's feed goes down, but the bus shall keep rolling!--
08:4808:49DiscussionBen talks about installing a greenscreen--
08:4909:56Drive/Giveaway$7.45 Giveaway for: Gorilla Marketing and Brass: Birmingham - Raised $3,278.00JollyGee--
08:5008:51PSAHow can you contribute to Desert Bus without money?--
08:5208:55DiscussionWhat James Bond movies that might have been would you like?
08:5509:00DiscussionWhat rewatch podcast would Ian, Jordan, and Ben like Matt Wiggins to do with them?
08:59--Discussion^ Ben, Matt, and Jordan discuss their alt World of Warcraft Names--
09:0009:05DiscussionGraham talks about dressing up as Snake and convention cosplay talk
09:0509:07PSACheck out the merch at - Photobook, pins, poster - as well as the Fangamer shirt--
09:06--TechnicalBen's cam stops working... again--
09:0809:09PSASubmit your photos to Kolin at
09:09--TechnicalBen fixes his video feed--
09:0909:13DiscussionJordan answers: How can I get into K-Pop? And how is the RDP list structured this year
09:1309:13RDPRDP: One Week - Barenaked Ladies
09:1509:27GameThis or That: Desert or Bus
09:15--Game^ Ordos (Desert)--
09:16--Game^ Accona (Desert)--
09:16--Game^ Citaro (Bus)--
09:16--Game^ Rangipo (Desert)--
09:17--Game^ Evora (Bus)--
09:17--Game^ Invero (Bus)--
09:18--Game^ Chalbi (Desert)--
09:19--Game^ Santorini (Desert)--
09:20--Game^ Melpha (Bus)--
09:20--Game^ Thompson (Desert)--
09:21--Game^ Orana (Bus)--
09:22--Game^ Agora (Bus)--
09:22--Game^ Grand Bara (Desert)--
09:23--Game^ Simpson (Desert)--
09:23--Game^ Turquoise (Bus)--
09:24--Game^ Katpana (Desert)--
09:24--Game^ Ténéré (Desert)--
09:26--Game^ Soroco (Bus)--
09:2709:27Discussion^ Talk about buses--
09:27--TechnicalNames are lost--
09:27--Enter/ExitJordan vanishes along with his name--
09:2809:31Prize InfoThe giveaway for the Gorilla Marketing and Brass: Birmingham is ongoing--
09:28--TechnicalThe shift IS the prize!--
09:3109:33DiscussionBen has questions about the giveaway prize
09:32--Discussion^ Banana talk--
09:33--Prank^ Ben and Ian enter anime land. "Fun" with filters--
09:3309:36DiscussionFilter talk with Ian and Ben losing their beards[✓]
09:34--Meltdown^ Ian and Ben lose their beards--
09:3609:51DiscussionThe room shares good stories: A Tale of Two X-Boxes
09:41--Behind the Scenes^ Graham's green screen is propped up on X-Box boxes--
09:4609:47Prize Info^ The giveaway for the Gorilla Marketing and Brass: Birmingham is ending soon--
09:47--Enter/Exit^ Jordan returns--
09:48--Discussion^ Ben talks about his third snake Miso--
09:50--Milestone^ $90k total--
09:5109:52RDPRDP: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
09:5209:55DiscussionJordan talks about his takeout experience, followed by everyone sharing.
09:5709:59DiscussionPro Strats for Parents - PB&J Edition--
09:5910:00Behind the ScenesVolume Master extension --
10:00--Driver ChangeJordan drives so Ben can order Food--
10:00--Game EventJordan resets the game by accident?--
10:0110:01MemeThe more you know gif, but backwards--
10:02--Enter/ExitBen leaves--
10:0210:07ReadingThe update from this week at Not-Bungie (written by a predictive algorithm)
10:02--Game EventNew bus driver name: Roxas--
10:04--TechnicalNames disappeared again--
10:0710:07DiscussionJordan describes his new controller setup for the Bus--
10:0710:15DiscussionShow us your keyboards - Keyboard time with Ian
10:15--Enter/ExitGraham momentarily exits for bedtime duties--
10:1610:17DiscussionTalking about 4'33" as an RDP--
10:17--PrankIan changes his background to Mofo the Psychic Gorilla (another Smoke & Mirrors game)--
10:1710:21PhysicalJordan, Ian, and Matt go to find and wear a hat.
10:18--Physical^ Ian puts on a Gundam hat--
10:19--Physical^ Wiggin's hat is chroma'd because it's a Minish Cap--
10:20--Discussion^ Jordan has a ghost that brought him hats--
10:2110:30Enter/ExitBen returns with his snake Miso the Kenyan Sand Boa
10:24--Discussion^ Pet talk with Night Watch--
10:26--Enter/Exit^ Ball python Sable is shown off--
10:31--Enter/ExitBen leaves to retank Sable--
10:3110:32DiscussionFood talk and Ian's hat--
10:32--Enter/ExitExit Ian, momentarily--
10:3210:34PhysicalThe room wears glasses upside down
10:33--TechnicalStatic Noise from Ian... and Ben flees to food delivery--
10:33--Enter/ExitReenter Graham--
10:3410:36TechnicalTechnical stuff has to be done locally--
10:3610:36FoodBen has food too now - DQ chicken tenders--
10:3610:36PhysicalHat talk part 2--
10:3712:03Drive/Giveaway$9.35 Giveaway for Secret Lair Drop Series: Theros Stargazing Heliod, Thassa, and Erebos - Raised $4,824.60Ahhhhhh! Vampire Crates--
10:3910:40DiscussionIan tells us the problem he had with his lav--
10:4010:44DiscussionFood delivery talk--
10:43--Enter/ExitKathleen talks about food briefly--
10:4310:43Prize InfoSecret Lair Drop Series: Theros Stargazing Heliod, Thassa, and Erebos is happening--
10:44--TechnicalThey have figured out the overlay now--
10:4610:49DiscussionWhat are your Kingdom Hearts Nobody names?
10:46--Discussion^ Ben explain how a Nobody Name is generated--
10:5010:56PrankMore fun with filters, Ben and Ian turn into food items
10:51--Technical^ Ben removes greenscreen to mess with the filter, with strange results. --
10:5310:55Meme^ Ben was ejected.
10:5611:01FoodDUMP TRUCK: Kreams gold cardamom flavoured biscuits
11:00--Music^ Millenial Bloop - Big Giant Circles--
11:00--Skit^ Ben launches into a TV spot--
11:0211:02RDPRDP: Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
11:0211:02PrankButton pressed with cookie--
11:0311:04TechnicalBen found the Caramelldansen music video background, reveals that he has been on a green screen the whole time!
11:0511:06DiscussionMore Kreams biscuits talk, Jordan got a miscut cookie & planning gags
11:0611:07Discussion^ Planning gags and bits for Desert Bus this year is harder--
11:0711:11DiscussionStar Wars side-story talk
11:1211:13Video/ImageSolo Trailer But with "I'm Han Solo" from The Star Wars Kinect Soundtrack
11:1411:14Prize InfoSecret Lair Drop Series Theros Stargazing Heliod, Thassa, and Erebos--
11:1411:15Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Desert Bus Shift Mascot Bears, Zelda-Inspired Quilt--
11:1611:16MeltdownJordan, at "It's a Gundam, 4head."--
11:1811:20DiscussionTalking about Matt Wiggins' background from Firewatch, and how Gillette used it in an advert
11:19--Discussion^ Talking about Road Quest art similarities to Firewatch and other influences--
11:20--Enter/ExitMatt is "ejected as an imposter"--
11:2011:20Behind the ScenesHow they can hear folks who don't have video on stream, but shouldn't--
11:21--TechnicalWho is working in engineering right now - Names went on walkabout again--
11:2111:22DiscussionChat asked what's going on--
11:2211:40GameThis or That: Dare to be an All Star (playing audio clips): song sampled by Neil Cicierega in a Mouth album, or sampled by Weird Al Yankovic in a polka medley
11:25--Game^ Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe (Weird Al - Polkas on 45 - The Hot Rocks Polka)--
11:26--Game^ Hanson - Mmmbop (Both - Polka Power! - Running with Scissors / Furries - Mouth Silence)--
11:27--Game^ Was Not Was - Walk the Dinosaur (Neil Cicierega - Dear Dinosaur - Mouth Moods)--
11:28--Game^ Alanis Morissette - You Ought to Know (Both - The Alternative Polka - Bad Hair Day / Alanis - Mouth Sounds)--
11:29--Game^ Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam (Weird Al - Polka Your Eyes Out - Off the Deep End)--
11:30--Game^ Loverboy - Working for the Weekend (NeilC - Mullet with Butterfly Wings - Mouth Sounds)--
11:32--Game^ Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Weird Al - Hooked on Polkas - Dare to be Stupid)--
11:32--Game^ Kenny Loggins - Footloose (Weird Al - Hooked on Polkas - Dare to be Stupid)--
11:33--Game^ Weezer - Say It Ain't So (Neil C - Ain't - Mouth Dreams)--
11:34--Game^ Janet Jackson - Nasty (Weird Al - Polka Party - Polka Party)--
11:35--Game^ Sheryl Crow - All I Want to Do (Both but incorrectly called as Al only - Alternative Polka - Bad Hair Day / Annoyed Grunt - Mouth Moods)--
11:36--Game^ Huey Lewis and the News - That's the Power of Love (Neil C - No Credit Card - Mouth Sounds)--
11:37--Game^ She Drives Me Crazy (NeilC - Cannibals - Mouth Dreams)--
11:38--Game^ Third Eye Blind - Semicharmed Life (Both - Polka Power - Running with Scissors / Annoyed Grunt - Mouth Moods (among others))--
11:39--Game^ White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl (Both - The Angry White Boy Polka - Poodle Hat / White House - Mouth Dreams)--
11:4011:41Prize InfoSecret Lair Drop Series: Theros Stargazing Heliod, Thassa, and Erebos plug--
11:42--MemeKelsey Grammer says "MMM, BOP"--
11:4211:45DiscussionIan explains Evangelion as if challenger was five
11:44--Meltdown^ Graham and Jordan can't handle Ian explaining Evangelion--
11:4711:51PrankGraham slowly lowers himself out of frame
11:47--Physical^ Everyone else also gets off the bottom of frame--
11:48--PSAExplain Desert Bus for Raiders from berryisstreaming--
11:49--Technical^ Ian has a ceiling cam. So does Graham. Now we are floor bus.--
11:4911:49RDPRDP: Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
11:51--PhysicalIan is comfortable--
11:51--Enter/Exit^ Bonus Cori--
11:5312:11DiscussionShow and tell with the room
11:54--Meltdown^ Ben being somewhat annoyed at Ian's rummaging noises--
11:56--Story^ Matt talking about the Hoverboard he got from pre-ordering Back to the Future Blu-ray--
11:56--Video/Image^ Gif of Doc Brown "Great Scott!"--
11:58--Story^ Ben shares a Hawkeye plush that looks exactly like Matt--
12:01--Video/Image^ Matt (as Hawkeye) at Disneyland Marathon--
12:02--Video/Image^ Hawkeye / Hulk gif
12:04--Story^ Jordan shows off his Beanie Babies--
12:05--Driver Change^ Ian takes the wheel--
12:05--Milestone^ $96k raised--
12:07--Story^ Ian shares a plushie in honor of Ono Michio from Yakuza 6 --
12:08--Story^ Graham shows off his Roman ruler--
12:1112:12DiscussionTroubleshooting Graham's video camera--
12:1412:15DiscussionThe Xbox Series X box as green screen stand--
12:15--PrankMore Video filter shenanigans with Ben
12:1712:22DiscussionHow should we give away this shirt? A giant fight? An art challenge? Maybe just a donation drive--
12:2213:36Drive/Giveaway$5.01 Giveaway for the Fangamer T-shirt - Raised $1923.84SimGuy--
12:2312:26OtherBen is looking up Kelsey Grammer gifs for his background--
12:2612:28PrankEveryone searches for Gifs to adorn their streams--
12:2812:33DiscussionMeme sandwiches - the Smack Barm Pea Wet - Part 1
12:32--Enter/ExitJason arrives to Drop Photos--
12:3312:36PhotosFirst Batch of photos have arrived, we look through them
12:36--Enter/ExitKathleen comes in from off frame, says she was promised the Pea Wet--
12:3712:45DiscussionReturn of the Pea Wet discussion, devolves into weird food, and pizza talk[✓]
12:37--Video/Image^ Video of the Pea Wet being prepared--
12:40--Meltdown^ Jordan is OUT--
12:41--Video/Image^ Graham shows us beer batter deep fried pizza (pizza crunch), much to Matt's ire--
12:44--Prank^ "That's the Chicago Clense" on the overlay--
12:4512:45Prize InfoDesperately segue to current giveaway to get out of the bit--
12:4713:14GameTrapped in the Sea Kingdom- Choose your own Adventure Story Pt. 1[✓]
12:4712:47Video/Image^ Cursed fish from "License To Kill"
12:48--Meltdown^ Megan, offscreen: "NO!"--
12:58--Milestone^ $100k--
12:4912:50RDPRDP: Sugar - MYBADD, Sam Gray
12:5012:51RDPRDP: Katamari On The Swing - Shigeru Matsuzaki
12:5112:52RDPRDP: Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
12:55--Game Event^ Bus Stop! (with super fast animation)--
12:5513:04Music^ Under the Sea--
12:5812:58Video/Image^ Seaman--
13:0513:10Music^ Some kind of pirate music--
13:1013:15Music^ Some kind of adventure music (more Pirates of the Caribbean?)--
13:1513:19Prize InfoSegue to shirt giveaway--
13:16--Discussion^ Tshirt sizes are very wrong--
13:19--CrashCrash on the left (due to a controller issue?) - But restored from save--
13:20--CrashThen immediately crashes again, despite savescumming--
13:20--MeltdownJordan about the save state happening during the crash--
13:21--Game EventStarting again, your driver is ICHIBAN--
13:2213:29DiscussionExplain your favourite movie/anime badly
13:23--Game EventIan gets a bus stop!--
13:29--Meltdown^ Jordan got got by Ben's choice of movie--
13:2913:30DiscussionTalks about Stephen Colbert as Phil Ken Sebben in Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
13:34--PrankEveryone copies Graham's background--
13:35--TechnicalGraham is having issues taking control of the Cloud Bus--
13:36--Driver ChangeJordan takes control (but the steering wheel remains with Ben)--
13:3613:38TechnicalTalking about the error in the giveaway draw overlay
13:37--Technical^ Fugi won't be fixing the error in the overlay, to "appease Ben"--
13:4213:53GameTry not to laugh with water in their mouths while watching Tik Toks
13:29--Crash^ Ian stalls (control issues?), but savescums out of it--
13:32--Crash^ Same as before, stall mid-road and reset--
13:40--Meltdown^ Ben doesn't read--
13:53--Meme^ Do you wanna take that again, Jordan? (by Max)--
13:5513:56SkitGraham used all the electricity, again...
13:5613:57PrankEveryone is in Graham's house (via greenscreen)--
13:5813:59DiscussionGreenscreen prank talk and Nightwatch Final Words
14:0014:04SkitThe Ben Box (feat. Kelsey Grammar)[✓]
14:01--Meltdown^ Ben's greenscreen layers are out of control, as Kelsey Grammer shows up unexpectedly--
14:03--Meltdown^ Ben's making box wine--
14:04--Milestone^ $100,500.00 #TeamOrder--
14:0414:06DiscussionJordan goes back to the olive garden--
14:06PSAWhat is desertbus for the raiders--
14:08--ShoutoutCallout to Crim @ TheAsianAvenger--
14:0714:11PrankBen puts twitch chat in his greenscreen
14:09--Prank^ And now to Ben, from within the chat room!--
14:10--Other^ animated backgrounds were a mistkae--
14:11--Technical^ Ben's sinking with his background!--
14:1114:11Video/ImageNight Watch outtro video - Day 1
14:1114:14Shift ChangeZETA BEGINS
14:11--Video/Image^ Zeta Banner--
14:1214:12Video/Image^ Zeta Banner image again--
14:12--Enter/Exit^ Beej, Heather, Cori and Molly enter--
14:1214:13Song^ Molly Lewis opens Zeta with a song! (parody of Bohemian Rhapsody)--
14:1414:15DiscussionWelcome and Cori did rotate the cushion--
14:1514:16PhysicalCushion rotation again, just to be safe
14:1714:19DiscussionWelcoming the tech crew, and others around--
14:18--Discussion^ Heather lists all the things she brought--
14:1914:23PSABeejSA (initially interupted by Cam)--
14:19--Enter/ExitCam arrives!--
14:20--TechnicalWRONG LEVER!--
14:21--Driver ChangeCam becomes the first zeta driver--
14:21--Behind the ScenesEach shift gets its own Cloud Bus--
14:22--Game EventDriver name: BOCKO (no one told Cam how to input the name)--
14:2314:26DiscussionThe backstory of driver BOCKO
14:2614:27ShoutoutNotThatWillSmith raid--
14:2714:31Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Shift Mascot Bears, Zelda-inspired Quilt--
14:30--PSA^ Make a Donar Account!!!!--
14:3014:33Discussion^ Sierpinski's Triangle and other geometry talk--
14:32--Discussion ^ 'Plato' is a stage name and other mononymous people--
14:33--MeltdownEveryone breaks--
14:3414:36PSASolicitation of photos from the chat--
14:3614:40DiscussionNaming Demons, because Molly wants one
14:39--Discussion^ Beej is composed of numerous imps--
14:40--MusicDire Dire Docks ("is anyone else suddenly underwater?")--
14:4014:53PSAGo buy shirts and other stuff--
14:39--Discussion^ Particle Man mentioned but not played--
14:42--DBloonThis year's DBloon--
14:47--Discussion^ The Zeta banner (and pin) can be turned upsidedown to become a rocket--
14:50--PSA^ If you order multiple things at once, you will get them when they are *all* available--
14:51--Discussion^ Non-DB merch proceeds definitely go to Beej directly and not the company, wink wink--
14:5314:59Prize InfoGiveaways this Zeta: Desert Bus T-Shirt, Maze of Games, [interrupted by test panel], Japanese War of the Spark Booster Box--
14:5514:56TechnicalAbrupt Ian Test Panel--
14:5917:24Drive/Giveaway$6.52 Giveaway for: Japanese War of the Spark sealed booster box - Raised: $4622.68Dire Dire Doc--
15:00--Discussion^ The sixth colour of mana is Wingdings--
15:01--MeltdownBeej can't--
15:0215:11DiscussionZeta discusses their previously owned electronics
15:03--Discussion^ Heather isn't happy that Beej doesn't name his electronics--
15:03--Discussion^ Ian is thinking of going full BSD--
15:04--Discussion^ Beej's transition to Apple products--
15:06--Discussion^ Linux phones--
15:08--Discussion^ Back to naming electronics--
15:08--Discussion^ And Linux in general--
15:09--Discussion^ Heather delivered an object to Johnny in the middle of a field--
15:1115:18DiscussionMalls in Calgary and Edmonton, and elsewhere
15:13--Discussion^ Vancouver Island doesn't have an Apple Store or an IKEA--
15:15--Discussion^ Large Malls--
15:17--Discussion^ National Harbor peeps--
15:1815:24DiscussionWhat is a peep?
15:20--Meme^ The more you know--
15:21--Discussion^ diabetic wombats--
15:2415:25DiscussionA Toast to Hydration!--
15:25--Discussion^ Cori bought a water bottle, in March, and this is her first time using it--
15:2515:28DiscussionZeta discusses different ways to stay organised in 2020
15:27--Discussion^ Beej keeps getting reminded to invoice WOTC, even though he already has--
15:2815:34DiscussionCam has a garbage experience, broader garbage discussion sparked
15:31--Discussion^ Garbage in fridges--
15:32--Meltdown^ "Wait, when did you move?! Did you bring it with you?!" -Cam--
15:33--Discussion^ Tricking garbage into not following you--
15:3415:36PSAGive away reminder, and FILL OUT YOUR DONOR ACCOUNT--
15:3615:39DiscussionWhat to do with the t-shirt--
15:38--Discussion^ "We should make them draw the thing in Cori's fridge. Mixed medium." - Molly--
15:39--DiscussionRetelling BOCKO's backstory--
15:3915:39TechnicalSplit Second Outage (Test Card)--
15:4019:31Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for DB T-Shirt: "For the Bus Driver Bocko"sharkyandthewizard--
15:4215:43DiscussionBeej has a box with an idea in it--
15:43--PSAStop putting your email in your display name--
15:4415:50PrankHeather throws a green screen cloak on Beej--
15:44--Prize InfoSilent Auction plug - 15 minutes left--
15:45--PosterPoster Update (v5)--
15:4615:50MusicMii Channel theme (it returns)--
15:4615:50PhysicalCasually Leaning
15:4715:50Discussion^ Casually Leaning while discussing the Most Specific Mall Store the Bus has seen--
15:47--Discussion^ What's the most specific store you've ever seen in a mall?--
15:48--Enter/Exit^ Thomas's kitty--
15:49--Discussion^ Crabs and their shells--
15:50--DiscussionKitty Talk--
15:5115:53DiscussionBeej posted a PDF in slack, and someone needs to read it--
15:51--Technical^ Cori opens the PDF and everything stops--
15:5315:54DiscussionDoes Heather need the Lego disassembly tool? Nah!--
15:5416:35GameKeep Talking and Nobody Legos: Part 1 - Cori Reads, Heather BuildsStopped after 10
16:12--TechnicalBrief phantom zone (Phantom zone continues intermittently throughout KTaNL)--
16:18--TechnicalBeej messing with the overhead camera kills the frames--
16:22--Game^ Beej interferes, gets a penalty.--
16:2516:37MusicSelections from Wii Sports Resort--
16:3216:33OtherMolly is pixels--
16:35--Game^ Finished Step 10, Step 11 next time.--
16:38--Driver ChangeMolly takes the drivers seat from Cam--
16:3916:41DiscussionBrown confirmations--
16:40--TechnicalFull screen artifacting and freezing--
16:4116:42PhysicalStretching and poking and itching--
16:4216:44DiscussionPopping clicking and other joint fun--
16:4416:45PSAArt Challenge - Draw Bocko--
16:4516:46Prize InfoJapanese War of the Spark Booster Box--
16:4716:49Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Blackwork Working Bees, Shift Themed Dragon Eggs--
16:4916:51GameZeta Shift Cognitive Decline Experiment: Day 1
16:5116:54PSADiscussing the store, particularly the playmat--
16:5416:57DiscussionDescribe Destiny Lore and/or Premise, but badly
16:5716:57DiscussionJUICE! no, Cam hasn't read 20020 yet--
16:5717:09DiscussionCam and Cori explain Blaseball
17:03--Meltdown^ Beej dies to ruby tuesday--
17:0617:13MusicWii sports music--
17:08--PromoThe Garages playing live on Sunday--
17:0917:11DiscussionBeej discusses 17776 and 20020
17:1117:15DiscussionMolly discusses Huell Howser
17:1517:18DiscussionHypothetical Desert Bus Spookypastas
17:16--PSAArt challenge for the DB shirt--
17:1817:22MusicBig Boo's Haunt - Mario 64--
17:18--Discussion^ Desert Blus--
17:1817:22DiscussionDestiny flavor text on booty shorts
17:21--Discussion^ What would the bus have on their booty shorts?--
17:2317:24DiscussionHave we given away the magic box? --
17:2517:26Burn!Where did Beej read the instructions on how to cough?
17:26--DiscussionWe're not giving away a country this year--
17:2717:30DiscussionSerge's Life is like a Folger's Commercial (How Dawn Guard wakes up)
17:3017:33DiscussionBeej tells Kyle Kinane stories
17:3319:35Drive/Giveaway$8.18 Giveaway for: Maze of Games Bundle - Raised $3656.46Solipsody--
17:3617:42DiscussionBeej's Loophole to win the Bus King Pageant
17:4217:45DiscussionOverdrawn Memory Bank, and good lines in bad movies
17:43--Discussion^ Cam "do you think the writers of Street Fighter knew"--
17:4517:47PhysicalMake the lights behind Cori purple--
17:47--DiscussionClaiming the colour pink for Zeta--
17:4917:49DiscussionJackie Chan's city hunter--
17:5017:55DiscussionBeej hiccups in reverse and other strange mouth noises
17:54--Discussion^ Ewokese--
17:5518:01DiscussionBeej's musical work for LoadingReadyRun, incl. Bonus Stream intro
18:0118:02DiscussionCan Engineering mute hosts individually and/or as a group?--
18:0218:03DiscussionCori's anxiety over being muted without her knowledge--
18:0318:11DiscussionQuestion: what is the most menacing or inexplicable aura of a place you've seen
18:07--Discussion^ Murder Hallway of Desert Bus 9--
18:09--Video/Image^ Molly with Minion fire hydrant--
18:09--CrashMolly went wide right because of a creepy fire hydrant--
18:11--Driver ChangeCori becomes Driving due to crash--
18:11--Game EventNew Driver's name Marge--
18:1118:17DiscussionWhat would happen if you blended a Minion?
18:16--Video/Image^ More Minion fire hydrant
18:1818:18DiscussionHave we played Cori's venga bus song? No, and Cori doesn't intend to play it--
18:1818:23PhysicalStretching, with Zeta
18:1918:23Video/Image^ Zuiikin English - Take anything you want--
18:2318:24DiscussionUsing the gestures of Zuiikin English as a mnemonic device--
18:24--DiscussionDoes Beej have multiple feels?--
18:2418:26DiscussionHow are the giveaways doing?--
18:2618:27DiscussionHow good would Ian be at James Bond?--
18:2718:31TechnicalAttempting to have "everyone" drive the bus
18:30--Driver ChangeHeather Becomes driver --
18:3118:39DiscussionDoes the room regret any pranks they have pulled?
18:31--Technical^ Molly pixellates her screen--
18:34--Discussion^ Molly doesn't want to be the driver again, she keeps crashing--
18:36--Discussion^ Whoopee cushions are bad--
18:4018:40DiscussionWho's got the cloud bus window open?--
18:40--Driver ChangeCori takes over the bus--
18:4118:45StoryRoom shares pranks parents pulled on them
18:4518:52DiscussionDessert talk: Turkish Delight is a betrayal, baclava isn't halva, apple cardboard?
18:5218:53PSAWe want to see your Bocko!--
18:54--DiscussionBeej invites the volunteers to join them on stream--
18:5418:56DiscussionUsing Haribo as packing peanuts and an O'Henry bar for a Tim Tam Slam
18:5618:57DiscussionFood has funny names--
18:5618:57MeltdownThey're just saying the names of food now, oh no--
18:5719:00DiscussionWhich hobby would Cam stop, Magic or Warhammer?
19:00--Enter/ExitPJ and Matthews appear--
19:0119:24GameDescribe a movie without giving away what it is and the room guesses
19:04--Enter/Exit^ Beej leaves to judge the contest--
19:0519:25Music^ Wii Shop music--
19:21--Enter/Exit^ Beej returns--
19:2519:31Video/ImageBocko Art Challenge resultssharkyandthewizard
19:32--TechnicalBeej discovers the prize draw button has a cooldown--
19:3319:35Prize InfoShowing off Maze of Games, to fill time for the button--
19:3619:39DiscussionDriving, raising money and the oddity of the incremental hour system
19:39--Behind the ScenesThey have no idea how to Omega yet--
19:4019:41RDPRDP: Take Her Place - Don Diablo ft. A R I Z O N A
19:4219:43MeltdownBeej didn't know his laptop didn't have darkmode--
19:4319:46DiscussionDestination weddings, and the people who have them?
19:4619:47DiscussionThe Bus talks about burning clothing--
19:47--Driver ChangeHeather Takes The Wheel--
19:47--Enter/ExitCori departs--
19:4719:54SkitRecounting everything Zeta has done in a concise fashion
19:52--Enter/Exit^ Thomas's cat appears again--
19:5419:54PhysicalCam fumbles his Pen--
19:5419:56DiscussionBeej is nervous about shift change--
19:5620:00DiscussionBreakfast foods for the end of Zeta's shift
19:58--Burn!^ Cam - "I don't go to Tim Horton's when I'm joyful"--
20:0120:02DiscussionWhat smell do you want to wake up to?
20:0320:04DiscussionOwl House Discussion--
20:04--Video/ImageYet more Bocko--
20:0420:04DiscussionAdding new images from the Bocko art challenge--
20:0520:08DiscussionZeta's in overtime so it's now Eta shift (Everything is fine!)
20:06--Prank^ Julie tries to steal all of Zeta's skeletons, to all but Cameron's dismay--
20:0820:09DiscussionThe changeovers and procedures for having multiple people in the moonbase--
20:0920:17DiscussionPadding out the cartoon watchlist
20:09--Discussion^ Cam: The World of Tomorrow 3 by Don Hertzfeld--
20:10--Discussion^ Matthews: Adventure Time sequel--
20:12--Discussion^ First mention of She-Ra in Zeta 2020 (we got you Molly)--
20:12--Discussion^ Beej stans now--
20:13--Discussion^ Cam realised that Lower Decks contains all of Star Trek's bad design decisions--
20:14--Discussion^ Shipping Starships--
20:15--Video/Image^ "Moist Vessel" title card from Star Trek: Lower Decks
20:1720:18DiscussionMatthews is cool--
20:18--Physical^ Beej whips his heaphones off his head--
20:1820:20DiscussionIt's still OK that Zeta's in overtime. Patience is key.--
20:2020:25DiscussionThe sun's schedule in North America, Beej yells at clouds, Time is a construct
20:2520:26Video/ImageZeta concludes their broadcast day, there is a test pattern
20:26--TechnicalPlease stand by, followed by Ian Test Panel and Offline screen--
20:53--TechnicalIan Test Panel returns, followed by the logo--
20:5320:54Shift ChangeThe Dawn Guard begins
20:53--Video/ImageThe Dawn Guard intro happens--
20:5420:57DiscussionDawn Guard is late and the intro video discussion
20:5720:58PromoDiscussion on upcoming art challenge--
20:5820:58ShoutoutThanks to tech team--
20:5821:00TechnicalJames should sound like Cori--
21:0021:02Roll CallDawn Guard introduces themselves--
21:01--Enter/Exit^ Johnny appears, but muted--
21:0221:08DiscussionJames discusses what is happening this shift--
21:0221:03Meme^ Ashton shows off MIC 5!--
21:0321:04Prank^ The room says Johnny said some rude things about chat! *gasp*
21:04--Driver Change^ Liz takes the wheel and the Zeta Bus--
21:06--Prank^ Dawn Guard is stealing Zeta's bus--
21:06--Crash^ Liz reset the Zeta bus--
21:0821:08Game EventLiz names driver Grant in memory of Grant Imahara--
21:0921:09Behind the ScenesJames shows us Chair Cam
21:0921:14DiscussionSerge and James talk about playing "coffee" pong (and don't actually start)
21:09--Discussion^ How will they coffee pong?--
21:12--Discussion^ James and chat are liars--
21:1321:14PromoKate Watt Call-In will happen--
21:14--CrashLiz crashes "for Zeta" in probable personal record time--
21:1621:18TechnicalAshton goes ghost and then away and then dresses as a pong judge--
21:1621:17DiscussionLiz managed to crash the bus while posting "v"s in the Slack--
21:1721:18DiscussionCory building the stream/bus while the bus was driving--
21:19--Discussion^ James challenges chat to donate to vote who will win--
21:20--Game EventLiz names the driver Gramt --
21:2221:45MusicWii Sports Resort Music--
21:2021:47GameThe pong game startsSerge wins[✓]
21:22--Game^ James gets a point; 1-0 to James--
21:26--Game^ Serge gets a point and James gets a penalty; 1-0 to Serge--
21:27--Game^ James gets a point; tied 1-1--
21:30--Game^ James gets a point; 2-1 to James--
21:3121:32Technical^ Ashton's camera becomes a datamosh with brief Paul and pong cam in the mosh pit--
21:31--Game^ Serge gets a point, tied 2-2--
21:33--Game^ James gets a point, 2-3 to James--
21:35--Game^ Serge gets a point; tied 3-3--
21:37--Game^ Serge gets a point; 4-3 to Serge--
21:38--Game^ James gets a point; tied 4-4--
21:41--Game^ Serge gets a point; 5-4 to Serge--
21:41--Game^ Serge gets a penalty for questioning the judge and James gets some "help"--
21:43--Game^ Somebody donates $500, Liz wins! (500-5-4 to Liz)--
21:44--Game^ Serge gets a point; 6-4 to Serge--
21:4621:47DiscussionLiz is the true winner--
21:47--Enter/ExitSerge leaves to remove cups--
21:4821:52DiscussionPost-pong discussion and heating in the Moonbase leading to room temp talk
21:49--Enter/ExitJames goes to check external moonbase thermostat (it was set to 22 °C)--
21:5221:53MemeJames mimes mic 5--
21:53--Enter/ExitJames goes to change mic batteries (like a professional)--
21:5322:45Drive/Giveaway$5.55 Giveaway for: Large Country in Africa - DB Feud book - Raised $1,370.85DevInsanity--
21:55--OtherLiz spilt/broke something--
21:55--Enter/ExitJames returns --
21:5721:58ShoutoutThanks to Noy2222 for doing the game shows and the book
21:5822:00TechnicalJames does a mic test--
22:0022:02Prize InfoA look at silent auctions: Blackwork Worker Bees and Shift Themed Dragon Eggs--
22:0222:02TechnicalMore live tech testing with James--
22:0222:04PromoAshton talks upcoming giveaways about how everything is great this year--
22:0422:06DiscussionMaking their own shift banners--
22:06--Driver ChangeSerge busses so Liz can craft--
22:0622:06DiscussionLiz does a spit take over "GRAMT!"--
22:0723:00CreativeDawn Guard makes their banners and bath bombs [SuperCut]
22:09--Creative^ Ashton considers bath bomb making--
22:10--Behind the Scenes^ Paul moves his camera to show his floor--
22:1122:12Discussion^ The room talks about "Songs to Wear Pants to"/Andrew Huang--
22:1222:13Promo^ Serge plugs Shift pins and Desert Bus Store--
22:15--Discussion^ James' strategy is GLUUUUUE!--
22:1622:44Music^ Crafting Music: Ambient Songs to Inspire and Create to - Sarah Wright--
22:1722:20Discussion^ Paul talks about what he is making and then dithering talk--
22:20--Creative^ James' sparkly banner is done!--
22:2122:24Discussion^ Ashton tells us his bath bomb instructions--
22:25--Driver Change^ James takes over since he is done making banner--
22:2822:30Prize Info^ Giveaway reminder for the DB Feud book--
22:28--Creative^ Serge and Liz start their crafting--
22:3222:33Discussion^ Paul explains dithering more--
22:23--Creative^ Liz finishes and hangs her banner--
22:3522:35Burn!^ Serge: "Baking is basically guessing, right?" Paul: "Yeah, just like making coffee."
22:36--Creative^ Serge finishes his drawing--
22:36--Enter/Exit^ Liz steps away--
22:37--Physical^ James drives the bus from The Chair--
22:3722:39Discussion^ Colour talk--
22:4022:41Discussion^ Serge discusses the game graphics on high resolution monitors--
22:42--Creative^ Paul's innovatively dithered banner is done--
22:46--Driver Change^ Serge takes over from James--
22:46--Enter/Exit^ James goes to get his banner and hangs it on the wall--
22:4922:50PSA^ Remember to submit challenges--
22:5022:51Discussion^ James talks unapologetically about Queen's Gambit
22:53--Technical^ Serge partially purges challenges--
22:53--Discussion^ James discusses getting coffee and a muffin--
22:5522:57Behind the Scenes^ Talk about technical solutions for this year's DB.
22:57--Burn!^ Serge does his best Johnny impression... by muting his mic--
22:58--Creative^ Ashton gives us an update--
22:5923:02Prize InfoChecking back on the silent auctions (Shift Eggs and Worker Bees) and prize talk--
23:03--Driver ChangeLiz becomes the driver--
23:03--Enter/ExitThe Dawn Guard leaves us to leave the Zeta, also James leaves to get coffee--
23:03--TechnicalSwitching engineering--
23:0323:05Video/ImageDawn Guard banner shown on screen--
23:0523:14TechnicalTest pattern appears--
23:1423:15Video/ImageDawn Guard banner shown on screen--
23:15--CrashHappened off screen (but the bus is still going?) Jonny has been blamed with Turner for spice--
23:15--ShoutoutEngineering for making miracles happen--
23:1523:17CreativeAshton has finished his bath bomb
23:1723:18DiscussionBus crashed due to a miscommunication during the tech handover, or maybe it was James--
23:1924:26Drive/Giveaway$9.33 giveaway Multi-Layer Legend of Zelda Wall Clock for $8994.12Bergor_Terraf--
23:21--Enter/ExitPaul returns from Tech forest, Liz leaves--
23:2323:31SkitAshton, then Paul, does a formal handoff of Cloud Bus
23:2723:27TechnicalAshton's webcam briefly drops out--
23:27--Driver ChangePaul becomes the driver--
23:28--Game EventNew Driver's name Buseth--
23:2923:35PhysicalSpeed Beard Growing
23:29--Prank^ Ashton uses filters to beard--
23:32--PromoHow are photos working this year?--
23:33--Game EventBus Stop--
23:3323:34DiscussionBus Stops--
23:34--Physical^ Beard growth results--
23:3523:36DiscussionBurmashave discussion
23:3723:27Prize InfoThe Zelda Wall Clock giveaway is still happening--
23:3723:38RDPRDP: It's Tricky - Run DMC
23:38--MilestoneHour 134 get--
23:38--PrankPaul can't hold all these muffins--
23:3823:40DiscussionThe room discusses The Button and fingers--
23:4123:42DiscussionShift Demigods and the Desert Bus Pantheon --
23:4223:45Prize InfoArt Challenge Reminder--
23:4524:10DiscussionWhat did you do in the before-times? How did you get onto the Desert Bus stage?
23:45--Story^ Liz tells tales of event managing--
23:50--Milestone125,000 Raised--
23:50--Prize InfoSerge reminds us of silent auctions--
23:50--Discussion^ Sleeping bags are the worst--
23:53--Story^ Ashton gives his background as a site reliabity engineer and post production--