DesertBus 1* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 1 - Day 5

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
96:00--MilestoneDay 5 of Desert Bus for Hope starts--
96:0296:07PhysicalAdditional donation if the upside down girls have a PS3 on them--
96:0296:07DiscussionRandom questions from chat while the 2 girls drive upside down--
96:07--OtherMorgan resumes driving from the upside down girls--
96:0796:09OtherSearching for one of the girls' phone--
96:1096:11DiscussionMorgan is very excited about getting close to his last minute of Desert Bus
96:11--Milestone^ Donation total update from James: $17,700!--
96:1196:13DiscussionShooting b-roll of Morgan playing Desert Bus--
96:1396:25TechnicalNo video avaliable--
96:2596:29PhysicalMorgan drives with his face / mouth
96:29--Driver Shift ChangeJames takes over driving from Morgan (for his last shift)--
96:3097:26TechnicalNo video avaliable--
97:26--Game EventPoint! James gets a point! (1 in a row) (Determined via math, from next viewable point)--
97:2699:10TechnicalNo video avaliable--
99:1099:29GameBen is playing Wii Bowling in the back--
99:1099:15OtherChris is pinch driving while Wii Bowling is played--
99:11--Milestone$20,000!!!!! (Specifically, 20,489)
99:1199:12Shoutout^ Shoutout to Scone who donated $250 several times in a row--
99:15--OtherJames resumes drivning from Chris--
99:15--DiscussionTalking about all the food people brought them--
99:1599:19DiscussionOther discussion / random milling about / questions from chat--
99:19--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen on a work night no less!--
99:19--DiscussionKathleen is informed that they are over $20k now--
99:2099:25DiscussionTalking about Call of Duty 2 & Achievements--
99:2599:26DiscussionTalking about Assassin's Creed--
99:26--Enter/ExitJames' Dad, Mom, & Sister, with beer!--
99:2699:28FoodBeer / Cider for everyone!--
99:29--OtherKathleen is going to take the sea plane back to Vancouver tomorrow, at 7:30am.... (her boss is going to be very dissapointed in her performance)--
99:30--Enter/ExitExit James' Dad, Mom, and Sister--
99:31--Enter/ExitEnter Jer, WITH CAKE!--
99:3199:32FoodThe Cake says "Not Even Bill Can Stop The Dessert Bus"[✓]
99:32--Enter/ExitExit Shandi--
99:3499:36DiscussionKathleen is shown and informed about James' wedding to DarkRealm
99:38--FoodPizza arrives! (From Teller, it's A LOT) 6 XL Pizzas from AliBabaPizza
99:4099:41DiscussionJer shows Kathleen an incredible piece of fan-art they got (sadly this cannot be found anymore :-( ) (was emailed to Graham)
99:4299:43DiscussionThe bus doesn't qualify for the car pool lane because James is the only passenger--
99:4399:45DiscussionJer wantes to figure out who has the license for DB so that it can be released on PS3/Xbox360 for chairty
99:4599:52DiscussionRandom discussion while the pizza is distributed--
99:52100:00DiscussionAsk Nurse Kathleen time while everyone eats
100:00--Enter/ExitEnter A-Channel (local news people)--
100:01100:02OtherChris Drives so James can finish eating quick--
100:01100:05OtherGraham is interviewed off camera by the local news people--
100:05100:08OtherJames is interviewed on camera by the local news people--
100:09100:10OtherPaul is interviewed off camera by the local news people--
100:10--PrankSomeone from chat offers to donate $100 for the camera man to play the game for a bit--
100:10100:11OtherThe camera man gets some shots of the game--
100:11100:15OtherSome more interviewing Graham by the news people (off camera)--
100:15100:21OtherCamera guy gets a shot of everyone in the room together (All the B-roll)--
100:15--Enter/ExitEnter Andy!!!--
100:22100:23DiscussionYay Matt for making Graham mention the website ( )[✓]
100:23100:24DiscussionThey inform Andy and Kathleen about things they missed
100:25100:29DiscussionThe chat wants Kathleen to drive next & random other discussion--
100:29100:31StoryAndy tells us a "slightly" dirty joke
100:29--Enter/ExitExit Jer to go finish his paper--
100:31--Driver Shift ChangePaul takes over driving from James
100:32--FoodGraham reminds everyone they have Ice Cream cake, it's melting, please eat it--
100:32100:35DiscussionRandom milling about / Andy testing a joke with Kathleen--
100:35100:36DiscussionMatt Asks someone to get a copy of the A-Channel news report--
100:36100:40DiscussionPaul wants to let the chat drive, the chat disagrees
100:40100:55StoryTime for Jokes!
100:40100:42Story^ Chris tells us another farmer joke--
100:42100:45Story^ Andy tells us a joke about cannibals--
100:45100:46Story^ Andy tells us a joke about a penguin driving a truck--
100:46100:47Story^ Andy tells us a joke about a drunk--
100:47100:55Story^ Rapid fire joke time--
100:55100:57OtherNathon calls Graham on the phone, proposes marrage, Kathleen wants a 3-some
100:55--Milestone^ Finally back to dusk in the game--
100:57101:32OtherKathleen drives so Paul can take a break (end time estimated, Paul is back driving at 102)--
100:57--ReadingAndy reads an ad for a replica shop
100:57100:59MeltdownGraham informs Andy that James married DarkRealm (Peter) it breaks him
100:59--Enter/ExitEnter Gibb (to further stoke the flames of Andy's laughter)--
101:00101:07StoryMatt tells us a joke about a little boy who likes to draw
101:00101:02Prank^ Graham and Morgan are randomly dancing behind Matt to mock him--
101:07--Milestone^ $21,026!!!--
101:09101:10ReadingAndy reads a Groucho Marx quote
101:10101:10Reading^ Andy reads a Viagra ad--
101:10101:27TechnicalNo video avaliable--
101:27101:29SongGraham sings The Elements Song
101:29101:30DiscussionThe chat is very impressed with Graham--
101:30102:02TechnicalNo video avaliable--
102:02102:09SkitAndy does Desert Bus: The Musical: The Wedding Song
102:09102:20TechnicalNo video avaliable--
102:20102:25SongAndy sings a song from: "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum" to Gibb
102:25102:27SongAndy and Gibb sing The Universe song from Monty Python
102:26--Game EventBugsplat #13 (2 in a row) --
102:27102:29DiscussionGibb has opinions about Star Wars
102:29102:30SongHappy Birthday to Gibb
102:30102:31Discussion^ Yeti's in Disc World & Time Travel--
102:31--Enter/ExitExit Gibb--
102:32102:33OtherAndy does a quick Elvis inpersonation on his way out--
102:33102:36DiscussionRandom discussion--
102:35--Enter/ExitExit Andy to go sleep--
102:36102:39DiscussionWill they miss DesertBus tomorrow? / DB update on totals
102:39103:13GameA "few" "quick" games of 20 questions[✓]
102:39102:44Game^ A "quick" game of "20" questions (Charles Shultz)--
102:44102:46Discussion^ Talking about Peanuts & Charles Shultz--
102:46102:49Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Bruce Campbell)--
102:52102:53Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Judy Garland)--
102:54102:55Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Boba Fett)--
102:55102:57Discussion^ Talking about the Star Wars extended universe--
102:57102:59Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Oliver Twist)--
103:00103:02Discussion^ Kathleen does not like having her name shortened--
103:02103:05Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Chris Jericho)--
103:06103:07Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Peter Sellers)--
103:08--Game^ An actual quick game of "20" questions, a fictional character -> Batman--
103:08103:10Discussion^ Raipid fire quick games of 20 questions, with easy to guess answers--
103:10103:12Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Richard Feynman)--
103:12103:13Game^ Another "quick" game of "20" questions with the chat (Kofi Annan)--
103:13103:17DiscussionRandom discussion with chat--
103:15103:20PhysicalKathleen falls asleep on the couch--
103:17103:19Songsinging The Lumberjack Song
103:19103:20Discussion^ Talking about how inaccurate The Lumberjack Song actually is--
103:20--Enter/ExitEnter Bill, ready for his driver shift--
103:20103:23DiscussionBill wants to know who's gonna stay up with him, turns in to a discussion about waterboarding--
103:20--Enter/ExitExit Graham and Kathleen (to put Kathleen to bed)--
103:23103:27DiscussionIf you think up a fetish, does thinking of it immediately create a website of it? (Naughty Goats Standing Near Chairs)
103:26--Enter/ExitEnter Graham returning from putting Kathleen to bed--
103:27103:36DiscussionTotal update from Graham: $21,511 (they really want to make Morgan drive 1 more hour, cost is $1,264)
103:28103:33FoodPaul has a banana --
103:33103:35DiscussionDriving at night vs. driving during the day in the game--
103:36103:37DiscussionWhich crashes "count"--
103:37103:41DiscussionPlug-n-play & Discussion about the end of the run
103:42--DiscussionHow the chair is slowly collapsing--
103:42103:43DiscussionPaul talks about how glad he is that random people showed up to help--
103:44103:52DiscussionRandom discussion about DB & questions from the chat--
103:52103:53DiscussionPaul wants to know how they setup the 1-800 relay thing--
103:53103:54DiscussionSomeone created Goats Standing by a Chair (picture)
103:54103:58DiscussionSomeone has the drivercam running on their Wii, they test, it does work, on a Commadore 64 monitor even!
103:58104:00Game^ Paul sees if he can drive by watching the bus-cam on the Wii (it works!)--
103:59--Enter/ExitExit Big Chris (Lord Crusher) to go sleep--
104:00104:03DiscussionTalking about pictures and milestone graphics people have submitted--
104:04104:05DiscussionPaul wonders if there are any sick kids actually watching DB right now--
104:05104:06DiscussionAfter DB will they take a break from video games?--
104:07104:08DiscussionHow tall is Bill / How tall does he want to be--
104:08--Enter/ExitEnter Vicky--
104:08104:09DiscussionWhat will they do next year? (Paul just put first Annual to be funny)
104:09104:14DiscussionRandom discussion / milling about--
104:13--Enter/ExitEnter Morgan--
104:14104:16Physical$150 for Paul to finish his driving shift only using his feet [he gives up, apparently he can't drive with his feet, safely]
104:16104:18DiscussionSo much food has showed up they're gonna have left-overs for a long time--
104:18104:26DiscussionRandom questions from chat and talking about video games--
104:27104:31DiscussionMore random questions from chat--
104:28104:29DiscussionVicky wants to play Starcraft: Brood War with Bill--
104:31--Driver Shift ChangeBill takes over driving from Paul, starting the 'last' driver shift
104:32104:35DiscussionThings that are open 24h in Victoria ( Tim Hortons, Denny's, Red Hot Video )--
104:35--OtherBad french impersonations--
104:35104:40DiscussionCigarettes are bad M'Kay--
104:41104:42Enter/ExitExit Graham to get some sleep before the end of the run--
104:45--OtherBill requests that no one records this, HA!--
104:45104:48FoodHunting for beverages for Bill--
104:48104:50DiscussionTalking about beards and beard things--
104:51104:52SongEveryone sings O Canada
104:54104:58Enter/ExitExit Vicky && Morgan--
104:54104:58DiscussionRandom discussion about knitting & Harry Potter with the exiting person--
104:58--OtherBill asks for a slash-fic to be written about Paul and Morgan with Morgan being the bottom
104:58--OtherDown to just Bill and Chris now, each with a laptop to watch chat.--
104:59105:00DiscussionBill wants to know if anyone in chat will pay for him to take a dive.--
105:00105:02OtherBill says there won't be a DesertBus DVD since they're not recording any of it (they don't have the HDD space)
105:03--OtherBill says someone has the entire IRC logs, but WHO?!?--
105:03105:05OtherDead Air, no one says anything.--
105:05105:26DiscussionBill takes questions from chat ( Chris helps ) [Mostly random video game discussion]
105:26105:27Game EventPoint! Bill gets the last point (2 in a row)
105:27105:28OtherRe-arranging the power cables for the laptops--
105:28106:02DiscussionBill takes even more questions from chat ( Chris helps ) [Mostly random video game discussion][✓]
105:28--Other^ Slowly turns in to why WoW is bad, and Bill's DotA (1) tips, then Smash Bros. Melee talk--
106:02106:08DiscussionTalking about how because of the internet nothing can surprise them any more & more questions from chat--
106:05--SongBill is Bill-bo-baggins Tallest of them all--
106:08106:10OtherMore quiet time (dead air)--
106:10106:17FoodBill demands some coke (getting too tired) & a brownie--
106:11106:25DiscussionBill takes more questions from chat (still looking for that person to pay him to take a dive)
106:20--PlugBill plugs their website they post a new video every week!--
106:25106:31DiscussionTalking about which alcohol Bill likes and doesn't like & other questions from the chat--
106:32106:38DiscussionTalking about the game and how much Bill hates it--
106:33106:36DiscussionWhat the current total is (unknown because Graham is asleep)--
106:39106:48DiscussionEven more questions from the chat
106:42--TechnicalPlugging the stream computer back in --
106:48106:50OtherMore quiet time (dead air)--
106:50106:51DiscussionThe crazy amount of money they've made so far (over $20k)--
106:51107:09DiscussionMore questions from the chat with Bill and Chris answering
107:09--TechnicalInvestigating claims of DriverCam problems--
107:10107:13OtherMore quiet time (dead air)
107:13107:16DiscussionMore talking about how much money they've raised / some people having problems with the cams--
107:15--TechnicalBus-cam feed restarted by Chris--
107:16107:17OtherEven more quiet time--
107:17107:20DiscussionChris is going to go get some Coffee for him and Bill; Bill explains his order to chat, transitions to talking about Man Cooking
107:20--TechnicalBus-cam feed restarted by Chris, again--
107:20107:21DiscussionBill tells the chat about all the news crews that came by--
107:21107:22DiscussionMore random questions from chat till they figure out they are still recording
107:22108:31TechnicalNo video avaliable--
108:31108:32DiscussionBill is excited about finally being done with DesertBus and never playing the game again, they stop him to wait a few min
108:32108:34DiscussionKathleen reminds you to get your tax receipt!
108:35--ShoutoutTY To William Fisher who just donated $400--
108:36--Milestonev $22,532!!!--
108:37108:39DiscussionWho wants to see Bill crash again!?[✓]
108:37--Crash^ Bill crashes, one final time. (Three times total for the hat trick: 3 crashes, 3 points)[✓]--
108:37108:39Other^ The camera is moved so we can see the TV, the bus is crashed and begins being towed back--
108:39108:42DiscussionWhere to find them now that the run is over & TY to everyone
108:42--MilestoneDesert Bus for Hope ends, to return next year?--
108:42119:29OtherNo video avaliable--
119:29119:33OtherA-Channel news segment Airs[✓]
108:42145:38TechnicalStream ended, but they got enough $ for another hour, so technically this is hour 109, but we're using 145 so the time conversion works right.--
145:38--MilestoneDesert Bus for Hope resumes (the wrap-up)
145:39--Driver Shift Change^ Morgan resumes driving the bus for one final hour.--
145:39--Prank^ Wecome back for another 4 days (ha!)--
145:40145:41Discussion^ People from Ustream were confused because the chat room associated with the drivercam was not the one they were using--
145:41145:41Game Event^ Bus Stop! Morgan gets the first Bus Stop ever!--
145:42--Milestonev They're back up to #1 on Ustream!--
145:42145:43DiscussionThey got more donations, so they're back streaming for another hour
145:43--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Scone who was one of their biggest contributers--
145:43145:44DiscussionTalking about the news coverage they got--
145:44145:45DiscussionHow much sleep everyone got last night--
145:45--TechnicalFeed goes down--
145:48--TechnicalFeed returns--
145:48--DiscussionSomeone donated $105 to help them pay for PayPal fees--
145:48145:50DiscussionNo final total right now because they can't load their PayPal page
145:50146:01DiscussionEvent Recap - Highpoints
145:51--Discussion^ Bill's highpoint: Crashing the bus for the 3rd time--
145:51145:52Discussion^ James' highpoints: Getting gay married to DarkRelm & hitting 10K--
145:52145:53Discussion^ Highest points (in a row) they got was 6--
145:53145:55Discussion^ Graham & Paul's highpoint(s): Any time Penn or Teller phoned in--
145:55145:57Discussion^ Morgan's highpoints: Telling Teller to fuck-off & everyone they met--
145:57145:58Shoutout^ Thank you to Hat Girl (Ruth) for coming in and staying with the night shift people[✓]
145:58145:59Discussion^ James liked all the nicknames people got during the run--
146:00146:01Discussion^ Jer finally managed to finish his english paper--
146:01146:05DiscussionDo you think you'll do Desert Bus again next year?
146:01--FoodBill gives everyone an orange (and hits Jer in the eye with one)--
146:05146:07DiscussionHas DesertBus increased traffic for loadingreadyrun?
146:07146:09DiscussionFunny ways to give the money to Child's Play (Graham wants to do a huge Novelty Check)
146:10146:11ShoutoutTank you to Kroze who posted all of the songs
146:11146:21DiscussionWhat were people's low points for Desert Bus
146:11146:14Discussion^ Paul's low point: when he crashed--
146:14146:17Discussion^ Morgan's lowpoint the last hour of his 2nd shift--
146:14--Discussion^ Low point for a lots of people: Matt's Joke--
146:17--Discussion^ Next year: Take a week off work--
146:18146:20Discussion^ The percentage the hours go up and other choices they made early--
146:20--Discussion^ James' lowpoint: The general lack of sleep--
146:20--Discussion^ Graham's lowpoint: The last little bit at the end (because he was so tired)--
146:20146:21Discussion^ Jer's lowpoint: He got up at 7am, and thus missed the end of the run--
146:21--Discussion^ How weird it was when the room was empty--
146:21146:34DiscussionTime for some questions from the chat about the run
146:21146:23Discussion^ How do you feel about the initial goal now?--
146:23146:25Discussion^ Would they do anything different? (Knowing what they know now)--
146:25--Enter/Exit^ Reporter (camera man, Derran) from the The Fox Columnist (sp?) arrives--
146:26146:28Discussion^ Desert Bus shirts?--
146:28146:29Discussion^ Who owns the copyright to Desert Bus? (Theoretically EA owns them)--
146:29146:30Discussion^ Have they heard from Penn & Teller since the run?--
146:30146:32Discussion^ Penn and Teller weren't the biggest contributors to the run--
146:32146:34Discussion^ What was the best food someone brought in?--
146:34--OtherThe reporter (camera guy) has a request for everyone's names, James writes them down for him--
146:35146:41ShoutoutClosing remarks from everyone:
146:35146:36Discussion^ Matt: Thanks everyone--
146:36--Discussion^ Jer's Thanks --
146:36146:37Discussion^ Graham's thanks--
146:37146:38Discussion^ Paul's thanks, to everyone except people who donated $1--
146:38146:39Discussion^ Bill thanks everyone who supported him during the late night shifts--
146:39146:40Discussion^ Morgan thanks everyone who (probably) made them Child's Play's top donator--
146:40146:41Discussion^ James: Thanks Bill's Mom who revealed Bill's real name--
146:41--Discussion^ Matt thanks everyone who watched--
146:41--TechnicalThe camera is moved so we can watch Morgan crash the bus for the last time.--
146:42146:43Crash^ Morgan crashes on the LEFT
146:43--Milestone^ Desert Bus for Hope ends, to return next year????--