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Global Notes:
The run hasn't even started yet... what are you doing here?
DB Prize ID 0
Prize Type Sweetener / Merch
Sweetener/Merch Title Desert Bus 2023 Pinny Arcade Pin
Alt. Sweetener Title
Sweetener Donator LoadingReadyRun
Sweetener Description It's a time-honoured tradition that every designer has to design a chair. And maybe someday, your name would be written in the history books, alongside Eames, Jacobsen, and Nakamura.

I don't think they ever forsaw THIS kind of infamy.

It's The Chair! We ride in it every hour the bus is running! And now you can wear it on your clothing, as a low-key shibboleth to other Desert Bus fans.

This year, the pin is a PRE-ORDER.

Designed by Moz Lunsford. Proceeds are split between the artist, Bionic Trousers Media (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child's Play Charity.

This is an official Pinny Arcade pin and thus can be traded for other Pinny Arcade pins, if that's something that interests you. You can look here for the general rules.

Also, this thing is a pin. It's non-functional. As a chair, that is. It works just fine as a pin. Draws blood and everything.

Given To Merch
Given For Prizes None
Craft-Along? -
Sweetener Price $25.00
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