VST History Timeline*

Streaming History
Start Year End Year DB Start Year DB End Year Driver Cam Bus Cam Notes
2007 2010 DB1 DB4 ustream.tv/desert-bus-drivercam ustream.tv/desert-bus-buscam Ustream (now IBM) has since deleted the saved video archive.
2011 2011 DB5 DB5 justin.tv/db_high
Started on justin.tv, hit the international viewer limit,
attempted to move to livestream which had a 1000 viewer limit, horrible quality, and constant ads,
then moved to twitch.tv("tagging" the stream as "gaming") which avoided the international viewer limit
Switch happened 2 hours 30min in to the DB5 run.
2012 2012 DB6 DB6 twitch.tv/db_high twitch.tv/db_bus -
2013 2013 DB7 DB7 twitch.tv/desertbus twitch.tv/db_bus Last year for bus cam.
2014 20?? DB8 DB?? twitch.tv/desertbus - Buscam was merged with main cam in DB8

Chat location History
Start Year End Year DB Start Year DB End Year channel irc network Notes
2007 2007 DB1 DB1 #BusCam irc.ustream.tv People were very confused that they weren't using the chat associated with the cam with the people on it.
2008 2010 DB2 DB4 #desert-bus-drivercam irc.ustream.tv DB Survivors started at the end of DB4, when everyone just decided to stay
2011 2016 DB5 DB9+ #desertbus irc.desertbus.org Used for the run DB5-7 & shut down during runs DB8+
2014 2016 DB8 DB9 #desertbus irc.twitch.tv Announcement about moving to: Twitch IRC chat
2014 2016 DB8 DB9 #DesertBusBunker irc.chatspike.net Setup for slower chat and a place for main to live during the run, as irc.desertbus.org was shutdown during the run.
2016 20?? DB10 DB?? #desertbus irc.chat.twitch.tv Twitch chat re-architecture moved to new server set.
2016 20?? DB9+ DB?? #desertbus irc.dbcommunity.org Non-Offical community network setup post DB9 after desertbus.org server shutdown.

Poster(s) History
Start Year End Year DB Start Year DB End Year Artist Poster Type Notes
2007 2007 DB1 DB1 Zack Finfrock Crew Compilation First ever poster image drawn for DesertBus
2009 2009 DB3 DB3 EpoCALYPsE Run Events First poster containing only events that happened during the run
2009 2009 DB3 DB3 Lunsford Crew Compilation First poster drawn by Lunsford (who would later become the default DB poster artist)
2010 2011 DB4 DB5 Lunsford Crew Compilation / Run Events Start of the inclusion of run events, but maintaining static crew positions at the start of the run.
2011 2011 DB5 DB5 Zack Finfrock Sub-Event poster Comissioned by Steve Dengler, poster of the Dengler & Butts: They Fight Crime sub-event from the run.
2012 2014 DB6 DB8 Lunsford Crew Compilation / Run Events DB6-8 posters were pure run events but specific people were guarenteed a spot.
2015 20?? DB9 DB?? Lunsford Run Events DB9+ the posters were pure run events only with no one requried to be on the poster. [Source]
2016 2016 DB1 DB2 Lunsford Run Events Lunsford went back and made run-events posters for DB1 and DB2 for the DB10 10-pack of posters.
2016 2016 DB10 - Doc DB10 - Doc Lunsford Multi-Year Run Events Lunsford Lunsford created a multi-year event poster for the DB10 Documentary.
Due to production delays these would not be mailed out until 2017-10-19.
2021 2021 DB15 DB15 mangledPixel Sub-Event poster mangledPixel created the U.S.S. Tucson for Night Watch's running Star Trek theme for the year.
Which was the turned in to a purchaseable poster and playmat mid-run.

Relevant Website / Software History
Date Relevant DB Year Software / Website Description Relevant Link Notes
2010-04-15 DB4 GoogleDocs Google Docs Multi-user editing becomes avaliable https://drive.googleblog.com/2010/04/a-rebuilt-more-real-time-google.html This is the ability to have a collaborative spreadsheet.
??2013-11-30?? DB7+ GoogleDocs Bug Encountered by the DB7 VST team with the revision log Unknown, link / bug report could not be found Google Docs Revision log limit/bug raised past 1.7 million revision log entries.
This being fixed prevented the VST from having to create a new spreadsheet mid-run during DB8
2014-06-25 DB8 GoogleDrive / GoogleDocs Google Drive multi-user was added https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2014/06/dedicated-desktop-home-pages-for-google.html This allowed better organization of the VST spreadsheet archive
2014-08-06 DB8 Twitch Twitch adds overzeallous VOD muting https://blog.twitch.tv/important-changes-to-audio-in-vods-35939b33ee2a VOD muting (30 min per-detection) for an undisclosed list of "songs" meant the VST could no longer use Twitch's Highlighting system, and thus had to start using independent capture boxes.
DB9 Twitch Twitch implements a 48 hour stream broadcast limit. Unknown, link / "feature" add page not found yet. This limit just makes the streamer re-connect after 48 hours (really 47h 59m 50sec).
Implementation of this "feature" happened between 2015-08-30 and 2015-09-08.

This is almost assuredly in response to several Twitch Plays Pokemon VODs that were 193, 140, and 212 hours in length, and their VOD player messing up after a VOD is over 72 hours long.

(The final 212 hour VOD starting on 2015-08-30, and 48h only VODs starting on 2015-09-08)
2017-03-07 DB11 YouTube YouTube implements a secret 99 videos per-channel per-day limit. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/35919708 This prevented the VST from being able to finish uploading the DB11 run until Dec. 4 2017 (the run ended on Nov. 24)
2018-11-09 DB12 GoogleDocs GoogleDocs implemented a "feature" that prevented forumlas from running when 30+ people are in a spreadsheet. Unknown, link / "feature" add page not found yet. This broke the sheet transferring at the beginning of the run, all formulas were moved to transfer sheet to solve this.
2018-11-10 DB12 Twitch Twitch implemented a previously unknown 24 hour continous watch limit. Unknown, link / "feature" add page not found yet. This caused both wubloaders to miss Alex and Ash's entrance at nearly the same time since they both hit the limit within 30 seconds of each other.

An entirely new wubloader was written to combat this problem, with custom HLS capture.
2019-11-08 DB13 Twitch Twitch breaks 3rd party stream viewing clients. Github link for StreamLink on the issue. This caused multiple people's captures to fail, and caused a mad scramble with the VST capture to fix the problem before the nodes had to re-connect after the next stream drop as this happened ~3 hours in to the DB13 run.
2020-10-08 DB14 YouTube YouTube removed the "Auto-add to playlist" feature (among other things) because ease of use is for suckers. Archive.org link of Youtube documentation warning. This broke the Day # playlist auto-generation as well as auto-add in to the RDP playlist, the VST had to write their own playlist manager to compensate.
2021-08-16 DB15 Python Python 2.x's EOL started becoming a problem. Github link for VST Wubloader on the issue. Python 2's age & EOL meant things we use are no longer being tested for compatability which broke a lot of things, thus causing Ekim to port all the wubloader Python 2 code to Python 3, this took almost a month.