DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 1
Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:00 Milestone It Begins! ( In High Dengler Vision! ) [✓]
00:03 -- Other AKA DB3 in America is mentioned for the first time [✓]
00:07 -- Driver Shift Change James' starts his driver shift --
00:07 Milestone Bus Has Started!
00:17 Reading Graham explains Desert Bus
00:19 Other Hats on Paul's head
00:30 09:00 Drive/Giveaway James' Driver Giveaway - Will Wheaton D20 hat - Art Challenge - Rosco the Union Buster K. V1NN4 [✓]
00:36 Song LRR Sings "Always" By Erasure
00:41 Physical Alex and Graham Herp a Derp for as long as it takes for the room to become uncomfortable
00:46 Skit Teen Girl Squad!
00:50 Reading Dale does V's introductory speech from V for Vendetta
00:52 Enter/Exit Dale exit stage right, Enter Matt --
00:54 00:59 Reading Ramble inanely about a topic for at least 1 minute: Matt talks about his school. Master's In Digital Media
00:55 00:56 Other Rosco needs some cool glasses too, Tally Helps him out [✓]
01:00 Guest Daniel Davis - Boy who wished through the Make a Wish Foundation to be on Desert Bus 5
01:20 Drive/Giveaway $5 Donation Drive - Plants vs Zombies Amigurumi
01:21 Enter/Exit Exit Paul, Enter Morgan
01:24 Physical Elbow Lick Contest - Who can lick their own elbow? Tally wins, Pika comes in second.
01:28 01:28 Physical LeeLee Hugs the Internet [✓]
01:29 01:33 Guest Enter Dan from Extra Credits, queue mini-interview [✓]
01:35 -- $6 Secrets Kathleen reveals her last name isn't her original last name, her Dad picked the new one from a TV show. --
01:37 Song Ian kazoos the opening title to Batman: The Animated Series
01:41 Physical Everyone trade hats! - Only James and Kate are wearing hats -_- --
01:45 Reading Perform a dramatic reading of 50 Shades of Grey as Jonny from the LRR Jonny Videos
02:05 Auction Rainbow Dash Plush Sold to Dave for $2275.02 dave_random [✓]
02:21 Other Pika says "Meow." at the camera --
02:23 Song Awkward, embarrassed rendition of the Sailor Moon theme complete with appropriately colored props/hats.
02:29 Shoutout Graham says "UPSLynx: You're small time"
02:30 Other Everyone in the room use "airquotes" inappropriately for 15 minutes
02:32 Reading Perform a dramatic reading of Rick Astley's "Never Going to Give You Up" - Bonus points for interpretative dance
02:37 Physical Physical Challenge: CHANGE PLACES! - FAIL James never moved.
02:39 -- Other Graham goes to make his own "chocolate fountain"
02:39 Reading Kathleen narrates a Triple Town documentary on the nature of bears.
02:45 Physical Drive the bus for three minutes without hands. --
02:49 Physical Have seven people dance the can-can wearing different colored hats in rainbow order.
02:57 Song A Capella Dubsep
03:03 Drive/Giveaway Nerdist Giveaway - Five minute $13.37 donation challenge --
03:04 Song Sing the Nations of the World in a round
03:08 Enter/Exit Enter Jer --
03:15 Physical The floor is made of lava for five minutes while doing another challenge. --
03:15 Physical Kathleen, Tally, LeeLee and Kate have a pillow fight whilst Jer has a philosophical debate about ducks. --
03:22 Song Speak what Japanese you know. Beej and Ian sing the Mazinger Z theme song.
03:29 Skit Red vs Blue Quote from Grif --
03:31 Physical Do a headstand. Johnny does a handstand. --
03:31 Physical Rotate Rosco 90 degrees --
03:33 Dance Dance to the Katamari Damacy theme song. 6 minute long song is long.
03:39 Physical Everyone sit in someone's lap or have someone sit in your lap.
03:42 Skit Power Thirst Ads
03:46 Enter/Exit Exit Kathleen. Enter Ben --
03:47 Physical Ben does a legit handstand to make up for the failed one earlier. --
03:48 Physical Everyone dies as dramatically as possible at the same time. --
03:49 -- Poster Poster Update v0 - --
03:52 Dance Ian, Kate, Harry and James interpretative dance to Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy while Jer interprets
03:53 03:56 Other Kate gives Harry legs and it is Creepy [✓]
03:59 Physical Alex does Crabcore
04:02 04:10 Other Alex covered in silly props, holding a sword, looking as epic while the theme for Saber Rider plays. [✓]
04:11 Other James drives the bus while wearing the cursed dress. --
04:13 Other LeeLee does her best impression of Podi Puss
04:15 04:18 Dance Beej dances to Moscow [✓]
04:20 Other Everyone refer to Everyone else as James for 15 min --
04:21 Physical An epic slow-mo high-five, one dollar for each digit involved. --
04:25 Other Show a picture of this space-cat: Dr. Venkman --
04:26 Physical Make a human pyramid. (Without hurting yourselves.) Pika is on top ;-) --
04:32 Drive/Giveaway Book set donation drive - Haiku about your favorite James with bonus time on the James clock --
04:35 Prank The planting of a Club --
04:36 Physical Everyone tell your best worst joke.
04:40 04:46 Skit Sound Effects Improv [✓]
04:58 Enter/Exit Exit Matt and Cam --
05:00 Meltdown Internet crashed, stream brought back over tethered iPhones --
05:08 Game Event Bugsplat 1 --
05:10 Drive/Giveaway Signed Leroy Jenkins print and WoW Cataclysm Collector's Ed. Box --
05:17 Enter/Exit Exit Extra Credits Daniel and Carrie (wife of Dan) --
05:19 Physical Drive upside-down. --
05:21 Physical Hold your breath for as long as you can. Jer wins. --
05:25 Other Radio Silence Attempt 1 - Fail --
05:35 Other Socks-on-Hands James --
05:35 Enter/Exit Exit Jer --
05:37 Game Play spin the bottle. --
05:39 Game Play Duck, Duck, Goose --
05:42 Physical Trade glasses for 5 minutes --
05:43 Dance Neko Nyan Dance
05:56 Meltdown Internet's Back! Hooray for iPhone tethering! --
06:04 Song Graham does William Shatner
06:09 Other Normal View! --
06:10 Other Pika Makes it rain on James --
06:19 Other James drafts on MTGO while driving
06:27 Other Pika gets into Alex's pants O_o
06:30 Other James Drafts on MTGO, Plays DB and Judges Haikus all at the same time!
06:39 Skit Scientifically determine how much Hurp Alex can Derp
06:45 Enter/Exit Exit Photographer and Ashton
06:46 Physical Juggle 3 more more hats for at least 30 seconds.
06:47 Game Spelling B-E-E!
07:05 Drive/Giveaway Full Set of Shards of Alara in Japanese - $5.55
07:09 Other Henry appears on greenscreen, shocks crew
07:10 Prank Graham gets clubbed.
07:14 Enter/Exit Exit Graham and Johnny - Alex takes command, be afraid.
07:18 Song Sing the MLP Theme
07:23 Other James loses MTG in Round 2
07:24 07:25 Dance Pika & Greg dance to Ponponpon [✓]
07:26 Skit Only talk in questions --
07:28 Prank Alex gets clubbed. --
07:28 Song Sing Under the Sea
07:37 Other Derpline preview --
07:38 Game Play a game of twister without the mat. --
07:43 Other Everybody say their middle name --
07:44 Song Puff the Magic Dragon
07:49 Skit Scenes from a chat
07:50 Milestone One Desert Buck
07:58 Song Epic Rap Battles of History - Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood
08:03 Drive/Giveaway Full Set of Shards of Alara in Japanese - $5.55 Closed --
08:04 08:12 Auction Dr Who, Scarf Auction Sold to WIGTWA for $2,800.00 WIGTWA [✓]
08:09 Game Event First Point! by James --
08:14 Skit Derpline Episode 1
09:00 Physical Pika in a fort to raise money (it is very effective)
09:01 10:07 Drive/Giveaway SFW Disney Art Challenge for an Empire Hat Nickel [✓]
09:28 Other Radio Silence Attempt 2 - Success! 1:02 --
09:40 Meltdown Half of the world losses feed, restart initiated. Four minutes downtime. --
09:55 Other Everyone in the room wearing glasses makes puns --
10:15 11:03 Drive/Giveaway $9 challenge for Link, Zelda, gannondorf puppets and Banner Saga signed posters; James tells a story (puppets): DarkTan (posters): BadgerSprite & SomRune [✓]
10:22 Skit Fugi tells a story about Chinchillas, Pika and DammitLiz are the Chinchillas
10:27 -- Poster Poster Update v1 - --
10:30 Enter/Exit Bill's Mom! --
10:50 Enter/Exit Exit Pika --
11:02 Enter/Exit Exit Bill's Mom --
11:09 Dance Katheen Dances to Silence for your donations --
11:13 Milestone $30,000 Cheer! --
11:14 Dance Somebody other than Kathleen does Caramelldansen and Kathleen CAN'T dance - Fugi, Beej and Dammit Liz Dance --
11:24 Other Multichallenge!! 5 challenges, 10 minutes:
11:24 Other Everyone talk in accents chosen by the chat for 10 minutes.
11:26 Skit Lamest magic trick possible performed by Liz
11:27 Skit Remake one of the scenes from The Room done by Beej and Kathleen
11:27 Skit Cut a Desert Bus-themed wrestling promo done by Kathleen
11:28 Dance Finally, everyone does all the crabcore
11:31 Other James talks about the dangers of riding on top of the bus. --
11:35 Other Surge is introduced to "Going to the Store" Hilarity ensues, Surge may be partially broken. --
11:41 Dance Sing and dance to as many '80s and '90s cartoon theme songs as you can in a row.
11:52 Enter/Exit Enter Paul --
11:59 Dance Least sexy stip dance ever - Paul dances with Beej on bass while Kathleen puts clothes on Paul
12:05 Driver Shift Change Paul's driver shift starts, James goes to judge political cartoons. --
12:07 Drive/Giveaway Paul's giveaway item is introduced - Double Fine Limited Ed. Prints 2 and 3 of 4 --
12:08 Drive/Giveaway Game giveaway - PC version of The Darkness 2 - Poetry ode to Russell the Crow --
12:43 Enter/Exit Enter Takahata101 --
12:46 Song Paul sings Gypsy Rover
12:56 Other Say the most Canadian thing ever. --
13:00 Drive/Giveaway Winners of the Limerick Challenge --
13:06 Skit Devil Sketch by Rowan Atkinson as done by Beej
13:09 -- Game Event Bugsplat! #2 (2 in a row) --
13:19 Physical Taka Makes Beej Uncomfortable --
13:26 Song Paul Sings Arrogant Worms
13:29 Other Super-Effective! Ways of getting to Las Vegas instead of taking the bus
13:32 Guest Call-In: Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound) --
13:36 Meltdown Call in difficulties - Taka and Kathleen dance to fill time. --
13:40 Guest Call-In: Gavin Dunne (take 2)
13:42 -- $6 Secrets Gavin's $6 Secret: He failed Sound Enginnering in College --
13:48 Enter/Exit Enter LeeLee and Daniel --
14:04 14:17 Auction Plush Podipus from Name Game and a custom drawing by LeeLee - Pig Sweetened, Glass Sushi plate + 2 minutes of Dan saying anything in EC voice BadgerSprite [✓]
14:19 Enter/Exit Enter Graham --
14:30 Enter/Exit Enter Cam and Mia --
14:32 Song Taka sings Mah Na Mah Na while roaming about the room --
14:33 Physical Why is nothing balanced on Paul's head? - Spinning orange light is balanced on Paul's head --
14:34 -- Other Cam takes over the control char, Camunist Dictatorship begins --
14:39 Drive/Giveaway $13.37 - Halo Reach Legendary Edition signed by developers from Bungie --
14:45 Game Numberwang! --
14:49 Song Badger badger badger
14:57 Song Paul Sings Barrett's Privateers
15:08 Song Paul sings This is why I'm Paul
15:14 Song Sing One Direction in bad British accents
15:25 Other Crowdsourced Cat Naming --
15:33 Skit Monty Python Defense Against Fresh Fruit
15:46 Song Guile's Theme on Kazoo
15:48 Dance Dance to leekspin until you are sick of it.
15:51 15:53 Dance Kathleen Carmalldansen to Nyan Cat while wearing the Nyan Cat scarf [✓]
15:54 Other The driver should be treated like an old British Lord and the rest of the base are his servants
15:56 Physical Stack as tall of a stack of hats as possible on Graham
15:57 -- Poster Poster update v2 - --
16:02 Auction Real prop helmet from Snow White and the Huntsman and absolutely real and not at all fake beard sold to Trevin for $777.00 Trevin
16:10 Game Event Point! #2 (2 in a row) by Paul
16:19 16:28 Skit Cam acts as the leader of a Cam-munist Dictatorship [✓]
16:27 Drive/Giveaway Draw a propa-cam-da poster for Cam in 30 minutes --
16:29 Song Paul sings a lullaby that is not Gypsy Rover: Go to Sleep Little Leech - The Arrogant Worms
17:00 Guest Jim Sterling Call In
17:23 Meltdown High Denglervision Main Camera stops working --
17:25 Song History of the USSR set to Tetris Theme
17:27 Meltdown High Denglervision Main Camera comes back/Time broken --
17:33 Meltdown Time unbroken --
17:34 Song Opening theme to Bill Nye The Science Guy with props x2!
17:43 17:46 Dance Do an Irish jig while listening to Celtic music and looking as sad as possible [✓]
17:49 17:49 Dance Kathleen and Creepy Doll Dance to I Think You're Freaky [✓]
17:53 -- Enter/Exit Exit Cam, Enter Morgan --
17:55 Physical Freeze-frame: Everyone moves around and the driver says freeze and everyone must hold their pose.
17:57 Crash Paul crashes :( - Crash #1
18:00 Milestone Bus Has Restarted! --
18:01 Skit Graham is Stan, the salesman from Monkey Island
18:03 Other Do your best zombie impersonation.
18:04 Enter/Exit Enter Matt --
18:07 Skit Live Feed Dump with Matt, Kathleen, Kate and Graham. With no editing!
18:36 Drive/Giveaway $7.77 - DB 6 dice bag with lace felt Zelda pin, tin of googily eyes, piggy soaps, DB6 patch and piggy glass keychain. --
18:38 Song Paul sings Hero of Canton
18:45 Enter/Exit Enter Bill --
18:46 Other Listen to loud bagpipe music $5 per minute
18:55 Song Graham and Kathleen - Anything you can do I can do better
19:00 Other Spend 30 seconds talking about cats --
19:07 Other Spend 3 minutes in sepia old film grain mode with accompanying piano. Also top hats.
19:12 Guest 1/2 Extra Credits Interview
19:14 -- $6 Secrets Dan's $6 Secret: Dan wrote a novelization of FF7 that is over 800 pages --
19:14 -- $6 Secrets LeeLee's $6 Secret: Her last name translates to "hot iron" --
19:41 Dance Dance Party to Checkpoint Extended Remix
19:46 Enter/Exit Jer Enters --
19:48 Physical Put a man in a dress - Graham in a Dress
19:48 19:51 Other Looking into the void - Mirroring the video horizontally. [✓]
19:53 Other Shoutout to r/loadingreadyrun
19:57 Other Come up with a pro wrestling name, gimmick and move.
19:59 Enter/Exit Enter Pika --
20:00 Drive/Giveaway $6.62 - Useless box kit --
20:03 Auction Portal gun, portal polo shirt, portal turret plush auction. Sold for $3,600.00 to WarHamster_40k + Doublefine shirt, Mario poster, and bees DB6 dice bag. WarHamster_40k [✓]
20:24 Physical Graham puts on as many shirts as possible. 21 extra upper layers!
20:24 Meltdown Feed goes choppy --
20:30 Meltdown Feed restarting --
20:34 Meltdown Feed restored --
20:35 Milestone 2 DesertBucks --
20:36 Enter/Exit Andre enters --
20:42 Physical Graham does push ups while wearing too many layers - he did 5
20:50 Other Pika and Bill do a height compassion. Pika is still shorter even on a chair.
20:58 Song Chat-written "Donate Maybe"
21:00 Milestone $50000 GET! --
21:01 Guest Stepto Call-In
21:13 Meltdown Feed Gets Choppy Again --
21:18 Meltdown Feed is Down --
21:19 Meltdown Back up, still choppy
21:34 Meltdown Feed is down again --
21:38 Meltdown Feed is back. --
21:38 Auction Stepto's poor man's loot chest including Stepto's book, Portal Cookie Cutter and The Ban Mouse Sold to Sephis for $1780.00 Sephis
21:52 Drive/Giveaway $5 From the Vault: Legends --
22:00 Song Graham sings the Galaxy song from Monty Python's Meaning of Life
22:06 -- $6 Secrets Carrie (Dan's Wife) $6 Secret: Last night she walked in to a pole on the way back to the hotel. --
22:06 -- Poster Poster Update v3 - --
22:13 Song Tally sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow
22:24 Skit Graham, Paul and Kathleen do a puppet show about DB and writing Check Point
22:30 Enter/Exit Exit Jer, Enter James --
22:32 Other Taka talks like Alucard for 10 minutes (Ten challenges at once)
22:34 Reading Taka reads a part of a book (The Raven) as Alucard
22:37 Game Taka finds the kitty as Alucard - it was Matt
22:44 Song Taka sings a I'm Sexy and I Know It as Alucard and Napa with Graham
22:47 Other Taka talks like Nappa for 5 minutes
22:52 22:56 Song Taka as Nappa/Alucard and Ian as Skeletor sing Hungry Like the Wolf [✓]
22:58 -- Game Event Bugsplat! #3 (1 in a row) (estimated) --
22:58 Dance Safety Dance
23:04 Drive/Giveaway Paul challenge: A 50 word or < description of what happened when Paul allegedly crashed the bus that caused everyone to believe he had. --
23:08 Other Snuggie cultists worship Paul for five minutes.
23:12 Enter/Exit Exit Bill --
23:14 Drive/Giveaway $5 challenge: geek books and Dr. Who buttons and bookmark --
23:16 Game Play the game 1 to 20: Count to 20, only one person can say each number, no coordinating. Five tries. FAIL --
23:24 Song Sing the Dr. Who Theme
23:32 Skit Graham and James as the Rapidfire detectives using Wikipedia
23:40 Reading ??
23:42 Other James wears a fake mustache
23:43 Dance Graham and Taka do the Running Man, turns in to a QWOP-off
23:47 -- Drive/Giveaway Tally is very excited for the donation drive winners [✓]
23:50 Song Paul Sings All The Single Ladies