DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 3
Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00 Driver Shift Change Cam's shift ends, Ashton starts driving
48:00 Enter/Exit Exit Cam
48:10 Song La Resistance from South Park: The Movie
48:13 Physical Graham has a staring contest with Harry
48:16 Game Bring up pictures of the more recent Pokemon and see if anyone can guess their names.
48:24 Drive/Giveaway $7.77 challenge: various googly eyes, pig soap, DB6 dice bag, Child's Play golf balls, Zelda poster, backpack, etc ------
48:39 Song Brent sings Big Iron
48:50 Other Crew tells their best Magic: The Gathering moments
49:05 Song Graham sings I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
49:09 Other Crew says "Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve"
49:17 Drive/Giveaway Winners of the Dengler and Butts poster
49:22 Auction Plush baby dragon auction designed by Tally, sold to Ked for $1,850 Ked
49:23 Enter/Exit Enter Alex
49:33 Reading Kathleen gives a speech on why Jeremy Clarkson is better than James May. Hint - it's because he can sell an online paper
49:35 Dance Kathleen does an interpretive dance to Boards of Canada's Roygbiv with the kaleidoscope filter on
49:39 Skit Kathleen's Political Fact of the Week - Local Canada Edition!
49:44 Drive/Giveaway Kathleen and Kate investigate Ashton's driver giveaway - Two Companion Cube Pillows and Lavender beanbags
49:46 Skit Graham and Kathleen do a segment of tomorrow's Checkpoint with Kathleen doing a Kiwi accent and Graham doing a bad Canadian accent
49:51 Enter/Exit Exit Kathleen
49:57 Drive/Giveaway $4 - Desert Bus Ornament with Creepy Dolls or Narwhal T-Shirt and bracelet
50:00 Other Graham watches "Full Frontal Milo Kerrigan hosts the weather" without breaking - he makes it
50:00 Other Socks-on-hands Ashton
50:06 Enter/Exit Exit Cam
50:06 Other Going to the store... again! Trying not to laugh.
50:12 Reading Ashton says some cut-scene box text from The Temple of Elemental Evil in a South African accent
50:26 Other Ring toss?
50:40 Drive/Giveaway Ashton announces that his giveaway will be a $17.07 donation drive for one hour
50:43 Other The first use of the Going to the Store button.
50:58 Skit Recreate a boss battle from Shadow of the Colossus Pika vs The Couch
51:00 Enter/Exit Exit Ash
51:01 Other Pika vs Kate Frump-off - My Brand!
51:03 Physical Everyone ties something around their heads Solid Snake-style
51:06 Physical Human throne for Dengler
51:12 Physical Fugi sits in Ashton's Lap
51:15 Physical Group hug for the children!
51:17 Game Two-minute D&D campaign based on DB
51:20 Other Say "Hay Jason, SOC misses you..."
51:23 Skit Dead Alewives D&D skit
51:33 Skit Graham announces everyone (Ashton and Tally) in the room in his wrestling voice
51:34 Song Tally sings Still Alive from Portal
51:41 Skit Luke, I am your father scene with Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Actually is Dolan
51:44 Drive/Giveaway T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics Plushie for best picture of best friends
51:50 Song Do Oh Canada as a round/cannon
52:03 -- Game Event Bugsplat! (#6, 1 in a row) (estimated) --
52:12 Skit Is it playable? Is it not? Let's ask Jer and Alex! Things in the room.
52:17 Game How many of the original 151 Pokemon can Jer name in 2 minutes? He got 44.
52:23 Other The mayo is explained and fun with google translate via:
52:37 Skit Graham politely tells Ashton to use space jump
52:39 Skit Graham, then Alex then Pika as Colin the news reporter who tries to guess where he is from Whose Line
52:45 Enter/Exit Exit Fugi then Dengler after 4 minutes and Dengler's $6 secret
52:51 -- $6 Secrets Steve's $6 Secret: In Middle Manager of Justice they offered to include suggestions from him and his kids, his superman doodle he's been drawing since gradeschool got included. Name: Cosmic Crowbar --
53:01 Prank Greenscreen Jer's shirt without him knowing.
53:01 Song Jer sings Bizarre Love Triangle to James
53:05 Enter/Exit Exit Jer - James reveals he's been driving slowly on purpose
53:08 Other Johnny reads Kris's post from
53:09 Other Something Horrible went down and everyone stares at the camera disapprovingly
53:14 Reading Go the Bus to Sleep Read by Daddy Ashton
53:20 Dance Everyone does The Evolution of Dance
54:30 Drive/Giveaway $5 - Useless Box, Creepy Doll Bookmark, Pokeball Charm, Piggy Soaps, Piggy Charm AND Desert Bus Tale GannonMatt and Kathlink poster
54:32 Game 5 Minute scavenger hunt!
53:36 Song Hockey Night in Canada A Capella
53:37 Song Tale of Matt Wiggins with Graham and Ian lip sync
53:51 Physical Ashton drives wearing Graham's glasses for 5 minutes
53:52 Other Don't break for 40 seconds: When I'm Nigel Thronberry. Drop It! [✓]
53:57 Skit Ashton is Nigel Thronberry then everyone is Nigel Thornberry [✓]
54:00 Song Sing a Paul and Storm song - Thanksgiving\George Lucas
54:09 Other Pika with fro and tophat: Tiny Slash - Graham is backslash!
54:10 Other Kate blows a kiss for Eric
54:11 Other Kate says "Larkiness is a sexy man but my parents would kill me if I dated a white guy."
54:13 Other Another watch and don't break challenge The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi
54:13 Other Burma Shave everywhere!
54:17 Skit Two-minute conversation in Japanese with Ian and Pika and a little Graham
54:21 Song Oh Canada to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree
54:26 Dance Geddan into watching original Golden Eye Cartridge Tilting video without breaking
54:30 Other Laundry Day Don't break
54:34 Drive/Giveaway $7.77 - Nyan Cat Pack: Buttons, stickers, and t-shirts
54:39 Song Tally Sings Donate Maybe - Tally's Version
54:45 Other Room watches a group of do not break videos and gifs
54:52 Enter/Exit Enter Dale
54:55 Crash Ashton crashes the bus, and is forced to retire everything desertbus in shame pt/cr updated to 4:6 (Crash #6)
55:00 Skit Creepy doll, flames, Dale laughing like a mad man
55:04 Song Dale - sing The Rains Of Castamere from of Game of Thrones
55:09 Song Dale - sing You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch
55:13 Enter/Exit Exit Ian
55:18 Enter/Exit Exit Graham and Kate - There are now 0 Starks in the MoonBase
55:19 Reading Dale - Dramatic reading of the speech from the beginning of Fallout 1
55:25 Song Dale - Sing "Modern Major General" while trying to solve a Rubix Cube - he completes 1 & 1/2 cubes & completes the 2nd for posterity
55:35 Reading Dale - Reads a passage from Paris Hilton's autobiography
55:37 -- Poster Poster Update - v7 - --
55:44 Song Everyone - Its Business Time
55:55 Dance Dale - teaches everyone "The Hustle"
55:58 Song Everyone does "The Hustle" to "Can't Get Enough of Your Love"
56:05 Song Let's do the time warp!
56:10 Song Sing Yoda by Weird Al [✓]
56:16 Drive/Giveaway $7.10 for dolby 7.1 surround sound headset
56:20 Song Sing The Saga Begins by Werid Al
56:27 Song Stupid Human tricks & pushup contest
56:31 Song Showing of plus sing-along
56:44 Song Tally & Dale sing Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame
56:55 Song Pika sings My Freeze Ray from Doctor Horrible
56:59 Reading Dale - does a dramatic reading from 50 Shades of Grey
57:04 Auction Live Auction for Dark Vengeance warhammer set winner: Lazylantern for $3,000.00! (24 minute auction) Lazylantern [✓]
57:43 Drive/Giveaway Tetris Scarf Giveaway - 50 word story of "50 Shades of Tetris"
58:08 Drive/Giveaway $7.01 drive for MGS Fangamer Pack
58:12 Physical Yoga Pose for 90 seconds - Pika is balance master
58:17 -- Discussion Dale Tells a story about the Redshirts campaign he ran
58:22 Physical Dubstep Techno Dance party! ALL THE WUBS TILL 140k
58:30 Reading Dale reads the 50 shades of Tetris winner aloud
58:46 Story Bill's Mom Toast Cat Story
59:00 Song Pika sings Your Song by Elton John (Moulin Rouge version)
59:05 Drive/Giveaway $7 challenge for Signed Wasteland 2 Lithographs (2 winners) Raised: $945 BillTheCat && Ritech
59:14 Enter/Exit Exit Bill's Mom, Enter Kathleen
59:26 Other Paul and Kathleen give horrible advice to the chat
59:52 Physical Ashton does different positions from the Bussing Kama Sutra and everyone else names them then the chat suggests positions (Trahsi's Challenge)
59:58 -- Game Event Bugsplat! #7 (1 in a row) --
60:01 Song Sing Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man sung by Pika
60:08 Driver Shift Change Kathleen takes over driving
60:08 Enter/Exit Exit Ashton, Pika, and Coreyander
60:17 Drive/Giveaway Name Kathleen's Cocktail: Basil, Amber/White Rum, Peach Nectar, Ginger Ale for a Beartato plushy etc
60:22 Prank Everyone gets out of frame for one minute
60:31 Enter/Exit Enter Brent
60:44 Physical Paul balances the skull on his head
60:45 Physical Hats are put on James' body, but not his head
60:48 Drive/Giveaway Kathleen's Driver Giveaway: Nyan Cat Scarf
60:52 Song Everyone Sings Dumb Ways to Die
60:56 Enter/Exit Enter Ashley
61:02 61:38 Drive/Giveaway $5.55 - Zero Punctuation Girls and Boys packs
61:10 61:11 Dance Kathleen does the Technical Difficulties song and dance
61:10 -- Enter/Exit Enter Dengler
61:11 61:35 Guest Susan Arendt Call-in, ended by internet death
61:35 -- Enter/Exit Exit Dengler
61:37 61:46 Guest Susan Arendt Call-in, part 2
61:49 61:49 Dance Going to the store interpretive dance
61:53 61:55 Other Feed restart!
61:55 -- Other Feed Back up, MIRRORED! With video lag :( --
61:58 61:58 Physical Liz kicks James' butt
62:02 -- Other Feed becomes unmirrored --
62:20 62:24 Game Find as many actual bus-related items in the moonbase
62:25 62:27 Dance Play Carmelldansen, Kathleen can't dance
62:27 62:30 Dance Pelvic thrusting to dubstep
62:41 62:43 Dance Kathleen dances to some kind of bassy electronic music
62:44 62:48 Dance Take On Me with the take on me filter on
62:51 62:54 Song David Bowie - Let's Dance
62:55 62:58 Song Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
63:00 63:02 Other TMNT dolls live auction showing --
63:01 -- Game Event Kathleen gets 1 point! (Point #5, 1 in a row) --
63:03 63:15 Auction TMNT dolls live auction, Winner: Omega_Lairon for $1650 Omega_Lairon [✓]
63:09 -- Enter/Exit Enter Cam --
63:17 64:19 Drive/Giveaway Dark Ascension full pack foil giveaway 6.58, Winner: Anubis169! Anubis169 --
63:28 -- Enter/Exit Enter Graham and Kate --
63:48 63:49 Guest Kris Staub as a guest in the Moonbase --
63:56 -- Other Shoutout to the sick Amanda Peters --
64:01 64:04 Enter/Exit Enter Inigo Montoya, Delivery Man
64:06 64:16 Meltdown Swapping out the media encoder, stream offline --
64:16 -- Meltdown Feed is back; Kris Staub is driving in an empty moonbase and losing his mind... [✓]
64:21 64:55 Dance Infinite Carmeldansen (Kathleen dances for 30 minutes!)
64:52 -- Milestone $155K --
64:58 -- Enter/Exit Enter Ash and dog Buster [✓]
65:07 65:31 Drive/Giveaway Art Challenge: Motivational Kronfidence-Inspiring Poster for Creepy Doll pack --
65:11 -- Enter/Exit Enter Jer --
65:15 -- Physical Jer tries his frump face.... It's not very effective
65:18 -- Enter/Exit Enter Ashton --
65:20 68:00 Drive/Giveaway $1K Donation Challenge Take Kris to the Gay Bar, for each additional $1K, another person will take Kris --
65:26 65:28 Other Name the two pet clownfish - Bub and Bob --
65:28 65:40 Skit Kathleen is Judge Judy and must rule on an imaginary dispute among the other crew: Kris stole Graham's special water. Kris wins, etc.
65:43 65:46 Physical Kathleen drives the bus for 5 minutes in a hipster kid pose done by Bren's (Brin's?) kid. --
65:51 65:56 Song Tom Leher - The Elements with backstory from Graham. Interrupted by a phone call
66:03 66:07 Skit Graham and Ian have an air guitar battle to War Photographer
66:04 -- Enter/Exit Enter Fugiman --
66:08 -- Enter/Exit Enter Tally --
66:11 66:18 Dance Dance like possessed ninjas to as many '80s and '90s songs as you can in a row. Jer sings Turtle Power.
66:19 67:02 Drive/Giveaway $6 - Arcade Poster, Stickers and Bookmark, or Dr. Who Buttons, Brooch and Bookmark --
66:25 66:28 Other COMBO CHALLENGES! Play the Weeping Angles game while listening to Safety Dance and having T-Rex arms.
66:28 66:59 Guest Bill Amend Call-in [✓]
66:44 66:58 Auction Auction: Foxtrot signed copy of Desert Bus original strip & signed book. Sold to Snowfire for $2,012 Snowfire
67:04 67:05 Song All the faces on drivercam, Safety Dance plays in the background --
67:06 -- Enter/Exit Exit Paul --
67:16 -- Other "Mr. President get down!", again. --
67:19 67:24 Skit Graham and Kris do a "Whose Line is it?" TV show sketch pitch
67:25 67:35 Game The Dating Game from Whose Line [✓]
67:36 68:39 Drive/Giveaway Signed Homestuck Vol. 1 Giveaway --
67:38 -- Poster Poster update - v8 - --
67:47 -- Enter/Exit Exit Ash and Buster --
67:48 -- Milestone $160k Get! --
67:48 -- $6 Secrets Buster (Ash's dog) $6 secret: He likes to steal money, but won't destroy it. --
67:48 -- $6 Secrets Ash's $6 secret: She tells the total number of Tattoos she has --
67:51 67:56 Other Desert Bus: Crime/Fire Stoppers Edition!
67:56 67:58 Other Name the 1993 Red Toyota Carolla: Carship Enterprise --
68:03 -- Game Event Bugsplat! #8 (2 in a row) --
68:09 68:11 Song Kathleen and Tally take Kris to the "Gay" Bar
68:16 -- Enter/Exit Exit Jer --
68:20 68:35 Auction Penny Arcade Awesome Lot: CPC Shirt, Books, Posters, FF, Guild Patch, Stickers and Original Table Art. Sold to DeathOfRats for $2,222.22 DeathOfRats --
68:32 -- Enter/Exit Enter Ash and Fugi --
68:40 -- Enter/Exit Enter Morgan and Josh (Morgan's Broseph, literally) --
68:42 69:01 Physical Josh makes Morgan eat a pizza made of marmite, buttered clams, pickled mustard greens, pickled turnips, habanero peppers, octopus, soy cheese, "Delicious Vegetables", and a strawberry. [✓]
68:50 69:01 Physical Kris gets in on the pizza love --
69:06 -- Enter/Exit Enter Beej and Kara --
69:09 69:27 Guest Wil Wheaton Call In
69:28 69:36 Auction Auction: Ready Player One and books written by Wil Wheaton. Sold to Omega_Lairon for $2,101 Omega_Lairon [✓]
69:39 70:16 Drive/Giveaway $10 - Big Bag o' Dice and special metal dice Won by Reed Bernhardt Reed Bernhardt --
69:46 -- Milestone ONE MILLION LIFETIME GET! (43.85 DesertBucks, 1000 Denglemarks, 400 Bothans)
69:46 69:54 Dance Oppa Gangnam Style!
69:54 -- Enter/Exit Enter Pika
69:54 69:55 Other Balloons are popped whilst going to the store
70:00 71:20 Other Card Kingdom Sponsored This Hour Hour - Every one who donates during the hour will be entered into a $100 gift card drawing --
70:17 -- Milestone 180K Get! --
70:22 70:26 Skit Kris discusses why Skeletor's behavior is socially inappropriate. Skeletor defends his position. GREATEST THING. EVER.
70:26 70:33 Auction Card Kingdom Custom Playmat Live Auction. Sold to AwesomeJesus for $1,500. AwesomeJesus --
70:33 -- Other The donator named PAO was the person who donated $40 and pushed them over $1million lifetime [✓]
70:36 71:50 Drive/Giveaway Art Challenge: Skeletor and his bony pony winner: Chip Nixon Chip Nixon --
70:48 70:53 Other Cam and Kathleen talk about Magic: The Gathering for Kathleen's Political Fact --
70:53 70:54 Physical Ian and Beej trust game --
71:02 72:07 Skit East West College Bowl sketch from Key and Peele
71:03 -- Game Event Point! Kathleen gets a point (Point #6, 2 in a row) --
71:08 71:09 Other Camera Glitch / Geddan
71:20 71:21 Other Kris get introduced to seizure chicken. & The true seizure chicken via QWOPcam --
71:25 71:27 Other Graham watches Camera Glitch / Geddan video and reacts --
71:27 -- Enter/Exit Exit James and Ashely --
71:32 Drive/Giveaway $5.02 - Kathleen's Scarf Giveaway --
71:41 -- Milestone 185K! --
71:44 -- Enter/Exit Enter suprise Andy! via QWOPcam, he is here for the DURATION --
71:59 72:01 Song Kris leads I'm a Lumberjack with Ian on bass & Beej on guitar