DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 1

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Auction Winner
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00:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan begins--
00:2400:26MilestoneThe camera feed finally comes up, They're 24min late this year
00:24--TechnicalThe chat is on a giant TV, and it is FLYING--
00:24--OtherKathleen lets the first swear of DB slip--
00:2500:26Roll CallGraham goes through who everyone in the room is: James, Tim, Kathleen, Tally, Bill, Ben, Jeremy, Woody, Ruth, Ray, Morgan, Cassandra, Jay, Alex, Matt--
00:26--Milestone1,000 viewers!--
00:26--Technical^ Showing off the new camera angle--
00:2600:28TechnicalGraham shows off some of the technology in use this year (thanks to Alex)--
00:2800:28TechnicalThey started late because Shaw was late on installing the fast (donated) Cable modem for the run--
00:2800:34DiscussionTalking about Operation Kill James
00:29--Milestone^ $8700.00 (4 hours for $1300 more for James to having to drive 12 hours)--
00:29--Other^ James has already been up for 14 hours--
00:30--Technical^ Graham needs a wired keyboard, too much interferance--
00:3100:33Technical^ Naming the bus after Sakimori (Sakimori) for their big donation--
00:32--Technical^ Showing off one of the horrible camera filters Alex added--
00:33--Other^ Bill says since they named the bus after a donator they won't crash --
00:34--Dance^ Random Alex and Kathleen dancing for correct driver name entry--
00:34--Driver Shift Change^ James finially starts driving--
00:34--Milestone^ Operation Kill James begins - The first transport is away!--
00:3400:36StoryEvil_Jim was supposed to be there, but donation challenge instead!
00:35--Discussion^ Whatever the highest point total they have in DB Evil_Jim will donate $100 per point!--
00:36--Milestone680 people in chat--
00:3600:39PSAWho are they and what is this!?--
00:38--PSA^ What is Child's Play as well?--
00:3900:42PSADr. Matt has something to say: New Moon challenge! [✓]
00:40--Discussion^ When $22,805.00 broken, Matt goes to see New Moon--
00:40--Discussion^ When $70,423.79 broken, Matt goes to see New Moon, again--
00:41--Discussion^ When $100,000.00 broken, Matt goes to see New Moon as many times as possible in a single day--
00:42--Milestone^ They have as many viewers NOW, as they did at their PEAK last year! 1,100 people!--
00:4200:46PSAJames & Kathleen say: Start using twitter, they want to be trending on twitter this year!--
00:43--Plug^ Kathleen plugs some stuff they are going to give to random twitter users--
00:46--Milestone$700 away from Operation Kill James! ( $9,300.00 ) --
00:46--Other^ It's OVER 9000!--
00:46--PSADigg is still important, even though twitter feels more improtant--
00:4700:48PSAGoing over who is driving this year --
00:48--TechnicalLocal recording cuts off--
01:0804:02Physicalv Socks-on-Hands James is driving[✓]--
01:0801:13Dance$100 for more Kathleen dancing[✓]
01:0801:10Discussion^ Dear Dr. Time: Questions from chat, while Kathleen dances--
01:10--Milestone^ $10,000!!!! (Operation Kill James is a GO!)--
01:10--Technical^ Cool graphics on the overlay for 10K--
01:12--Shoutout^ Kathleen thanks Kroze and TomBrend for moderating the chat--
01:1301:13DiscussionMaybe slow down on the challenges a bit--
01:1801:20SkitMatt and Bill do Bilbo's speech from Lord of the Rings
01:2401:27StoryMorgan tells the story of his 11 Billion tattoo and his other tattoo (and shows them off) [cutoff]
01:27--TechnicalFeed crashes (and Morgan's story gets cutoff)--
01:4801:50StoryMatt's Favorite Twilight Scene[✓]
01:5602:00SongJer and Tally (and the room) sing Steacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne
02:1602:18SongThe room sings Everyone's a Hero from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
02:4102:44SongAlex and Graham (and the room) sing A Whole New World from AladdinKingKool[✓]
02:5002:51Physicalv Things on my head - Wig (pt 1)[✓]--
02:5502:57Physicalv Things on my head - Wig (pt 2)[✓]--
02:5002:57PhysicalThings on my head - Wig (merged)[✓]
03:1103:14ReadingPaul tells the story of Magicland - Princess and the Pea[✓]
03:1603:18SkitMorgan tries to get James to use SPACE JUMP!!![✓]
03:4003:43SongThe room sings King of Spain by Moxy Früvous
03:5203:55SkitKathleen sexually describes how to use the Wii-mote
03:52--Technical^ Kathleen shows off the functions that Alex made for the Wii-mote --
03:58--OtherPre-song hype, we rip shows down!--
03:5904:02SongI'm On A BUS! (Woody re-wrote I'm on a Boat)[✓]
04:02--PhysicalJames stops being sock-on-hands James--
04:1404:16ReadingPaul recites Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
04:1704:20ReadingGraham (as William Shatner) does Star Trek Hamlet[✓]
04:2804:30SongJer sings the Pokémon theme while Bill dances embarrassingly[✓]
05:34--Game EventBugsplat! #1 (1 in a row)--
06:1906:21DiscussionDIscussing Kolas, Turtle Power Rap, & What the saddest thing on the world is--
06:2206:23SongThe room sings the Turtle Power Rap (false start, wrong video)--
06:2306:28SongThe room sings the Turtle Power Rap
06:3106:35SongMorgan and Woody sing Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye[✓]
06:34--Enter/ExitEnter Chris--
06:4506:46SongThe room sings Hero of Canton from Firefly
08:2408:27SongJer and the room do Green Eggs and Ham by Weird Al
08:35--Game EventPoint! #1 by James (1 in a row)--
08:35--MilestoneFirst time a driver has gotten a point by themselves!--
08:4108:46SongThe room sings Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
09:0509:07DiscussionTalking about Canadian youtube videos--
09:0709:11SongEveryone sings The Last Saskatchewan Pirate by Arrogant Worms
10:1210:16SongMorgan sings Trapped in the Closet Chapter 5 by R. Kelly
12:00--MilestoneOperation Kill James Ends (Success! no crashes)--
12:00--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan starts driving his first shift--
13:36--Game EventBugsplat! #2 by Morgan (2 in a row)--
16:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill starts driving for his first shift (estimation, no chat logs currently)--
16:36--Game EventPoint! #2 (2 in a row) by ??? (probably Bill) (determined by math)--
17:4517:49SongGraham, Woody, Metcarfre, and Tim perform YMCA by The Village People[✓]
17:5317:59SkitWoody tells us How to Win a Fight Against 20 Children
18:0018:45Drive/GiveawayArt challenge for: Antec EZ Media Center - Create Haiku's of DB/Price is RightOmnitarian--
18:1721:20GuestKristin Lindsey from Child's Play is there in person (end time guessed) --
18:17--PlugSend your Haiku's in for the Antec EZ Media Center art challenge!--
18:1818:19SkitEveryone does the DB Themed opening to The Muppet Show
18:2018:20PSAHow are donations for Bets/Challenges verified?--
18:2118:23DiscussionIt's possible Matt will have to go see New Moon... TODAY! Won't go with Eyeliner on (even for $500)--
18:21--Discussion^ Jer and Alex said they would cosplay and go see New Moon for $500, and Morgan will come along. dressed up as well for an extra $250--
18:2318:25DiscussionWhat happened to the 3 PS3s? (From the 3PS3s LRR video)--
18:26--PlugHaiku submission is over! no more Haiku's--
18:2618:28DiscussionJer and Tally argue about how little she accepted for Jer to drive in a dress ($50)--
18:28--Discussion^ Mom and dad are passive agressively fighting again--
18:2818:30DiscussionWoody wants to drink and drive the bus! (and telling Woody how the game works)--
18:4218:45ReadingKathleen and Kristin Lindsey read the Haiku challenge results (Winner gets Antec EZ media center)
18:4618:48SkitWoody proposes to the internet
18:4918:50SkitGraham reads A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe as Three Dog from Fallout
18:5318:54SongThe room sings the Duck Tales theme song
18:5418:55DiscussionTalking about How Scrooge used to swim in the money, other Duck Tales intros in other languages, Scrooge caused the recession--
19:0020:01OtherKristin Lindsey drives the bus (start time guessed)--
19:0319:04SongGraham and Metcarfre perform Amazing Grace to the Gilligan's Island theme
19:0419:05DiscussionDiscussing the "and the rest" part of the Gilligan's Island theme, and other songs to sing to that theme--
19:0519:07MusicListening to Stairway to Gilligan's Island (not complete)--
19:0519;07SongGraham sings Stairway to Gilligan's Island (Graham gets bored and stops)--
19:07--PSAKathleen wants DesertBus to be trending on twitter!--
19:1019:13SongThe room sings Build Me Up Buttercut by The Foundations
19:1319:14DiscussionKathleen just mouthed the words and is a horrible singer, Graham likes chat being the backup singers--
19:2419:25SkitGraham and Tim have a slow-mo-action fight in the Spaced style
19:4319:44SongJer sings the Firefly theme song
19:44--OtherInforming Greg that Jer did the Weird Al version of Green Eggs and Ham from 1991--
19:5219:55SkitGraham and Woody perform The Argument Sketch from Monty Python
20:0020:01DiscussionYou are NOT ready for Jer in a dress, maybe donate MORE to not see this....--
20:01--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts driving in a dress--
20:0120:35PhysicalJer in a dress for 30min (for $50) [End time, best guess]--
20:0120:07OtherJer in a dress shinanagians [✓]
20:02--Technical^ Chat DEMANDS a closeup, the room reacts (Graham switches to camera 3)--
20:04--Other^ Jer is NOT freeballing--
20:05--Other^ Graham just got a text from James: Operation Kill James recovery update--
20:05--Discussion^ Discussing other drive time bad ideas--
20:06--Discussion^ Chat wants Jer's legs waxed--
20:06--Discussion^ Dear Dr. Jer: WHERE is Rosco P. Jangles IV PHD?--
20:2320:24SongTally sings Still Alive from Portal (failure, can't do it to the instrumental version)--
20:2620:29SongTally sings Still Alive from Portal with help from the room
20:3220:34SongThe room sings The Lumberjack Song from Monty Python
20:4920:52SongGraham and Jer sing White & Nerdy by Weird Al
20:50--Other^ Johnny takes pictures / video of the performance--
20:52--Discussion^ This is why Kathleen finds Graham so delightful (because he's White & Nerdy)--
20:52--DiscussionRaping and driving is difficult--
20:5320:54DiscussionWhat accent should Jer do?--
20:53--DiscussionWhat transformer would Desert Bus be?--
20:5721:00Otherecocd proposes to his girlfriend (HB) on the overlay (not shown on the local recording)
21:0021:01DiscussionThat was NOT anyone in the room getting married--
21:1021:11ReadingKristin and Johnny perform "I Hope You Like Text" from Penny-Arcade
21:1421:17DanceThe room does Caramelldansen for the first time... IT BEGINS
21:2321:25SkitDrunkter Who hums the Dr Who theme (Graham doing a drunk British accent)
21:25--OtherSetting up for Girlfriend in a Coma by The Smiths--
21:27SongGraham, Kathleen, and Jer sing Girlfriend in a Coma by The Smiths
21:36--Game EventBugsplat! #3 (3 in a row) by Jer (determined via chatlogs + math)--
21:5121:52DiscussionDiscussing the song Greg wrote...--
21:52--Milestone^ Fail count currently at 11, here comes 12!--
21:52--Milestone^ $20,000!!! (for real!)--
21:52--Enter/Exit^ Enter James--
21:5321:54SongWoody and Greg perform Desert Blues (written by Greg)
21:55--DiscussionThey need to write LIKE A BUS (the song)--
21:55--FoodFeed the Jer! (Jer forgot to eat lunch)--
22:0522:07DiscussionPaul has to read a section of Twilight and how much Tally HATES this book--
22:0722:13StoryPaul reads a part from Chapter 13 of Twilight selected by Kelly
22:1322:14DiscussionDiscussion about just HOW BAD what Paul read was--
22:1522:17ReadingAlex does a dramatic reading of Knee Deep in Dead issue 1 [DOOM comic]
22:4822:52ReadingMatt does a dramatic reading of Love Game by Lady Gaga
22:52--Enter/ExitEnter James, Ashley, and Bill--
22:5222:53DiscussionDiscussing the merits of that "Song"--
23:1823:22SongJer and Paul sing I am the Walrus by The Beatles
23:1923:22PhotosJames is on camera taking photos of the set and the people there--
23:59--MilestoneDB3 Day 1 ends--