DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan - Day 2 starts--
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeWoody (and others) stand in for James' 2nd shift because James is still dead--
24:0224:24Call InYahtzee call in[✓]
24:0524:09Auction^ Live Auction for: A signed Imp plushy from Yahtzee - Sold for: $280Snowfire--
24:1024:18Discussion^ Q&A session with Yahtzee--
24:1824:23Auction^ Live Auction for: A second signed Imp plushy from Yahtzee - Sold for: $400TwelveBaud--
24:21--Meltdown^ This is MADNESS (Graham at the $325 bid)--
24:2324:24Discussion^ Wrapping up the call and Wed's ep is Modern Warfare 2--
24:24--Enter/ExitEnter Matt with PUPPY Buster--
24:24GuestBUSTER!!! - Puppy Cam activate
24:2924:30GuestWoody drives with Puppy Buster
24:2924:30Discussion^ Who's going to New Moon and when (scheduling problems / miscommunication, goth makeup "tomorrow") --
24:37--Game EventPoint! #3 (3 in a row) by Woody (Determined via chat logs)--
24:4424:28ReadingGraham reads "Sonic halps fite eggmen" by Kasper A. Vestergaard
25:0325:05SongGraham and Tally sing I Am Cow by Arrogant Worms
25:2025:20Other9 seconds of nothing (false start on the local recording)--
25:2125:24SongWoody sings Super Rad! by The Aquabats
25:50ReadingGraham (as Sean Connery) reads One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss
26:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts driving for the remainder of his shift--
26:0526:09SongWoody sings Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi with Sean on guitar
26:4026:43SongThe room sings Particle Man by They Might Be Giants
26:43--DiscussionKathleen's blowing up on twitter, because New Moon is so BAD--
26:4426:45SongGraham, and Jer sing Snake Eater (failure, wrong song)--
26:4526:49SongGraham and Jer sing Snake Eater by Cynthia Harrell with Woody as the Bond Girl
26:5126:53ReadingWoody reads Letters From Dagobah - Told You So I Did
26:5526:58SongThe room does The Time Warp from Rockey Horror Picture Show (failure, turns out Graham is the only one who knows SOME of the words)--
26:58--Enter/ExitEnter Adam with Coffee for people!--
26:5827:03SongThe room does The Time Warp (again) from Rockey Horror Picture Show
27:00--Enter/ExitEnter Kim, Chris, and Johnny with food--
27:1927:22SongGraham and Woody perform LIKE A BUS (Like a Boss by The Lonely Island re-written by Woody)
27:30--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen, who will be back as soon as she sobers up (chat is a bunch of jerks)--
27:3027:45PhysicalThe shaving of Johnny's beard
27:32--Photos^ Taking a before picture to have of Pre-shave Johnny--
27:35--Photos^ Progress shot #1: Large Chops & Goatee--
27:36--Photos^ Progress shot #2: Cival War Train Conductor / reverse Chaplin--
27:38--Photos^ Progress shot #3: Biforcated Goatee / racing stripe--
27:39--Photos^ Progress shot #4: The Trailer Park Boys / the HORNS--
27:40--Photos^ Progress shot #5: The 'stash is gone! / The competing chops / horns --
27:41--Discussion^ Johnny's wife does not approve--
27:42--Photos^ Progress shot #6: The chops are gone, only the HORNS remain--
27:45--Photos^ Progress shot #7: The beard is GONE--
28:08--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan's 2nd driving shift starts--
28:0828:08PhysicalMorgan has to chug his beer, no drinking and driving!
28:0828:13DiscussionDiscussing what kinda haircut morgan is getting.
28:10--Burn!^ $200 IN THE ROOM for reverse mohawk (gets changed to 2 mohawks)--
28:1328:30PhysicalThe creation of Morgan's double mohawks
28:1528:16Photos^ Photographing the reverse mohawk so Morgan can see it--
28:17--Other^ Morgan gets up so the chat can see the reverse mohawk--
28:18--Enter/Exit^ Exit James, bathroom break required--
28:1928:20Story^ Johnny's cousin went to school with a guy who changed his name to: Captian Hook, Pokemobile, Maclarin--
28:2028:21Discussion^ Random discussion waiting for James to get back--
28:21--Other^ The shaving RESUMES--
28:2228:23Photos^ Johnny and Graham take more pictures so Morgan can see--
28:24--Photos^ Graham takes more photos so Morgan can see the progress--
28:26--Photos^ Johnny takes some more progress photos so Morgan can see--
28:28--Other^ James finishes cutting, Graham runs off to get some hair gel--
28:29--Physical^ Morgan gives chat a full 360 spin so they can see it from all sides--
28:29--Enter/Exit^ Exit Morgan to go outside and shake his shirt out--
28:2928:30PhysicalCleanup of Morgan's scattered hair begins.--
28:3128:32DiscussionDiscussing previous (DB) game point totals--
28:3128:35PhysicalJames puts the hair gel in Morgan's mohawks
28:33--Photos^ Johnny comes in to take more progress photos--
28:3428:35Discussion^ This haircut cost $400, and Matt wouldn't put on eyeliner for $500--
28:34--Photos^ Johnny takes more progress photos--
29:38--Game EventBugsplat! #4 (4 in a row) by ??? (probably Morgan) (estimated, no chat logs or video currently exist)--
32:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill's 2nd driving shift starts (Estimated, no chat logs or video currently exist)--
32:39--Game EventPoint! #4 (4 in a row) by Bill (Determined via chat logs)--
36:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer's 2nd driving shift starts (Determined via chat logs)--
37:2237:26SongAndre sings Hardware Store by Weird Al
37:2937:30SongPaul sings The Bare Necessities by Tony Bennett
37:3137:33SongPaul leads the room in I am Cow by Arrogant Worms
37:40--Game EventBugsplat! #5 (5 in a row) by Jer (Determined via chat logs)--
38:1238:15SongJer and Tally sing My Eyes from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
38:2738:28SongAndre sings Row Row Fight the Power from Gurren Laggann (failure, wrong song, can't find the right one)--
39:1539:26SongThe room sings Mariner's Revenge by The Decemberists
40:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames' 2nd driving shift starts (actually 3rd but he missed his real 2nd shift) (determined via chat logs)--
40:40--Game EventPoint! #5 (5 in a row) by ??? (probably James) (Determined via twitter post and time estimation, no confident driver)--
41:2241:12SkitKathleen does David Caruso (CSI Miami) Desert Bus edition
41:4941:54SongThe room sings Space Oddity by David Bowie (DB Edition)
42:21--OtherWoody is driving for some reason--
42:2142:23SongThe room sings America (BUS) Yeah!
43:2243:24DanceMatt and Morgan do a 1/3 speed Hare Hare Yukai dance
43:2443:25DiscussionThe full speed one is too skippy because of the recording and thus is lost forever.--
43:4043:42SkitMorgan and Matt do EXTREME Rock Paper Scissors
43:4443:48SongThe room sings I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness
43:5043:51SongThe room sings the Darkwing Duck theme song (failure, wrong song)--
43:5143:52SongThe room sings the Darkwing Duck theme song
44:00--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan's 3rd driving shift starts (Estimated, no chat logs or video currently exist)--
44:1344:17SongGraham and Kathleen sing Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six (blocked world-wide, cannot upload)--
44:13--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
45:41--Game EventBugsplat! #6 (6 in a row) by ??? (probably Morgan) (estimated, no chat logs or video currently exist)--
46:2546:34ReadingPaul reads Chapters 4-6 from My Immortal
46:2846:34Physical^ $100 For people to start acting out the story as well (except for the sex bits)TPRJones--
46:4146:48SongTim leads the room in singing I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf
46:5346:58SongThe room sings S Club Party by S Club 7
47:2347:27SongThe room sings I Am Not American by Arrogant Worms
47:3647:38SongThe room sings Cooking by the Book by Lazy Town
47:59--MilestoneDB3 - Day 2 ends--