DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 5

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
96:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan - Day 5 starts--
96:01--Driver Shift ChangeBill starts his 6th driving shift (Determined via chat logs, remaining video)--
96:22--PhysicalKathleen is balancing Rosco on her head--
96:2296:31AuctionLive auction for: Little Kuriboh to say anything you want (no matter how filthy) - Won for: $800Octopimp
96:27--Burn!^ "Don't money block the children, Kathleen!"--
96:4096:43DanceThe room sings and dances to The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
96:4596:49SongThe room sings The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon
96:50--Game EventPoint! #12 (12 in a row!) by Bill (Determined via chat logs)--
97:1197:14SongThe room sings Down Under by Men at Work
97:2697:29SongKathleen and Gibb perform The Internet is for Porn
97:2997:30PhysicalSkritches for Gibb!--
97:30--Milestone$74 untill they have hour 126 unlocked ($71,899)--
97:3097:31DiscussionRandom discussion with chat--
97:3597:36PlugShowing off 2 pieces of LRR fanart by MadMadamMimm--
97:3697:41AuctionLive auction for: pop-art Graham & Paul painting by MadMadamMimm - Won for: $350Snowfire
97:4197:45AuctionLive auction for: pop-art Kate WCMLG painting by MadMadamMimm - Won for: $280Dave1400
97:4597:48AuctionLive auction for: custom pop-art painting of your choice by MadMadamMimm - Won for: $310unobtainable-1
98:3899:14GuestKen "Value Added" Steacy Power Hour(s) #2!
98:3899:02M-M-Multi Challenge!Showing off ALL THE THINGS Ken has brought with him this time--
98:3898:40Discussion^ Turns out Ken REALLY knows what he's doing, and he had a "Value Added" Wikipedia page now--
98:4098:42Discussion^ Ken explains how to dress for success (Converse shoes)--
98:4298:44Discussion^ Dr. Value Added Ken, what is the lamest thing you have ever done? (Jell-O Man and Wobbly)--
98:42--Burn!^ Alex is the lamest thing Ken has created....--
98:4398:44Plug^ Showing off the Jell-O Man and Wobbly lot (Comic & Cup)--
98:4498:48Discussion^ Dr. Value Added Ken, did you ever work in the video game industry? (Sanctuary Woods, Victor Vector & Yando)--
98:4598:48Plug^ Showing off the Victor Vector & Yando prize pack (Macintosh '92 show ed, game, T-Shirt, Button, (3 of 3) Comics, Poster, 1 page Orig Artwork from vol 2, Orig illustration from the game)--
98:4898:50Plug^ Doom Partol Book 5: Magic Bus + Orig artwork Page--
98:49--Other^ Chat: Dr. Ken has single handedly saved the textile industry--
98:50--Discussion^ What does Ken's house LOOK like, where is all this stuff coming from?!--
98:5098:52Plug^ Orig box art for: X-Men: GamesMaster's Legacy (Game Gear) game box & orig sketch artwork--
98:51--Discussion^ Morgan HAD that game and found a glitch where if you activate and de-activate your mutant powers at the same time, they become permently on! (for anyone with activateable abilities)--
98:5298:55Plug^ Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card Set, Art of Star Wars Galaxy book, and Limited edition print, postcard, Mirrored Postcard, and POG![✓]
98:52--Burn!^ Alex: You look like Darth Helmet!--
98:54--Other^ #desert-bus-drivercam.2009-11-24.log: [20:53] <+Octopimp> THAT. IS. MINE.--
98:5598:57Plug^ 1 Marvel Artist Proof Cards (Each is an Orig airbrushed painting!)--
98:5798:59Plug^ Douglas Coupland signed numbered giclée print (Cornwall Victoria battle?)--
98:57--Meltdown^ Kathleen starts having a meltdown at the mention of Douglas Coupland--
98:5999:01Plug^ Douglas Coupland signed numbered print (Toronto 2505)--
99:01--Plug^ AND he's going to do a live sketch--
99:02--Enter/ExitExit Matt to go to New Moon--
99:02--DiscussionKen is Jealous that Alex had someone get a tattoo of his artwork--
99:0399:04Enter/ExitExit Matt for Real Real to go see New Moon--
99:0499:05CreativeShowing off the "SKETCH" Ken did the other night (Okami, and DesertBus)--
99:0699:13AuctionLive Auction for: Custom Ken Steacy Sketch of your choice - Won for: $1100Talendra-1
99:5099:50Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes shot of Ken Steacy setting up his art challenge.
100:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts his 6th driving shift (Determined via chat logs, remaining video)--
100:24100:24Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes shot of Ken Steacy's auction for the Douglas Coupland (Victoria) giclée print
101:12101:14PhysicalThe room headbangs to ???
101:32101:35DiscussionDetermining the best 40 Points of Acid Damage remix (cutoff)
101:32101:33Dance^ Kathleen dances to a new 40 Points of Acid Damage remix--
101:33101:34Dance^ Listening to #2 again by Andrew K--
101:34101:35Dance^ Listening to #3 again (cut-off)--
101:50--Game EventBugsplat! #13 (13 in a row!) by Jer (Determined via chat logs)--
102:31102:35SongGraham sings Pi by Hard 'n Phirm
102:38102:42SongGraham leads the room in singing Fett's Vette by MC Chris
102:42--Enter/ExitExit Bill to go get some sleep--
102:50102:51SongGraham performs Happy Birthday to Rosco as Marilyn Monroe
102:59103:03SongThe room sings Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart
103:26--OtherJer is driving for some reason...--
103:26103:31SongJer, Graham, Matt, James, and Tim perform Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys
103:27--Other^ Allan takes over driving for Jer--
103:31--Other^ Jer resumes driving--
103:37103:40SongThe room sings Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
103:46104:07CreativeCraft Time with Tally!
103:58--Plug^ Jer reminds everyone about the current donation drive for Kathleen's swag ($5 minimum)--
103:58104:00Physical^ James starts a back / shoulders rub train (starting with Jer)--
104:00--Driver Shift Change^ James starts his 6th driving shift (actually his 7th, but he missed his most of his 2nd shift)--
104:01--Shoutout^ Graham shouts out Chris (who is in the room) who was the first person to ever recognize them (Graham and Paul) in public--
104:03104:07Plug^ Tally shows of her custom card Auction--
104:07--AuctionLive Auction for: Tally's Custom Christmas Card Set - Won for: $UNKNOWN (not recorded)UNKNOWN--
104:32--Enter/ExitExit Tally and Jer to go home and sleep--
104:33SkitThe room performs some POWERTHIRST ads (kinda)
104:50SongThe room sings Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
104:51--Milestone13 POINTS!!!!!!!!!--
104:51--Game EventPoint! #13 (13 in a row!) by James (Determined via chat logs)--
105:00105:05SongThe room sings Hotel California by Eagles (blocked world-wide, cannot be uploaded)--
105:05--DiscussionNo more challenges right now, they're full up--
105:06--DiscussionDesertBus is NOT a trending topic on twitter, but eggplant is!--
105:06--OtherJames tells Graham to go home and sleep--
105:41105:44SongThe room sings Anyway You Want It by Journey
105:46105:50SongThe room sings Party Hard by Andrew W.K.
105:51105:54SongThe room sing It's Tricky by Run-DMC
105:56105:57SongMatt and James sing.... Beachball of DOOM (failed to load video)--
105:58106:02SongMatt and James sing Tthhee Ppaarrtty by Justice
106:25106:28SongAndre sings You Are My Sunshine by Anne Murray
106:39106:41SongThe room sings The Assumption Song by The Arrogant Worms
108:01--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan starts his 7th driving shift (Determined via chat logs)--
109:51--Game EventBugsplat! #14 (14 in a row!) by Morgan (Determined via chat logs + math)--
111:05111:09SongPaul sings The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton
111:08--Enter/ExitExit the 2 ladies to go home--
112:31112:35SongPaul and Morgan sing First of May by Jonathan Coulton
112:35112:36DiscussionMorgan really likes that song, and what songs to sing next--
112:52--Game EventPoint! #14 (14 in a row!) by Morgan (Determined via chat logs)--
114:10--Driver Shift ChangeBill FINALLY arrives for his 7th driver shift (He's 2 hours & 10 min hours late) (Determined via chat logs)--
114:44DanceThe room sings Gay Bar by Electric Six in a gruff voice
115:10115:13SongMorgan and Bill sing Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, then Bill crashes
115:11--CrashBill crashes the bus on the LEFT during Don't Stop Me Now (Determined via chat logs and video)--
115:26115:33DiscussionMorgan informs the chat how badly he is going to loose this challenge--
115:28--Other^ Bill spills his drink--
115:30--Enter/Exit^ Enter Tally, she is informed Bill crashed, and is VERY dissapointed.--
115:31--Enter/Exit^ Enter Jer, who wants to know HOW this happened (it being day time in the game / Bill crashing)--
115:33115:36FoodThe powdered donut challenge: Morgan vs. Allen
116:02116:07ReadingGraham reads Jonathan Lee Riches© v. David Beckham and Posh Spice
116:12116:14SongKathleen, Paul, and Jer sing Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk
116:18116:19SongPaul sings Cuppycake
116:29116:36ReadingGroup epic voice reading of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
116:38116:38OtherSetting up for The Macarena (video is loading slowly)--
116:43116:46DanceTally, Graham, and Kathleen dance to the Macarena (Chipmunk version)
116:51116:54SongThe room sings A Night in Dildo by The Arrogant Worms
117:00117:04SkitGraham and Jer perform Bulbous Bouffant by The Vestibules
118:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts his 7th driver shift (Determined from Video)--
118:05118:10SongGraham, Kathleen, and Jer sing Intergalactic by Beastie Boys
118:12118:15SongThe room sings Another One Rides the Bus by Weird Al
118:22118:24SongGraham performs Yakko's Nations of the World from Animaniacs
118:32118:59GuestWes Borg, live and IN PERSON
118:32--Discussion^ Wes wants to know if they are getting the kids Sega/Sega CDs (no, no they are not)--
118:32118:33Discussion^ Wes sings a song about the bus crashing / they inform him they had 14 points (WR) when they crashed--
118:33118:24Discussion^ They inform Wes how Child's Play works--
118:34118:37Song^ Wes performs War of 1812
118:34--Milestone^ $91,667.66--
118:35--Milestone^ $91,767.66--
118:37118:38Discussion^ Discussing "The Accuracy" of the song--
118:38118:39Discussion^ Discussing (and kinda performing) alternate Canadian national anthems--
118:39118:41Song^ Wes performs The Toronto Song
118:40--Milestone^ $91,837.66--
118:40118:42Other^ Tally takes over driving for Jer for a bit--
118:41118:44Discussion^ Discussing the song and poking fun at Canadians--
118:44--Plug^ Wes brought a DVD to auction off!--
118:44118:50Auction^ Live auction for: Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Dee-Vee-Dee - Won for $245 (Paid $250)Tripagatu
118:51--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Wes' website: & --
118:52--PSA^ Robert Ashley call in (soonish)--
118:53118:57Song^ Wes performs: Every OS Sucks
118:53--Milestone^ $92,496.00--
118:55--Milestone^ $92,776.00--
118:57118:59Discussion^ How to get a hold of Wes if you want some of his music--
118:58118:59Discussion^ Informing Bill's Mom (who is in the chat) that YES Bill did crash the bus!--
119:35119:38AuctionLive auction for: Signed Penn & Teller Get Killed DVD - Won for: $330addwid
119:35--Enter/ExitExit Matt and Morgan (Matt taking Morgan home)--
119:38119:39DiscussionMake your donation and email them, otherwise the cat girls will be sad--
119:39119:44AuctionLive auction for: Story Guy plush made by Chemistring - Won for: $620Evil_Jim
119:59--MilestoneDB3 - Day 5 ends--