DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan - Day 4 starts--
72:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his 4th driving shift starts, but Kathleen is still driving--
72:0572:06PhysicalCarson is dressed as a CatPerson for a challenge
72:1172:12SongThe room sings Narwhals by Mr. Weebl (failure, lyrics are behind)--
72:1272:14SongThe room sings Narwhals by Mr. Weebl
72:2172:22SkitMatt does Grif's part from Red vs. Blue season 2 ep 3
72:2772:28OtherSetting up for Jer to sing a song from Les Mis, but wrong song plays (oops)--
72:2872:32SongJer sings Soliloquy from Les Misérables
73:35--ShoutoutKathleen shouts out VancityZeroOne (Mike, aka the sexiest man in Calgary)--
72:3572:41Song64K performs 1337
72:46--Game EventPoint! #9 (9 in a row!) by Kathleen (probably) (Determined via chat logs)--
72:5372:56SongThe room sings We Will Rock You by Queen
73:0173:01Other1 second of nothing (Kathleen still driving)--
73:0273:05SongGraham sings the Galaxy Song by Monty Python
73:2273:22DanceThe room dances to the 40 Points of Acid Damage remix
73:3073:31PhysicalDale gives us his best EVIL laugh, the room is upset
73:31--DiscussionKate just got a new job! (2 weeks till she starts, and can be done with her current (bad) job)--
73:3173:33ReadingGraham reads Once more unto the breach, dear friends! from Henry V (Act III, Scene I)
73:3673:39SongThe room sings and dances to Dragosta Din Tei by O-Zone (Numa Numa)
73:4173:43SkitKate tells Morgan to "Smash that ice pipe!" (from Dog the Bounty Hunter)
73:57--OtherJames is now driving--
73:57--GuestA wild Ken and Joan Steacy are on the back couch!--
73:57--MilestoneFirst know appearance of Ken Steacy on camera (back couch)--
73:5774:01DanceMatt, Morgan, and Kathleen dance to the Caramelldansen metal remix
74:00--Skit^ Billy Mays (Graham) here for TONED ABS, BUNS, and THIGHS--
74:00--Other^ James hands off driving to Tim so he can torment Matt--
74:00--Physical^ James helps Matt jazercize his legs--
74:1875:57GuestThe first ever Ken Steacy Power Hour(s) (No known footage exists, time determined from chat logs)--
76:00--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan's 5th driver shift starts (Determined via chat logs)--
76:0676:06DanceFull room dance party to ????
76:2876:32SongJer and Tally sing I'll Never Tell from Once More, With Feeling
76:3976:43SongThe room performs Desert Bus Killed the Internet Start by LRR
76:4476:48SkitGraham (as Billy Mays) does Re Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton[✓]
76:4876:49DiscussionGraham got a call from Ken, and talking about "too soon" on jokes--
77:3177:34SongThe room sings Ain't No Rest for The Wicked by Cage The Elephant
77:3477:35DiscussionTurns out money doesn't grow on trees, who knew?!--
77:46--Game EventBugsplat! #10 (10 in a row!) by Morgan (probably) (Determined via chat logs and remaining video)--
77:5978:02SongThe room sings Butcher Pete by Roy Brown[✓]
78:02--DiscussionStream might be going down shortly? (Something about a midnight reset)--
79:4580:00AuctionLive Auction for 1 of everything in the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged store and signed DVD - Won for: $666 (audio only)Octopimp
80:0280:04PlugKathleen plugs the upcoming Scott Pilgrim auction (that they forgot to do the other day)--
80:0480:28AuctionLive Auction for Oni Press Prize Pack (Scott Pilgrom lot (Books, Posters, etc)) - Won for: $2,777Octopimp[✓]
80:04--Driver Shift Change^ Bill's 5th driver shift starts (Determined via chat logs, and audio)--
80:1480:16Meltdown^ Graham and Kathleen can NOT handle how high the auction is going--
80:16--Other^ Morgan: "We should record auctions if they are going to go this high"--
80:18--Milestone^ First $1,000 bid by overlordstowell--
80:21--Milestone^ First $2,000 bid by Octopimp (actually a $2020 bid)--
80:22--Other^ $2500 bid "WHY ARE WE NOT RECORDING THIS!?"--
80:2980:30DiscussionSetting up an fan art contest: overlordstowell vs. Octopimp--
80:44--DiscussionHow old is Octopimp? (22)--
80:44--DiscussionMany excellent Slap-a-Yack pictures were submitted--
80:4580:46SongThe room sings Robots by Flight of the Conchords (failure)--
80:4680:47SongThe room sings Robots by Flight of the Conchords (failure, wrong song, again)--
80:47--Game EventPoint! #10 (10 in a row!) by Bill (Have video)--
80:47--Milestonev 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--
80:4780:51Song10 POINTS!!! & The room sings Robots by Flgiht of the Conchords
82:3382:45SongAndre sings Albuquerque by Weird Al
84:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer's 5th driver shift starts (Determined via chat logs, remaning video)--
84:3984:42SongAmanda sings Still Alive from Portal
85:2185:26SongTally and Jer sing Light My Candle from Rent
85:47--Game EventBugsplat! #11 (11 in a row!) by Jer (Determined via chat logs + Math)--
86:39--Physicalv Jer and Tally are dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia[✓]--
86:3986:41SongPaul performs This is why I'm Paul[✓]
87:4687:48PhysicalThingsOnMyHead - DVD Case[✓]
87:46--Other^ Tally is driving--
87:48--Prank^ Long-Shot James takes Aim[✓]--
88:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his 5th driving shift (actually his 6th, but he missed his 2nd shift) (Determined via chat logs)--
88:48--Game EventPoint! #11 (11 in a row!) by James (Determined via chat logs)--
90:5290:56PhysicalRosco is on James' head, James dead-eye stares at chat--
90:5290:58ReadingPaul, Graham, Kathleen, and Jer read a short story translated from Norwegian to English
90:54--Other^ Graham gets a phone call and exits post-haste--
92:01--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan starts his 6th driving shift (Determined via chat logs)--
92:2492:47Auctionv Live Auction for: Escapist Bundle: Signed Bionic Comando Arm, Fallout 3 Vault 101 Jumpsuit, ZP Hat signed by Yahtzee, some tope pants - size 34 waist - Won for: $700Chupon--
92:3292:56Call InEscapist - Russ Pitts call in and Auction
92:47--Milestone^ 942 people in chat--
92:47--Discussion^ Telling Chupon to email about their winnings, and the paypal account they donated with--
92:4992:54Discussion^ Discussing their Sketches will be going up exclusively on The Escapist now (Escapist is licensing them)--
92:5692:57DiscussionThey will be answering questions about The Escapist deal after Desert Bus--
93:0693:09DanceKathleen leads the room in Carmelldansen (Day 4 edition)
93:09--OtherMorgan hands off driving to Chris, so he can bathroom--
93:49--Game EventBugsplat! #12 (12 in a row!) by Morgan (Determined via chat logs)--
93:5593:58SongThe room sings The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
94:4494:46DiscussionWaiting for a video to load, Cloaning, Escapist is licensing LRR sketches--
94:47--Enter/ExitEnter Matt with some new signed, posters for auction--
94:4794:50SongAlex, Mary, and Morgan sing Be Prepared from The Lion King
95:3995:45AuctionLive auction for: 9 Custom Pokémon prints by AdmiralAlibi - Won for: $555daleksftw
95:41--FoodGraham comes in with 4 Pizzas outa Bussing No Where!--
95:4595:48OtherRandom milling about, wrapping up auction--
95:4995:50PlugShowing off the signed The Guild poster, and setting up giveaway--
95:50--Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Draw one of the crew as a WOW/MMO Avatar - for: Signed The Guild poster--
95:59--MilestoneDB3 - Day 4 ends--