DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 6

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
120:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan - Day 6 starts--
120:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames' driver shift starts--
120:08120:09DanceThe room dances to a 40 points of Acid Damage remix
120:10120:11SongKathleen and Tally perform the Meowmix jingle
120:13120:18SongTally and Tim sing Breakfast by Newsboys
120:19--Game EventBugsplat! #15 (1 in a row) by James (probably) (estimation, no chat logs or video exist)--
120:28120:30OtherTPRJones donates $5 per second of silence in chat and the room (Radio Silence) (50 seconds total)
121:07--DiscussionIf DB raises 200k will Matt write a love letter to: Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen from Twilight)? NO--
121:08121:12SongThe room sings Highway to Hell by AC⚡DC
121:12--PlugJer reminds everyone that anyone who donated $5 or more you will be entered to win a signed Guild poster--
121:12121:13DiscussionSomeone wants to donate $250 for each time Matt goes to see Twilight (New Moon) (for a maximum of 6 times)--
121:27122:00OtherMatt is driving now for some reason--
121:27121:28Other24 seconds of room chatter--
121:29121:30OtherMorgan and Alex setup for Satisfaction by Benny Benassi (stopped, wrong video)--
121:31121:34DiscussionWaiting around for the donation total to update / questions from chat--
121:33--Milestone1680 viewers!--
121:34121:37Milestone$100,000!!! INCOMING
121:34--Milestone^ 1700 viewers!--
121:36--Milestone^ $100,808.49--
121:39121:39DanceCaramelldansen fakeout
121:40121:44DanceThe room dances Satisfaction by Benny Benassi
121:43--Physical^ Matt "ghost rides the whip" and breaks the chair in the process--
121:45121:46DiscussionMatt's favorite Twilight character is?
121:45121:46Dance^ More Caramelldansen sans music by Kathleen--
121:47121:48PhysicalDale evil laughs and does 40 points of sonic damage to Morgan
121:48--Physical^ Graham is all up in Kathleen's hood--
121:52--ShoutoutGraham reads a message to Sarah Mortimer from Daniel O'Hare
121:57121:58FoodCat Kathleen nom, nom, noms some food
121:58--Discussion^ Last year's DB was weirder... somehow--
121:58121:59Skit^ Pimp Morgan endorses Desert Bus--
122:00--OtherSuspected drivershift change back to James (this is a random guess based on chat logs)--
122:16GuestKen Steacy Power Hour(s) #3 --
122:16DiscussionKen "Value Added" Steacy previews his next round of prizes
122:16122:17Plug^ Sandiago Comic Con program book (Ken did the cover) and a 1 of 1 print of it--
122:17122:18Plug^ Star Wars Heros in Hiding pop-up book Written and Illustrated by Ken, and Orig. Sketch of the Cover--
122:18122:19Plug^ Spider-Man foil-embossed story book, and Orig. Sketch of center page--
122:19122:21Plug^ Doom Partol ??? book, and Orig. page with WHOOOOOOM! on it--
122:20--Milestone^ 1150 people in the chat to 1700 people watching--
122:21122:22Plug^ Spawn #1 AND #2, Ken painted the cover!, Aus, Jap, German, Brazil, and Hong Kong editions, Spawn poster painted by Ken, 2 foil trading cards, and 2 landscape cards--
122:23122:23Plug^ Harry potter Orig. Sketch (of Twirl) and a set of 12 cards--
122:23--Burn!^ James: Alex how does it feel to know your enhearitence is GONE?!--
122:23122:24Skit^ One more thing! This Box that Ken owns and will sign!--
122:24--Discussion^ Should Ken get Value Added tattooed on his knuckles?--
122:24122:26PlugTalking about Ken's previous "Sketches" done by Ken--
122:26--DiscussionDon't be a Jerk about bidding--
122:26122:32AuctionLive auction for the LAST custom sketch done by Ken of DB3 - Won for: $1300Octopimp
122:27--Other^ Showing off the previous "Sketch"s--
122:28--Milestone^ 1200 people in chat--
123:19--Game EventPoint! #15 (1 in a row) by James (Determined via chat log)--
124:00--Driver Shift ChangeSupposedly the start of Morgan's driver shift (estimation, no chat logs or video exist)--
124:19124:20PlugShowing off the Star Wars Galaxy trading card set (complete, including 0 and chase cards)--
124:21124:31AuctionLive Auction for the Ken's Star Wars lot INCLUDING: Full set of Star Wars trading cards and Melinum Falcon stand - Won for $3500Octopimp
124:31--DiscussionKen's total for tonight $9606--
124:32124:33ReadingTally reads a message from Michael who's mom is having Chemo
124:33124;34DiscussionMorgan's new hair is very soft--
124:58125:15OtherTim is driving while Morgan gets his hair did--
124:58125:02PlugShowing off The Knit Warriors of Darkness, and Steve made by Chemistring--
125:02125:12AuctionLive auction for: The Knit Warriors of Darkness, and Steve made by Chemistring - Won for: $1500Vaughn
125:08--Other^ Bidding re-started at $1000 due to too many fake bids--
125:12125:13DiscussionDon't be a jerk trying to snipe way too late--
125:13125:14DiscussionMaybe Chemistring should Knit a plush Gabe and Tycho for next year..... or a plush Fruit "friend"--
125:14--MilestoneNext hour unlocked! Jer has to bus again!--
125:15--PSAReminder from Tally on what to do when you win.--
125:15125:15DiscussionFiria (via Tim) askes Ken: Why do comic book heros always have that strait up pose?[✓]
125:15125:16CreativeShowing off Ken's "Sketch" for Octopimp of Kenshiro--
125:15--OtherMorgan returns with his fancy new hair--
125:17125:23PlugJer and Graham plug the next Auction: a DVD copy of StarBull (Star Trek spoof animated short they made in high school, that is VERY, VERY bad)--
125:23125:28AuctionLive auction for a DVD copy of StarBull (and a DB Patch and Pin)- Won for: $600klutzyclocks
125:29125:30PhysicalMorgan shows off his fancy new hair
125:36--DiscussionInforming Ken that the people who run Anime Evolution in Vancouver would love to have him next year--
125:36125:44Call InOctopimp calls in!
125:37--Discussion^ The room places a Pizza order instantly--
125:40--Creative^ Oogling Ken's drawing of Kenshiro for Octopimp--
125:40--Discussion^ The drawing Ken is making is the only thing Octopimp is gonna keep, the rest are presents for other people--
125:42125:43Discussion^ Where did the name Octopimp come from?--
125:43--Discussion^ How does Octopimp deal with all the women throwing them selves at him?--
125:44--Creative^ Ken's drawing of Kenshiro is ALMOST done!--
125:44125:46Drive/GiveawayResults (winners) for The Guild signed poster drawing Allen O'Connel, Cathrine Murly--
125:46125:47DiscussionLast year at this time they were DONE--
127:13--OtherJer is driving now for some reason....--
127:13127:18SongThe room sings Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton
128:08--OtherTally is driving for some reason....--
128:08128:12SongThe room sings Maria (The Nuns) from The Sound of Music
128:14128:16SongThe room sings Brave Sir Robin by Monty Python
128:17128:19PSAJer informs the chat how to request songs--
128:20128:20OtherWrong lever (2 seconds of video)--
128:20--Game EventBugsplat! #16 (2 in a row) by Tally (best guess based on avaliable video)--
128:22--OtherTally is still driving--
128:22128:26SongThe room sings BROOKLYN RAGE by Little Kuriboh (Poker Face parody)
128:38--OtherTally is still driving--
128:39128:42SongGraham sings At Least You're Not Dead by Andrew Cownden
128:50--OtherTally still driving--
128:50128:53SongThe room performs Take On Me by A-ha
128:59129:02SongJer and Tally sing Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants
129:06129:08SongThe room performs Men in Tights from Robin Hood Men in Tights
129:09129:11StoryGraham tells the story about why he learned The Elements song--
129:11129:13SongGraham performs The Elements song by Tom Lehrer
129:16--OtherTally still driving... (with a clementine on her head)--
129:17129:20SongTally sings The Longest Time by Billy Joel
129:22--OtherTally still driving (sans clementine on her head)--
129:22SongThe room performs The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang
129:28129:29DanceInpromptu Caramelldanses for 120k (no music)
129:28--OtherTeaching Nathan the Caramell dance--
129:30129:32DanceThe room Caramelldansen for 120k (with the music this time)
129:36129:39SongThe room sings Chiron Beta Prime by Jonathan Coulton
129:36--OtherTally is still driving--
129:40--Driver Shift ChangeBill shows up for his shift (~1hr, 40min late) (time guessed based on avaliable video)--
129:42--OtherBill is driving now...--
129:42129:45SongThe room sings King of Spain by Moxy Früvous
129:48129:49SongThe room sings The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song: Yo Home to Bel-Air
129:49129:50Skit$25 if someone can do the Star Trek intro from memory
129:50--OtherWatching the full version of Yo Home to Bel-Air (cut off, no footage known to exist)--
129:57130:01SongThe room sings O Valencia! by The Decemberists
130:41130:42SongThe room sings the Sailor Moon Theme
130:43130:44SongThe room sings the Sailor Moon Them (but better this time)
131:03--DiscussionTalking about why they are re-doing this song and recording it (they did poorly the last time)--
131:04131:07SongThe room sings One Week by Barenakes Ladies
131:08--SongThe room performs Rock Lobster by The B-52's (failure, wrong lyrics)--
131:09PlugReminding people about the drive for: Beatles Rockband (any $5 or more donation, over the entire run)--
131:10131:12SongThe room performs Rock Lobster by the B-52's
131:15131:17SongThe room sings The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens (English) / Solomon Linda (Zulu)
131:20--Game EventPoint! #16 (2 in a row) by Bill (Best guess based on avaliable video footage)--
131:35131:36SongThe room sings Bruces' Philosophers Song from Monty Python
131:53--ShoutoutShoutout to Joel in the chat--
131:53--OtherBill hands off driving to Chris (the other one)--
131:55131:59DanceThe room does the dance from the Thriller music video
131:59132:00DanceThe room dances to Caramelldansen
132:00--Milestone^ $122,600.05--
132:00--Other^ Octopimp: "I will give you every share of stock I own to stop this" - they stop--
132:10--OtherGraham is driving now--
132:10132:14SongThe room performs Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65
132:18132:22SkitJer reads The Duck Song by Bryant Oden while Kathleen and Rosco perform it
132:25132:27SkitMatt is a Dalek, Rosco is a gerbel
132:36132:36OtherOops, wrong lever (2 seconds of video), Graham still driving--
132:38132:41SongThe room sings Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego by Rockapella
132:49--OtherKathleen is driving now--
132:49--DiscussionIs a stab in the leg the same experaince as going to New Moon? No, a stab in the leg is better.--
132:49132:50ShoutoutShoutout to: chrusher in the chat (who was at DB1)--
132:50132:52ReadingPaul recites The Kingdom of Man (unknown author)
133:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer's starts his shift (should have started an hour earlier, but Kathleen is driving in the video we have)--
133:04133:05DiscussionDr. Matt Q&A with chat--
133:05133:09SongThe room sings Stop The Bus (re-written Stop The Rock by Apollo 440)
133:09--DiscussionDear Dr. Matt resumes--
133:15--Enter/ExitExit Ashley to go to work--
133:15DiscussionQ&A session with chat #1
133:15--Discussion^ Inspector Gadget or Darkwing Duck?--
133:16--Discussion^ Mass Effect or Dragon Age?--
133:17--Discussion^ Grandia or Wild Arms?--
133:17--Discussion^ What are each of your favorite videos?--
133:18--Plug^ Multiples of 7 challenge, to win a City of Heros (signed by the dev team)--
133:19--Discussion^ I'm trying to get my parent's to donate to Child's Play for my x-mas present, what do?--
133:19--PSA^ Paul talks about other marathons that support Child's Play, DB is not the only one--
133:21--PSA^ Paul has a DB shirt on, which you can buy!--
133:22--PSA^ They'll be putting the videos up at some point... (it may be a little bit...)--
133:23--Discussion^ Are you proud of this year's DB?--
133:23--Discussion^ Best breed of Cat?--
133:24--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Bill's Mom who has to go to work--
133:25--Milestone^ $125,000--
133:27--Plug^ Reminder from Jer about the multiples of $7 challenge (for City of heros)--
133:28--Plug^ Reminder from Graham about the $5 or more challenge for Beatles: Rock Band (signed, with all the fancy stuff)--
133:29--Discussion^ Alex is going slightly insane....--
133:30--Behind the Scenes^ How do things work and what does what? --
133:31--Discussion^ When are we actually ending? (2 more hours, because they started 1/2 hour late and e-checks)--
133:32--Shoutout^ Hi to Joel from HotHeadGames who is in the chat (and TY for the games)--
133:33133:38Plug^ Another reminder about Beatles: Rock Band--
133:34--Meltdown^ Alex puts up a slowpoke with 10k raised--
133:38--Discussion^ Dear Dr. Jer, is it safe?--
133:40--Milestone^ $126,000--
133:40--Video/Image^ Octopimp posted an image, click it! (recording ends)--
133:48134:01DiscussionQ&A session with chat #2
133:48--Discussion^ Looking for new IRC clients--
133:49--Discussion^ There is an LRR IRC channel if you want to go there after the run--
133:50--Discussion^ What was the largest auction bid? (3500 for Ken's Star Wars stuff)--
133:50--Discussion^ Ken's totals: 3,025 Tuesday, 4,485 Wednesday, 9,660 Thursday = $17,170 TOTAL (calculated by dostrow)--
133:51--Photos^ Showing a photo Hat Girl just took from the back of the room--
133:52--Behind the Scenes^ Graham shows behind-the-scenes with the shitty webcam--
133:52--Discussion^ Favorite disc world novel?--
133:53--Burn!^ Suggestion for next year: Don't let Bill drive--
133:54--Discussion^ Would you do another unskipable with yhatzee--
133:54--Physical^ James gives Graham a head massage--
133:55--Milestone^ $127,000--
133:55--Discussion^ Talking about the Donut Challenge (Morgan vs Allen)--
133:55--Discussion^ Was the Doomsday Arcade an Penn & Teller reference?--
133:56--Discussion^ Babylon 5 or Battle Star Galactica?--
133:57--Discussion^ Only $5k to get them to go for another hour (which was the goal for DB1)--
133:58--Discussion^ Year 1 mistakes & regrets--
133:59--Discussion^ Please send your fan art and things to stuff(at) so they can keep them--
134:00--Plug^ 2 more minutes for the $5 (or more) donations to get in for Rock Band--
134:00134:01Shoutout^ Shoutouts to bosses for letting them off work--
134:06--OtherTally is driving while Jer is working on something--
134:06134:42DiscussionQ&A session with chat #3
136:06--Discussion^ Kathleen's troubles with DB1--
136:07--Discussion^ Spain Jump explanation--
136:08--Discussion^ Talking about the "fake viral" Space Jump video they made--
134:09--Discussion^ Talking about "the algorythm"--
134:10--Milestone^ $128,000--
134:12--Discussion^ They will not change to above 7%--
134:12--Enter/Exit^ Enter Chris with 2 bottles of Champaign--
134:13--Discussion^ Rosco lives with Tally and Jer--
134:13--Drive/Giveaway^ Jer draws City of Heros Architect Edition (signed) winner is drawn (98 people donated a multiple of 7)Samuiel Ingerman--
134:14--Discussion^ Rosco charges HUGE appearance fees--
134:14--Food^ How about some Eggs Benedict? (everyone is starving)--
134:14134:16Discussion^ Where to get your replica Rosco[✓]
134:15--Other^ Jer resumes driving (somewhere around here, can't see his hands)--
134:16--Discussion^ They're a touch behind on blog posts, the last one was for 100k--
134:17--Discussion^ Simmer down on the Rock Band requests, Matt is working on it--
134:18--Discussion^ Have you ever thought about doing a weekly live Q&A show?--
134:19--Milestone^ They now have just over 5x the year 1 total--
134:19--Milestone^ 1700 viewers!--
134:21--Discussion^ Getting Macey's Day Parade updates from chat--
134:21134:26SkitMultiple Billy Mays possibilities
134:22--Discussion^ Billy Mays here for Narcolypsy--
134:22--Shoutout^ Hi Chris's Mom, Billy Mays here for Space Jump--
134:22--Skit^ Billy Mays here for Yummie's Snack Cakes--
134:23--Discussion^ Talking about Pitch Men tv show--
134:23134:24Skit^ Billy Mays here for Billy Mays here (recursivly)--
134:25--Discussion^ It's not too soon for Billy Mays jokes--
134:27--Video/Image^ (rosco image): Desert Bus Updates: Rosco is big time, you are small time--
134:27--Discussion^ The chair is... not so fresh anymore--
134:28--Skit^ Vince from Slap Chop here, you're gonna love my nuts--
134:28--Discussion^ Do you think your parents could have done DB if they were your age today?--
134:28134:30Discussion^ Random discussion about sports--
134:31--Discussion^ 1 hour left--
134:31134:32Skit^ Billy Mays here (Kathleen and Graham)
134:32--Milestone^ 1700+ viewers--
134:33--Meltdown^ Alex is a touch out of it--
134:34--PSA^ Donate responsibly!--
134:35--Shoutout^ By Octopimp who is off to Thanksgiving times--
134:36--Discussion^ They hope Chemistring is ok, with how much her stuff has raised.... (someone might need to go check on her)--
134:37--Discussion^ You could be using SPACE DONATE!--
134:38134:39Physical^ Graham && Unknown have a NERF gun fight--
134:39--Discussion^ Jer explains how to play Desert Bus--
134:39--Meltdown^ Graham is having... problems....--
134:39--PSA^ Time will not be extended once they are within 30min of the end!--
134:40--Discussion^ "Relaxing in the Kitchen after a wild party" - The last 30min of DB--
134:41134:42Discussion^ What is chat going to do when they are done? (recording cuts off)--
134:45134:47DiscussionQ&A session with chat #4
134:45--Skit^ Billy Mays here for the Vacuum of Space--
134:45--Discussion^ Chat is bidding on... something--
134:46--Shoutout^ Shoutout to MasterGunner for bidding a number Chris liked--
134:47--Discussion^ They have been there for 22 hours now... some people are not functional at this point--
134:48135:18DiscussionQ&A sessions with chat #5 (all the way to the end... or not)
134:48134:52Discussion^ Discussing porn names for people
134:52--Discussion^ Wikipedia doesn't like the LRR sanity article--
134:53--PSA^ 4 min left if chat wants to drop an extention on them--
134:54--Physical^ Showing off Morgan's fancy hair--
134:55--Discussion^ Trying to figure out if they're on their way to Tucson or Vegas--
134:56--Milestone^ $128.942--
134:57--Discussion^ James just announces someone just bought them another hour, the room is upset--
134:57--Discussion^ Maybe James' phone screwed up.... momentary relief, 3 min left....--
134:59--Milestone^ 1900 viewers--
135:00--PSA^ Donate responsibly--
135:00--Milestone^ 131K, Alex is melting--
135:01--Discussion^ A couple people in chat just said "Suck it" they may be in trouble...--
135:01--Discussion^ "Operation: Make Kathleen Cry" is a go--
135:02--Technical^ DB website AND Chipin just crashed...--
135:02--Discussion^ "It's a chat scam" (chat keeps telling them they got there)--
135:03--Technical^ Chipin is down now...--
135:04--Meltdown^ The room has submitted to the fact that they are probably doing another hour--
135:05--Discussion^ If chipin doesn't come back up, in 15min then this is the final 30min--
135:06--Technical^ Chipin has taken 40 points of DB Damage--
135:08--Discussion^ Kathleen has a new name and it's gonna be "Kathleen the sadest cat"--
135:08--Discussion^ DB is technically malware now...--
135:09--Discussion^ We just DDOS'd a website with humans--
135:10--Discussion^ The DB site has a gig of RAM, has a load of 16... ( A load of 1 would be 100%....)--
135:11--Physical^ Someone has show un in a Spartan costume...--
135:11--Other^ Paul is on the phone ... VISA has a new program for him...--
135:13134:14Discussion^ James has a live deal... If they can't get chipin working in the next 2 minutes.. if they go over when it comes back, he will automatically do operation kill James next year--
135:13--Milestone^ 1994 viewers--
135:15--Milestone^ 2014 viewers--
135:16--Discussion^ Jer will drive for another 45min then James will take over till the end--
135:16--Technical^ Paul's chipin thing is still timeing out--
135:17--Discussion^ It is decided, 10:30 will be the end of DB3--
135:17--PSA^ Pleast stop hammering chipin--
135:18136:00DiscussionQ&A serssion with chat #6, let's start over ... again
135:18135:19Discussion^ How old is everyone in the room--
135:19--Enter/Exit^ Enter Paul's dad (winner of the oldest contest at 59)--
135:19--Burn!^ Kathleen is ancient (burn from chat)--
135:19--Milestone^ 2045 viewers!--
135:19--Food^ Paul's dad brought them in a Bread Bus the other day!--
135:19135:24Guest^ Paul's dad would like to speek on behaf of all the crew's parents (You're wrecking out lives!)
135:20--Technical^ Paul's dad got them the TV the chat is on this year--
135:21--Discussion^ Paul's dad challenges all the parent's for next year to come up with a "Value Added" thing to giveaway--
135:22--Discussion^ Paul's dad found some of the first footage Graham and Paul made (would be shown off at DB6 @ 148:33)--
135:23--Milestone^ 2030 viewers--
135:23--Milestone^ 107k unique IPs have been in the stream / chat at some point--
135:24--PSA^ Update for what the hell is going on (Timer is at 134, but they're still going)--
135:25--PSA^ Please leave chipin along for bit --
135:26--Skit^ LEAVE chipin ALONE!--
135:27--Discussion^ How long has everyone been up?--
135:27--Meltdown^ Alex does something funny on the overlay (that we can't see)--
135:27--PSA^ Upadte from Jer on why Chipin is f'd--
135:28--Enter/Exit^ Exit Chris, no not that one--
135:28--Discussion^ "There's no way we can break PayPal" - James Turner 2009 (the future proved that was a lie)--
135:29--Plug^ Matt finished cleaning the spreadsheet to determine the Rock Band winner--
135:29--Shoutout^ Shoutout to James' mom who is watching--
135:29--Shoutout^ Andy couldn't be there this year, but he has "something" prepared
135:30--Milestone^ 2,048 different people donated enough (over $5) to be in the Beatles: Rock Band draw (~100 people donated less than $5)--
135:30135:33Drive/Giveaway^ Drawing for the wiinner of the full (signed) Beatles: Rock Band lotAlexandra Reed--
135:33--Discussion^ How much driving is $1,000,000 (about 7 days)--
135:33--Burn!^ What do Chipin and Bill have in common? They both crash at critical moments--
135:34--Discussion^ They only have about 3500 donations (avg donation is about $35 or $40)--
135:36135:38Discussion^ The DDOS machiene that is the DB chat--
135:38135:40Discussion^ Chipin appears to be back up, but there is a hole in the logs--
135:40--Discussion^ Did you like Bajno Kazooie--
135:41--Discussion^ How did you determine how many times Matt has to go see New Moon?--
135:41135:42Discussion^ Matt addresses a person who isn't there--
135:43--Discussion^ Is Left for Dead 2 good?--
135:43--Other^ Tally and Jer switch spots--
135:43--Discussion^ Master Chief vs. Desert Bus--
135:44--Discussion^ Thanks to the chat--
135:45--Discussion^ Send your feedback to this email address (email address long dead)--
135:46--Discussion^ Will Morgan be keeping the mohawks?--
135:47--Discussion^ Which game world you want to live in?--
135:49--Milestone^ The desertbus twitter account currenly has 1997 followers--
135:51--Discussion^ Where did LRR come from? (Penrose Tiles, was the other name in consideration)--
135:52--Discussion^ Chipin lost some of the donations--
135:53--Discussion^ Maybe don't try to play DB for a marathon, it's the worst--
135:54135:56Discussion^ Has there been interaction between you and Penn & Teller? (DB history lesson) (Teller likes to feed them)--
135:56--Discussion^ How do you feel about this year's blowout compared to last year?--
135:57135:59Story^ Morgan's phone call with Teller
136:00--Driver Shift Change^ Jer hands off to Socks-On-Hands James for the LAST time this year--
136:01--Technical^ Minor camera adjustments for TY time--
136:01136:23M-M-Multi Challenge!The TY's begin
136:01--Burn!^ "Half an hour left" (Graham collapses on James) "It's OK daddy's got you"--
136:02136:07Shoutout^ Shoutout to corperate sponsors: Antec, The Escapist, Harmonix, HotHead Games, Oni Press, Paragon Studios. Penny Arcade, Twisted Pixel Games--
136:07--Shoutout^ Shoutout to the Guests: Kristin Lindsey, Woody Tondorf, Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton, Paul & Storm, Robert Ashley, Yhatzee, The Guild, Ken "Value Added" Steacy, Wes Borg--
136:08--Shoutout^ Ty to everyone who linked the blogs--
136:11--Shoutout^ Ty to all the Craft-a-long donators--
136:12--Shoutout^ Evil_Jim for the points challenge (and Pango_Sapians and AlexanderDitto for matching)--
136:13--Shoutout^ Kroze, TomBrend, AdmiralAliabi, the chat mods--
136:14--Shoutout^ Kroze, and Little Kurieboh for the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged donations--
136:15--Shoutout^ Snowfire and Octopimp for keeping the auctions enteratinging, (and others)--
136:16--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Octopimp for bringing smack-talk to the auctions--
136:16--Shoutout^ Sakimori (for naming the bus, and making James drive the first 12 hours)--
136:17--Shoutout^ TY to everyone who donated, made art, remixes, milestone pictures--
136:18--Shoutout^ TY to random people from town who show up (Chirs, Ruth, others)--
136:19--Shoutout^ Everyone who ordered them food--
136:20--Shoutout^ TY to Bill's Mom--
136:21--Shoutout^ TY to Kathleen and Tally for Prize coordination, and tracking of prizes--
136:21--Game Event^ Bugsplat! #17 (3 in a row) by James (Determined via chat logs & video) (noticed a minute later)--
136:22--Shoutout^ TY to Cherise(sp?) who has been boxing up all the prizes to ship out--
136:22--Shoutout^ TY to the Sweedish techno band Caramell for writing Caramelldansen--
136:22--Shoutout^ TY to Matt for all the special guests--
136:23--Shoutout^ TY to Alex for the hud and all the fancy things--
136:24--PSAWhere everyone's twitter is--
136:25--PSAWatch the weekly LRR video--
136:25136:29SongThe room performs Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star
136:29--DiscussionCould you imagine doing DB in that office again?!--
136:30--DiscussionDoes everyone know where their stuff is? Becuase I think we should just leave after this - Graham Stark 2009--
136:30--Milestone2,100 viewers--
136:30--FoodChris goes off screen to get Champaigne for everyone--
136:31--DiscussionCan you stop at a bus stop? (Morgan: yes you can, it is the only interaction in the game)--
136:31--TechnicalGraham turns the mic off so Jer can tell him something and we can't hear--
136:32136:37FoodChris begins handing out the Champaigne--
136:33--ShoutoutTY to Chris for bringing in the Champaigne--
136:34--TechnicalAlex makes the HUD go away--
136:35--OtherThe carpet for the moonbase was $1/sq foot--
136:37136:38FoodCheers to the children, we are appoint--
136:38136:43SongThe Final Busdown
136:42--TechnicalThe Mic is muted, everyone leaves--
136:42--OtherJames "drops the mic" dropping the controller to let the bus crash --
136:43--OtherThe last person exits--
136:44--CrashJames crahes the bus to end this year of DB--
136:44--StingerTim Arises, turns off Camera