DesertBus 3* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 3 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
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48:00--MilestoneDesert Bus III: Desert Bus VI in Japan - Day 3 starts--
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill starts his 3rd driving shift--
48:32--OtherTim is driveing (assuming so bill can do the song)--
48:3248:33SongBill does I'm a Little Teapot in a dress
48:3748:38PhysicalJer, Morgan, and Alex are all dressed up like sparkly vampires now
48:37--Enter/ExitBuster is BACK! (Ashley is very excited)--
48:42--Game EventPoint! #6 (6 in a row) by Bill (Determined via chat logs)--
48:46PhysicalTally and Kathleen are now cat-girls
48:48--Photos^ James takes photos of the new cat-girls--
48:5648:59SongTally, Hat Girl, and Time sing Take Me to Your Leader by Newsboys
48:5949:01DiscussionExplaining the song to Bill, turns in to discussing other songs--
49:01--Other^ Oops, we're still recording...--
49:20--Enter/ExitEnter Goth Cat-Girl Kathleen--
49:2049:25PhysicalKathleen is now Noko-Goth Kathleen in a bustier[✓]
49:2049:24Photos^ Graham is taking photos--
49:22--Discussion^ Getting everyone on the crew drunk is a bad idea--
49:2249:23Discussion^ Discussing Kathleen's New Moon tweet storm--
49:2349:25Discussion^ Kathleen wants to know how much would people donate to get Tally in to goth gear....--
49:44--Discussion^ How much to get Kathleen to go see New Moon again? ($2000, in a lump sum)--
49:25--Enter/Exit^ Exit Bill's Mom to go home, ty for the stories--
49:25--Story^ How did Graham and Kathleen meet? [Newspaper converntion in Edmonton] (cutoff, recording stops)--
49:4149:45SongThe room sings First of May by Jonathan Coulton
50:41--Enter/ExitEnter Neko-Goth Tally--
50:42SongNeko-Goth Tally sings (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar by Felicia Day
50:5151:00PhysicalNeko-Goth Tally and Kathleen drive the bus at the same time - 2 cat girls one bus (controller)
50:5250:54Discussion^ How much for them to kiss? The country of Nigeria puts it under consideration...--
50:53--Discussion^ What was Rosco's honerary doctorate in? (No one ever sent in anything for that challenge, turns out)--
50:5350:54Discussion^ AeroCmdr trys to stump Graham with Star Trek trivia, it doesn't work--
50:5451:15Drive/Giveaway^ Art challenge for: Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek - Draw Cat Girls Tally and Kathleen driving the Catbus???Unknown???--
50:55--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Ash for dressing Tally and Kathleen up all goth like--
50:5550:58Discussion^ Who speaks foreign languages in the room?--
50:5850:59Discussion^ Graham looks like that guy from ENN--
50:5951:00Discussion^ What was the inspiration for ENN? (This Hour Has 22 Minutes)--
51:5051:51DiscussionDiscussing the history of The LoadingReadyRap--
51:5151:56Song64K performs The LoadingReadyRap
52:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts his 3rd driving shift (Determined via chat logs)--
52:0452:09SongJer and Graham sing Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton
52:1652:17DiscussionBerating Matt for not wearing eyeliner for $500 (even just in the moonbase)--
52:17--Enter/ExitExit Bill to go home and sleep--
52:1752:19ReadingNeko-Goth Kathleen does a dramatic reading of a revised The Merchant of Venice Act 3 Scene 1
53:1253:14PrankDriver cam is off line, time for a hat prank
53:43--Game EventBugsplat! #7 (7 in a row) by Jer (Determined via chat logs)--
54:2854:33SongShirtless Alex and Jer sing More than a Feeling by Boston
54:4454:44ShoutoutHappy birthday to Tank_Girl
54:4654:48OtherSetting up for singing You are a Pirate by Lazy Town--
54:4854:51SongThe room sings You are a Pirate by Lazy Town while on their "pirate ship" (Matt's chair)
55:3855:40SkitAlex does Meet the Heavy (TF2 skit)[✓]
55:4955:51SongMegan sings Don't Do Sadness - Blue Wind from Spring Awakening (musical)
56:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his 3rd driving shift (actually his 4th, but he missed his 2nd shift) (Determined via chat logs)--
56:2656:28SongMatt takes James to the GAY BAR (by Electric Six)
56:3256:36SongThe room sings Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
56:44--Game EventPoint! #7 (7 in a row) by ??? (probably James) (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
56:5557:00DanceMatt dances to Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA by Basshunter
60:00--Driver Shift ChangeMorgan starts his 4th driving shift (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
61:44--Game EventBugsplat! #8 (8 in a row) by ??? (probably Morgan) (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
64:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill starts his 4th driving shift (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
64:45--Game EventPoint! #8 (8 in a row) by ??? (probably Bill) (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
67:0867:11SongGraham, Paul, and Joel sing Piano Man by Billy Joel (failure, need lyrics)--
67:1167:15SongGraham, Paul, and Joel finish singing Piano Man by Billy Joel
67:12--Enter/ExitEnter UNKNOWN--
67:15--Enter/ExitEnter Dale, just a few seconds too late for singing--
67:2367:26SongThe room sings The Times They Are A Changin' by Bob Dylan (Blocked world-wide, not uploadable)--
68:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer starts his 4th driving shift (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
69:0169:05SongDale sings I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General from The Pirates of Penzance
69:0769:11SongGraham sings Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches
69:2569:27SongThe room sings Blame Canada by Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman
69:3469:35DiscussionMorgan is going to finish eating before yelling at Jer, and they're good on food for today.--
69:3569:36CreativeKathleen shows off her drawing for SnowfireSnowfire
69:3669:37SkitRosco (Morgan) informs Jer he needs to use SPACE JUMP[✓]
69:45--Game EventBugsplat! #9 (9 in a row) by ??? (probably Jer) (estimated, no chat logs or video exist)--
70:0270:05SongThe room sings One More Day from Les Misérables (Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley)
70:0770:11SongDale and Tally sing Barbie Girl by Aqua
70:1370:19SongGraham and Kathleen perform Keep It Gay from The Producers
70:3770:37DiscussionMorgan and Graham discuss bad lyrics videos--
70:4070:43SongThe room sings Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
70:4670:49DanceKathleen leads the room in dancing to Caramelldansen by Caramell
70:4970:50DiscussionIncomming narwarl singing, cooling down from Dancing--
70:49--Milestone^ 120 hours unlocked!!!--
71:00--OtherKathleen is driving, Jer is operating computer--
71:0071:18Call InJonathan Coulton call in and auction
71:0171:10Discussion^ Q&A session with Jonathan Coulton--
71:0571:06Technical^ Call drops fail_count++ (The fail counter is also broken)--
71:1071:12Plug^ Talking about the auction for: Jonathan Coulton Prize Pack--
71:1271:16Auction^ Live auction for: Jonathan Coulton Prize Pack - Won for: $430LokiCDK-1--
71:16--Enter/ExitEnter Alex who imediately fixes the overlay--
71:18--Burn!Apparently Kathleen hit the eject button and wrecked the overlay earlier--
71:1871:19DiscussionApparently someone just donated 1337 for more dancing--
71:36--OtherChris is driving--
71:3671:38SongKathleen and Graham sing The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton by The Mountain Goats
71:3871:39DiscussionChat does NOT like Chris' driving style--
71:48--FoodFood has appeared! Food for everyone!--
71:48--OtherKathleen is driving again--
71:4871:48DiscussionGraham has a hajillion messages to go read, so everyone needs to chill--
71:4871:51SkitMorgan does a 1-part play about Bill that he just wrote, with props[✓]
71:59--MilestoneDB3 - Day 3 ends--